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authentic: I feel for you πŸ™


 stomach issues are horrible I have stress induced stomach problems.I literally cannot go to the bathroom and feel like I have a rock in my stomach its awful.

Hope they can figure something out for you, get well soon πŸ™‚

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authentic:  HUGS my dear!!! I too have suffered with gastroparesis since 2009. A nerve was damaged when I had my gallbladder removed. It wakes me up in the middle of the night. Every night. I’ve tried so many prescription drugs and nothing has made it go away. The best advice I can give you is to limit your acidic food intake, don’t eat late at night, and keep a journal of your trigger foods. Eat small, frequent meals. I keep a bag of pretzels with me at all times. Remind yourself that the pain will eventually pass. You are not alone in this. Message me with any more questions

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Did they check the upper abdomen during the ultrasound? Primarily the gallbladder?

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this!!  I’ve have some stomach issues (not the same thing as you) stemming from too little acid in my stomach.  I had an ulcer and took too many anti-acids. Two things always help me with the nausea and bloating.

Hot lemon water (squeeze half a lemon in a mug and add hot water) helps with digestion.

Fresh Ginger tea (few slices of fresh ginger, hot water, let steep for a few minutes) for nausea and bloating.

Sometimes I’ll combined them and make hot lemon water with ginger (and a little honey).

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authentic:  HUGE hugs for you!!! I am the queen of stomach pain in my family…. Trust me I’ve been literally prepped for surgeries before in the ER and then the Dr gets my test results back and decides not to cut me open that’s how bad my problems have been. 

A few questions though:

What has your stress level been like? How about before the first stomach pain started? Are you on any medications (birth control counts)? Have you taken any Advil, Aleeve, cold meds etc lately or before this stomach pain started? 


My story is kind of similar but it starts about 5 years ago when doctors found stage 4 kindney cancer in one of my father’s kidneys. I was under EXTREME stress and anxiety (I was 2 hours away at college) and I began to have this stomach pain. Came out of them blue one night when I hysterically started crying. Very long story short– after ton of tests and many years of pain and pain pills (and overcoming pain pill addiction becuase I was so afraid of the pain) I changed my diet completely over to gluten free. That has solved 85% of my problems! 

Now- the other 15% of where I run into stomach pain comes from Advil and birth control…. last year I ended up in the ER for tons of pain – almost exactly what your describing with the no appetite/vomiting/pain all over the stomach. The month before i had been fighting a sinus infection so I was taking Advil sinus pills for a week it two and it ate a hole through my stomach lining!!

So- I have cut out Advil, I only take Tylenol now! On top of that, I had exteme bloating pain- I mean I thought I was going to cry every afternoon because it felt like an alien inside me was pushing on my stomach outward – it was that much pain. So I went into GI again, and it wasn’t until my mom ran through all my current meds and timeline of when it started that SHE (not the dr) realized it started shortly after starting my birthcontrol pill….

Now that I am completely gluten free, Advil/Aleeve free and birth control free my life has gone back to pretty much normal. I have a very high stress job, so when it gets to be too much, my body certainly lets me know!!


Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions- doctors dont always have the answers. Big hugs!

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another possibility may be that your gallbladder isnt functioning properly- that wouldn’t show on an ultrasound. I would def go see a GI and ask if that can be a cause. I hope you feel better and find out what’s going on!

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Stomach problems are the absolute worst. I suffered for 21 years with stomach issues, and everyone brushed me off like I was making things up. I was mostly experiencing chronic diarrhea (sorry for TMI), and people don’t realize how terrible it is to constantly be in pain and have diarrhea. 

My diagnosis really was pretty simple, but I had five different doctors who ignored my symptoms and blamed them on me being a teenage girl who wanted something to be wrong. Or that it was all in my head. It took me being hospitalized with dehyrdation for three days to finally see some results. And guess what… It was due to a simple food allergy! Since I cut out the allergen all stomach issues, skin rashes and joint pain had disappeared completely. 

I wouldn’t wish any kind of stomach problem on my worst enemy after going through everything. I was thankful for experiencing diarrhea rather than vomitting, so I can only imagine what you’re going through. you are lucky to have figured everything out relatively quickly, and hopefully they can find something to help you. Just be persistent and never give up. There were many years that I simply suffered because the doctors weren’t listening and I assumed they were right. I was crazy and making myself sick. If your doctor doesn’t want to send you to the gastro, absolutely insist that you see one for a second opinion. If your doc still says no find a new one. 

Good luck, and I truly hope that everything works out for you in the end!

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I too have gastroparesis due to an autonomic nervous system disfunction. In addition, I also have a condition called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. It causes my intestines to release too much histamine so I get rashes and hot/sweaty if I eat trigger foods. I now take meds for it Zantac, Zytrec, and a prescription called Chromolyn sodium) that are not reactive with my other meds I take. My appetite returned after I started them. When I was at my worst, all I ate were carbs. It was the only thing I could tolerate. In addition the gastroparesis and mast cell dysfunction, I also have Crohn’s disease so I’m very familiar with GI issues. Hopefully you can get referred to a GI. Google the mast cell dysfunction and see if you have those symptoms. I was diagnosed with that by an allergist/immunologist. Do you happen to have any other autoimmune disorders?  The GI issues you’re experiencing very often co-occur with other autoimmune issues.  

I did did not have much success taking Zofran or phenegren for nausea.  All they did was make me constipated and/or tired. I wore SeaBands and chewed on ginger gum. For the constipation, my doctor recommended magnesium supplements daily.  They’re much more gentle than regular laxatives. If you’re desperate to go, liquid magnesium citrate will clean you out but it isn’t very pleasant. **I’m not a doctor so please don’t take this as medical advice.  Just a fellow sufferer sharing my experiences.** Best of luck!

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I would strongly recommend looking into natural treatments, as there are some really effective ones out there that aren’t on the radar of regular doctors because they’re not prescriptions. Specifically, try Iberogast (here’s some info: http://livingwithgastroparesis.com/iberogast-for-dyspepsia-gp-ibs/). It’s an over-the-counter medicine from Germany and it’s great for upper GI issues. There are lots of other options out there that you could try like apple cider vinegar (in water), ginger, enzymes, etc.

I had Esophagitis a while ago and my doctors all wanted to put me on heavy PPI meds with serious side effects for the rest of my life (PPI’s are bad bad news, avoid them if you can). I decided to instead try the natural route and I healed myself within 3-4 months, now I’m good as new. Do lots of research online (google “Gastroparesis natural treatment”), try different things, and if you can afford it try going to a reputable naturopath. Good luck!!

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I am so sorry you are going through this.  I have had some problems with this int he past and was later diagnosed with GERD and IBS and it sucks.  My advice is to see a gastroenterologist rather than your family doctor because they are educated specifically in digestive issues and may know of different/alternative treatments to try


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I don’t have any advice on the cause of the issues, but when I have no apetite, I can usually get by with drinking those Naked smoothies.  

Have you tried enemas/colonics for the constipation? 

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