(Closed) A New Male Birth Control Procedure, Not Permanent. Thoughts?

posted 6 years ago in Wellness
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    I’ve always wondered why most birth control is focused on women… when obviously you need good sperm to even get preggo in the first place. I’ve heard a couple discussing bc (they had no intention of ever getting pregnant) and the guy got all pissy when she mentioned him getting snipped and said it’s just easier to make her take pills or get her tubes tied. Must be a male thing where they have to be all manly and keep all of their stuff able to make babies.

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    They’re making a birth control pill for men too. I think I heard it’s in human testing now. When I mentioned it to FH, he said that any guy in his right mind, who didn’t want a kid, would take it. 

    I’m on the pill and neither of us likes using condoms. If there was a male pill, he could take that and we’d be twice as protected with no condoms. And for guys who were into casual hookups, it would be a backup in case the condom breaks and it would be harder for a girl to “trap” a guy. 

    I think it’s a great idea.

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    Nope. Absolutely not. For two reasons: 1. I have an extreme needle phoebia and would feel incredibly guilty asking him to get one when it’s unnecessary, even if he would be fine with it. 2. He really wants to have kids as soon as possible, I’m the one putting it off. I wouldn’t want him to be tempted to have an “oops” moment.

    For other couples, it sounds fine. It’s not like a pill where you have to remember everyday either, which a guy would probably forget to do since they wouldn’t be the ones getting pregnant.

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    I think it’s a great possibility. Since it’s still in testing I want to wait to actually try it until there is more information on it. I think it would be a great thing to do after we’re done having kids, even though it’s meant to be reversible, I’m happy with my iud until we start having kids and something short term in between.

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    That is totally crazy!  Is it 100% effective?  No matter what?  Can you like, test to make sure no healthy sperm are getting out?  Man, I am totally fascinated.  It would so awesome to not have to take any pills and deal with the hormones and stuff…  If I was totally confident in it, I would definitely suggest it to my Fiance…

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    I already have a Mirena IUD and I’m perfectly happy with that because I have no more periods!!! So currently there is no need for him to do anything. If we ever had a serious pregnancy scare, maybe then he should do something. 

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    I think it’s genius. my brother is a victim of being a young stupid male who wasn’t careful and got a girl prego (she was trying tho- that’s another story) but because I see the other side of unplanned pregnancies i have been wondering why men don’t have the same control that women do. It’s about time!! 

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    @NowDontLetsBeSilly:  yes you can check if it works. Darling Husband had a vascetomy once we were done making kids, and to check it had worked he simply submitted a semen sample (which he was able to, ahem, make in the privacy of our bedroom) and they check it for sperm. Since men don’t have periods, if he’s infertile for that test that means he’s infertile. Since the method in the link isn’t permanent, the man would need to do regular checks. In fact the need to keep getting checked might be the only downside.

    On the plus side, what I like about this or vascetomy is that you CAN check it. I can’t think of any other birth control methods where you can test and be sure it’s working.

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     I had a terrible reaction to every pill I was on, so YES I would totally have him do this if he would agree to it. He’s pretty bad with needles though so I’m not sure what he would do. I’d have to talk him into it, probably

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    I heard about this six months ago! I think it sounds awesome. Unfortunately, our FDA seems to be completely bass-ackwards about birth control methods, so I doubt we’ll ever see something this cool.

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    My husband and I have discussed this a while back. He is 10,000 all for it. If he said it had at least the same effectiveness as my hormonal pill does, he’d do it in an absolute hot second.

    We don’t want children for the next 5-10 years, so this would be absolutely fantastic.

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    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. (That’s a big yes.)

    If I were single there’s no way I’d trust any dude to just tell me he was on it/did it/whatever, and I’d insist on condoms still obviously…

    This is huge! I don’t know how many guys I’ve met that feel paranoid that a condom’s gonna slip or a girl’s going to trick them or just make a mistake with her birth control and they’ll be saddled for life with a kid they never wanted and they do have a point — a woman who gets pregnant and doesn’t want to be can (in the US and many other places) terminate if she pleases, or decide to give the kid away.

    That’s excellent, but a man who gets a woman pregnant when HE doesn’t want kids is just screwed if the woman decides she wants it. I think it’s important to give men that same opportunity to control their fertility. 

    Also, I’m about to get married, I never want kids, and I am SICK TO FREAKING DEATH of birth control! I use it because it’s the least intrusive, cheapest method of not having babies, especially since I’ve specifically asked several doctors to sterilize me and they’ve told me no because I’m too young and not married. (GRRRR.)


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