Mama bees… birth photography?

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Birth photography has never looked staged to me. I assumed it was more like wedding photography where you do your thing and the photographer captures it as is without really being a part of it. Somehow if a nurse is snapping pictures it’s not staged but if a professional photographer who knows what the hell they are doing does it then suddenly it’s staged. Some people just love to hate on everything!

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No idea how you could stage moments like this…..

Do it, its amazing to look back on 🙂

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In what seems like a lifetime ago, my answer to this would have been hell no. However, Ive had three failed pregnancies – one ruptures, very nearly fatal ectopic, one miscarriage, and another ectopic caught early – and I have no idea if I’ll ever have a baby. If I manage a healthy in utero pregnancy, and I carry to term, its something I might consider. For the previous poster talking about being on display, you get really over that with a history like mine. So many people have seen my vagina – Nurses, ED consultants, OB/GYNs, house officer, trainee interns. I let a male trainee intern give me a cervical exam when I started bleeding with my second ectopic because I really dont care anymore, and hey, he has to learn some how. Not to mention the number of people who looked at my rectum when the methotrexate I was given for the ectopic caused me to get an infection which developed into an anal absecess. But back to the photography – if I ever get to that moment, it will be such a huge thing for me. Ive had so much loss, and I cant bear to hope anymore, and if it happed, I think I might like to document it.

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Prior to having my own baby, I may have said “ew no.” But when I had my baby recently, my mom was in there snapping pics of the moment my baby arrived and the first minutes and I’m so glad she did. While the pics are obviously very personal, they are also priceless. I would never show them to anyone other than my partner and my child one day. I had no idea how special they would be (plus, giving birth was a blur so it was very interesting to see it from another perspective ). Having said that, I don’t know if I would have spent a thousand dollars on it. 

Also, I must say – by the time you deliver a baby, you won’t care who is in the room. I had so many strangers looking at me down there, I wouldn’t have noticed if a dozen more had come in! 

And after your journey, I think if you can financially swing it, the photography would be a worthy idea. 

Also – congratulatations!! 

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Wow, people on here really have some sticks in their bums. I think it’s wonderful that you want to capture your first moments with your baby. 

What we did was, instead of paying that much for a single photo session, we just bought a nice DSLR & my husband and I took photos of the first moments with our son. Then we’ve used it for his monthly progress sessions, as well as special events or cute moments. He’s 6.5 months now. For example: here is my  son the first time he got to feel the grass! (We live in Canada so it’s covered in snow/water/mud a lot of the year)

PS the photo is compressed since it’s on my cell phone – the original image is higher quality.



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I have no children, but I feel like I would want some sort of pictures in those moments too. I love love photography too, and I think it is just a beatiful art. It can be very personal and I think if you want it enough you should go for it. I agree with alot of other people and say just do it if you think it is something you would love to have.

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I didn’t have professional ones but with my first, my husband took some of my baby being born (actually being born, private photos!) and I love them. I had an epidural so was happy to let go of his hand for him to take them. I just wish I had more. With my second, I had a water birth so no pain relief so I wasn’t letting go of my husband and a student nurse took some and I LOVE them. I’m not having any more, but if I were, I’d consider having my sister there to take some. They are such special photos to me and I don’t share them, they are for me and I’m more than happy for my children to see them when they’re older. The less graphic ones they already look at and my 3 year old love them!

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i don’t know if infertility/IVF did it (although it certainly didn’t help) but i am very frugal.  pretty much everything i buy my son is consingment, mom swap, or handmedowns.

we had a free doula through a nursing student program.  my birth didn’t go the way i planned and i was induced early.  i was glad to have the doula at the birth, because she did take some great pictures.  we didn’t need professional photography for that. she captured a few of Darling Husband and me, the baby coming out, us holding the baby for the first time.  they aren’t professional photos, but to me the are some of the best photos in the world.  i didn’t need anything fancy with props or posed, they show raw emotion.

a few weeks after birth, we did our “newborn” photos.  we paid about $300.  from what i hear in my area (suburbs of a major city) the going rate is between $200 and $500.

i didn’t love the pictures we got and when DS was 6ish months, i wanted to some nice family photos, so DH’s friend who does pictures on the side took some great ones for us.


have you looked at groupon, hiring a photography student?  i think $800 – $1000 is ridiculous.

i will say (one of my IVF friends) gets professionally photography every 3 months and special occassion of her Dear Daughter.  i don’t know if she bought a big package when her Dear Daughter was born, but I think it is insane. but her choice where she spends her money.

