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@Lulume:  *scratches imaginary beard*…..interrrrresting….me thinks your subCONscious is saying unt-to you “Be ready to answer the door and whoever goes through it.”

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@Lulume:  Strange you posted this.. I woke up at 5:30 this morning after having very very vivid dreams of me putting all the hints together leading to a proposal TONIGHT!!  I know now that it wont happen, but it was the first time I had dreamed proposals so vividly and .. lucidly, it was like i was awake and it was actually happening. 


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Lucid dreaming is an interesting topic. One time I became lucid during REM sleep when your body is paralyzed. It freaked me out that I couldn’t breathe as deeply as I wanted or move my actual body arms to wake up my boyfriend (I was panicking) but I could move my “dream” arms.  Since then, I’ve had a handful of times I knew I was dreaming and maybe 6 full-blown lucid dreams where I could control my dream :). I pet like 100 different puppies, went hiking, and met up with an old friend; lucid dreaming is the coolest thing ever. I had 2 action-adventure style ones in this past week where I recognized that I was dreaming. I usually notice something off about the physics within the dream and then become lucid within that scenario and take it where I want. Do you ever try to lucid dream?

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@Lulume:  My SO will randomly wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me something so dire and so nonsensical (like about the parking lot on the ceiling… seriously). I’ve learned over the years to just tell him “Uh huh. Okay. Go back to sleep.” and that usually knocks him out of it. He never remembers them and I get a kick out of it.

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Interesting topic. Sadly, as much as I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to have a full lucid dream. I have lucid moments but then I wake up. I’m not sure if the original post actually refers to a lucid dream. It might just be that you wake up and are still half asleep or that you’re dreaming about having woken up. Those 2 scenarios have happened to me and they’re always weird in the morning lol From what I know, a full lucid dream is like what @Marry Jane:  described. It’s when you’re having a regular dream, realize that you’re dreaming, and then start controlling it to do what you want. 

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SO constantly talks in his sleep and I worry about what he’s dreaming. The best ones so far are him talking about the sex pillows in the temple and I can’t forget the discussion he had with himself about sex drilling me -_____- Ironically he giggles at the idea of dirty talk.
About a week ago he did wake me up with his arms clamped around me, squealing “NO SHUT IT, CLOSE IT, DON’T OPEN IT” … Which freaked the poop out of me.

I have some very bizarre dream myself where I can actually access , remember and refere to previous dreams whilst in a dream does that make sense? I do know if I dream of a black cat or Lion then it’s a good sign for me.

I have no idea what Lucid dreams are… ??

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