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  • poll: Do you (and your SO) have an ideal plan for major life events?
    Of course! What's life without a plan? : (29 votes)
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    Kind of, but who knows if it will work out the way we hope... : (89 votes)
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    We are very flexible, so plans are not a must for us. : (21 votes)
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    Heck no! We live for the moment. : (6 votes)
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    Darling Husband and I are both 50-ish so we are on a different track than most of you younger Bees. We already have a home that is paid for, and neither one of us has kids or wants kids.

    So when it comes to goals, there is one thing that is becoming my new obsession: early retirement! (haha!) There is a very strong likelihood that we will be in a financial position to retire early and start travelling. How early we will retire depends on a few things. But I am super, super looking forward to Greece, the South Pacific, northern Europe, Macchu Picchu, cruises through the Caribbean, and spending summers RV-ing in the national parks.

    I am hoping we can get started no later than five years from now. Fingers crossed!


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    OK so the current “plan” is:

    Spring 2014–DH finishes up his master’s degree

    2014 or 2015–we take an epic pre-TTC trip to Europe

    2015-16–first baby (I’ll be 28-29)

    Guess we’ll see if that’s how it all pans out!  I was hoping to have my Masters by the time we have our first kid, but unfortunately it looks like that won’t happen, so I’m just trying to be really supportive/helpful to Darling Husband while he works on his MBA.

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    We don’t really have set plans right now, but below are mostly approximate plans with a few exceptions. For instance, we did get married in November and Hubby will graduate next month, but we may or may not get to our Honeymoon in Dec/Jan, but we hope to… etc.

    2012 November – Got married

    2012 December – Husband graduates college

    2012 December/2013 January – Honeymoon at some point

    2013 June/July – Buy house, get dog

    2013 August – Husband starts new job

    2013 November – Maybe go to Paris for our one year anniversary!

    Sometime in between 2013-2016 – Switch careers, maybe go into beauty/makeup or jewelry? Also, we’d get another dog.

    Maybe around 2017-2018 – Possibly have a child, if we’re ready and if we didn’t already have one lol

    Throughout all those timelines above we want to do a lot of travelling!



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    I’m going to start backed up a bit…

    2011- Got engaged and bought our house

    2012- Got married after 7 years together! 😀

    2013- Anniversary trip to Europe for 3 weeks (France, Italy, Spain, Poland)… can’t wait!! Job change (fingers crossed), get a dog?

    2014- Hopefully pay off my school loans, run a marathon?

    2015- (I’ll be 28, Darling Husband will be 31) Maybe TTC? Either that or redo our kitchen and TTC a year later? Though these are dependent on my internal clock being able to hold out that long for kids! 

    We tend to take little weekend trips/road trips throughout the year, so we’ll probably sneak several of those in and maybe one more “big” trip before we have babies.

    ETA: We have to make sure we’re financially/emotionally ready for 2 babies whenever we decide to TTC because there is a VERY good chance we’ll have twins. 

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    @bmo88:  My guy plans a LOT… I am definitely a planner, but I always have trouble seeing more than a year or so out. He’s older and wiser so that could be a part of it.

    For the major things, I am hoping to get engaged and married next year. I’d like to start TTC when I’m 30-31… I’m 27 now. I really want to get my company going before we bring a kid into the mix.

    We’re discussing doing a big trip to England, France, and another country for Xmas 2014. We go every year to the UK to visit his parents, but this trip would be a bit more involved.

    Other trips I am not too worried about… we take several per year to various places and we’re both quite well traveled so it’s not like I have something I desperately want to cross of my travel bucket list before a kid comes along.

    The other major thing I guess would be that neither of us wants to stay in Canada forever, but the money is really good – we both have great jobs right now. I just can’t handle the bloody winters!! He says 7-10 years but I am hoping it’ll be less. We both could move to Europe since we’re both from there (even though we’ve spent most of our lives in Canada), but I want to go to the States… and that’s a fun process with the current economy *sigh*.

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    @BelliniChic:  I totally envy you!! Some days I wish I could retire lol. Seriously!!

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    We know we’ll both start looking for new jobs early next year, and we’ll consider moving to another state. We’re hoping to buy a house within 2 years once we’re sure we want to stay where we are. And we don’t want kids right now, but we’ve agreed that we’ll revisit the issue in 2020 to gauge how we feel about kids then, in case we’ve changed.

    All in all, our plans are pretty flexible…it’s more like planning to make plans, haha.

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    We have a loose plan.

    2012: engaged.

    2013: married, honeymoon.

    2017: Fiance graduates from school

    If we don’t have kids by the time Fiance graduates, we will be TTC. If we don’t own a house by then, we will be actively looking.

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    The only things we have planned are our wedding next October, and we want to start TTC in 2014, roughly a year into married life. 

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    Our plans are super flexible. I don’t know if we will even be in the same city in 5 years!

    Here’s what we’ve chatted about so far:

    2013 June/July – Wedding & Honeymoon

    2014/15 – Start TTC

    2016 – Sell our house and upgrade or move somewhere else

    2016 – I change careers or start freelancing

    2018 – Be done having kids!

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    Most of my friends had kids as soon as they married. Most marry later in Ireland.. 30ish.

    2013 get married

    2013 TTC on honeymoon. Fingers crossed we will be lucky. 

    2014-2015 second child

    2018-2019 Have enough saved to buy a nice house. We are seriously in neg equity in a house Fi bought but don’t want to be there forever 🙂

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    Thank you!

    The younger you are when you start investing for retirement, the better. There are a lot of quiet, ordinary millionaires in middle-income suburbs out there who never earned big salaries, but rather they were very wise about saving and investing.

    One tip that my Darling Husband has always practiced (that I should have practiced!): live below your means. 

    If you and your Darling Husband earn $100k combined, live on $50k or $75k, and invest the rest of the money. 

    Get a smaller house or a fixer-upper, and pay it off sooner. Buy a good car, keep it maintained, and take it to 200k miles. It might seem frustrating to watch your peers buying bigger houses and nicer cars than you in the meantime, but you will be so glad you made those choices when you are 45 or 50. And that is not really that far off! The money piles up quickly when you start investing aggressively at a young age. Added bonus, if you or your Darling Husband ever lose your job(s) or get laid off, you can make it on one income until you get back on your feet.

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    I’m past most major life even plans now too, but to back track, they went

    2008 – met Darling Husband (which in my previous plan I would have been married with a kid by then – by early 2008I was with my ex for about 7 years and been a waiting bee whos patience wore out.)

    2010 – got engaged.  Bought house and went on amazing month long dream trip to Austrailia and New Zealand.

    2011 – got married

    2012 – Pre baby travels to Macchu Picchu and Italy, Switzerland. Start TTC

    2013/14 – baby #1

    2015/16 – baby #2

    2030 – pay off house

    2035 – retire


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