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I think tasteful birth photos can be very valuable for personal memories. I suggest to check with the hospital you plan on delivering at, I work L&D at a hospital that photos/videos of the actual birth are prohibited( before and once the baby’s out photos are fine) and with the cost of paying a photographer this is sometimes shocking news to a mom. So just check with the hospital and talk over with your photographer pics you want. 

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hollyberry4 :  They can definitely get some amazing pictures.  So if you think you really want it, I would go for it.  You won’t be able to recapture the experience later so I’d probably rather have it than regret not having it.  Personally, I was not too interested in having that done so I put money towards newborn or first year photography instead.  But I still am ending up spending a decent amount on photography for the first year for my 2nd.  I wish I had it for my first so I don’t mind spending more this time.

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I’m due in September, so haven’t had the baby yet, but I’m not planning on doing the birthing pictures. I’m just really not a fan of them, regardless of the price. There’s something that I find so off-putting about having this special moment when you have your baby photographed by a random photographer…like I’m cool with random medical professionals being there because of the whole health/safety thing…but I just wouldn’t want to bring someone else in snapping pictures all up in there.

I am however fine with the idea of pictures. Darling Husband and I have a nice-ish camera, and I plan on bringing that along and am asking him to take pictures during/after labor. I’m not expecting anything professional or fancy obviously since 1) he’s not a photographer and 2) he’ll probably be caught up in the moment and won’t think to take pictures unless I tell him…but we’ll have it there just in case.

I think I kind of agree with the idea of birthing photos feeling staged…I don’t know…it seems like nowadays we hire photographers for everything so we can curate this image of how we want things to look, so everything is just perfect and dramatic enough to fit in on pinterest/instagram/etc. I guess I feel like it takes some of the authenticity away from the moment? I don’t really care if other people hire photographers for birthing, and I sort of get why they want a pro to capture the moment…but it’s definitely not for me.

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hollyberry4 :  I’ve seen some incredible birth photography pictures that capture a truly milestone moment in your life. I say go for it. 

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hollyberry4 :  I kind of looked into this as well. To be honest, I don’t think I would want photographs of me in labor. I’m planning on doing something called a Fresh 48 which is when a photographer will take pictures of the baby within the first 48 hours after birth. My husband is going to bring a camera to the hospital and will have his phone as well to snap pictures immediately after birth.

It really is your own preference, but I think it’s a little pricey and invasive if you are a private person. Your husband or other members of the family that are present at the hospital can snap photos of you with the baby after birth.

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I think birth photos are amazing.  My husband took photos of our birth with a good camera and I absolutely adore some of moments he caputured.  Even though I had an epidural so I wasn’t in any pain, I still missed the perspective he was able to capture.  And there is not one vaginal shot or anything else I wouldn’t have felt comfortable sharing publicly (although I never posted the pics) — so contrary to what that PP suggested, that doesn’t have to be part of it!  I actually made a book of just his birth and I cherish it.  The only downside of having my husband take pictures was that he wasn’t really in them (or as close to me during parts of things as I would have liked).  So I can absolutely see why having a photographer there would be better so you can BOTH be in the moment.  I would suggest looking for photographers that are just start out – they tend to be MUCH cheaper and yet certainly more than capable of capturing the moments.  My husband recently started a side photography business and has been working for dirt cheap just to get his portfolio going!  I’m guessing others do the same when new to the industry.

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I’ve always loved looking at labor and delivery photos and would totally do it if I could. A former classmate of mine just had her rainbow baby and it was photographed She really wanted a natural water birth, but baby needed to be brought “earthside” via c-section. She is so grateful for the photos because it was a long and difficult process, and somewhat traumatic. She has been able to go back and look at the photos and the process and she said it has helped her reconcile her trauma and heal emotionally. Her photos are incredible, and she shared many of them in a birth story online. There were no crass shots, no genitalia exposed. They are quite striking, and very beautiful. For me it solidified even further that I want them someday!

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