Major co-worker issues

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Honey bee
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berries9 :  yes. If she at all threatens you, then file for a restraining order against her. Call the police if her behavior escalates at any time. I’m surprised she hadn’t been let go for insubordination at 6 weeks while still on probation.

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Buzzing bee
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Honestly, you shouldn’t trust people on the internets opinions. We have no idea which jurisdiction you’re in or the local employment or other laws at play. I’d tell you to speak with hr first. Document your concerns. If you truly fear for your safety then maybe local authorities as well. But they will probably want something to prove your fear for your safety is reasonable.


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Honey bee

What a mess. They really screwed up by not firing her earlier. I don’t understand why she was still there after missing work and refusing assignments. Something is really messed up. Document every interaction and send it to HR if you haven’t already. You should be more concerned about working for some very unobservant and slow to react individuals, than your safety. The mentally ill are not always dangerous to others, they’re more likely to endanger themselves. 

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Bumble bee

HR is going to cover the company’s ass, not yours. They will deal with her so that they don’t get sued. If she comes back and threatens you in any way, I would call the cops and get a restraining order. Then HR would have to act for your safety.

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Buzzing bee

I’m confused why she wasn’t fired after refusing to do her job. Was that ever reported?

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Busy bee
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Boy does she know how to work the system. Be an insurbordinate bitch, then threaten suicide and claim insanity in order to keep the job. Maybe she really is disturbed, but it’s been my experience that when people REALLY intend to kill themselves, they don’t threaten it or give warning so that someone can intervene. They just do it at a time and place where no one can stop them. 

I would 100 percent not take any shit from  her if/when she comes back. Up to and including calling the police to your workplace if you feel threatened. It’s obvious your HR has their hands tied now.

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Sugar bee
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Im coming at this as both a HR professional and as a friend of someone who has gone through a similar major mental health crisis. 

Firstly this woman is obviously very ill. While that does not excuse her behaviour it might make it more understandable. From the sounds of it she has had a mental health crisis and been hospitalised. 

Because she is ill your work can’t just fire her (at least not where I am) because all the bahaviours can be traced back to her illness. For now they are doing just what they should. She is sick and they are awaiting a professional / medical opinion. The likely scenario is that she will be unwell for a long time (my friend was in hospital for 6 months) and once she is ready to be released it is likely that a mutual decision to part ways will happen. For now though, they shouldn’t sack her and she is not in a place where she can make informed decisions on her work situation. 

For now, please try to understand that she is sick and although some of her symptoms are directed at you its not personal. berries9 :  

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Buzzing bee
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I agree with Twizbe. Your employer could get in trouble if they fire her for a mental health illness. You did the right thing about documenting everything. HR can’t tell you her personnel information and how they are handling the situation. They shouldn’t have even told you about the part that they are waiting to hear from the psychiatrist.

Definitely continue to document everything and immediately report her to HR if she ever harasses or threatens you. I’m would really be surprised if she ends up coming back to work. If she does, it would probably be in a very diminished capacity. Hopefully she’ll get the treatment she needs. Just stay on the up and up and keep your head high!! I think it’s going to be very obvious to the people at work that you didn’t do any of the things that she accused you of doing.


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Blushing bee
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Is her name Kimberly? 

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Busy bee

I can’t believe someone can get away with this kind of harassment. 

This sounds like a man I know who was textbook narcissistic personality disorder. He’d pin things on coworkers, engage in paranoid behavior and blaming to the point where he seemed *insane,* and then he’d “collapse” or something else (fell off a roof once…) to make himself ill so he could collect disability and not be held to account for his behavior. 

I’m sorry, bee. Your best protection is in documenting every single thing, and do not ever be alone with this person without a witness. 

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