Mama bees – do you regret choosing a popular name for your baby?

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I am a Brittany from the 90s and I loathe it. I hated having 3+ Brittany’s in my class each year. And it always made me feel kind of generic. Even to this day lol I hate my name.


Just a different perspective.

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Blushing bee

My kids’ names are Isabelle (born 2005 when the #2 girl’s name was Isabella) and Liam (born 2008 when Liam was the #1 boy’s name).

My daughter knows only 2 other Isabelle/Isabel/Isobel and neither are in her class. My son has never had a Liam in his class.

Really, I don’t think it matters. I remember my mom saying she really wanted to name my older sister Sarah but it was the most popular girl’s name at the time and she didn’t want to give her the fate of being “Sarah P.” While in school. So, she named her Andrea, which was 20-something on the list. My sister went to school with 2 other Andreas and was “Andrea P” throughout grade school. 

So I vote name your child what you want because you really can’t control the rest. Jack is a very fine name!

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The most popular names just aren’t that popular anymore.  Laura Wattenburg has written about this several times on her Baby Name Wizard blog.  There are no Jennifers or Michaels anymore.


You could actually go a less common route, oddly enough, by using the traditional John as the full form with Jack as a nickname.

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This is an interesting thread. SO and I are debating names (we are Team Green) and we’ve ended up with a single boy name that is #3 in our state, and it has no real nickname options so all the boys are called that name, and a list of 8-10 girls’ names, none of which are in the top 50 and most are out of the top 100. I find that kind of funny!

FWIW, my mom was born in the 40s and my grandmother chose a very unusual name for that era. My mom hated her name and insisted on going by her middle name, which was extremely common. When I was born my mom purposfully chose one of the most popular names for girls in the 1980s…and I exclusively go by a nickname that is not even a real name! So there’s no telling how your kid would react to having a very popular or vey uncommon name, and they might end up just re-naming themselves.

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My kids were born in 1997 and 1999 and I loved the name Megan.  They were both boys so……but I found out recently that there was a million girls named Meg back in the day!

My kids names are somewhat common but I don’t care; they are traditional boys names.  No regrets.

Just get used to your son being Jack W or Jack B or whatever his initial will be.

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Yes! I wish I would’ve given my baby a more unique name or an older name thats not so common now. 



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Busy bee

My mom named me the #1 name for the year I was born and I rarely had another person in my school with my name. In my High School of nearly 1800, I think there were two or three others with my name. I personally don’t like the name and always wished I had something with more strength behind it. When we chose DS’s name, we avoided looking at how popular names were and focussed on the names that had the best fit for our criteria. The name we chose ended up being somewhere in the 8-18 range in Canada and I don’t even think on the list in the US. Some people I meet know lots of kids with the same name and others have never heard it before and tell me how they find it unique. I think in general it just ends up being hit or miss for popularity. 

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My oldest is Olivia and she has never had another one in any of her classes or sports teams etc. Even though it’s always been #2 or #3 since she was born in 2003.

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Sugar Beekeeper

Unique is the new trendy. Because of that, even the most popular names are given to fewer babies than at one time. 

Personally, I think many people try too hard, and that sometimes very uncommon or unpopular names may be more of a social and professional liability as opposed to cool and different.

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Beth7210 :  we also chose Evelyn. About 4 years ago but it took 2 years for us to conceive and back then Evelyn was super rare and then the second she was born the name was suddenly in the top 10 of popular names and popping up everywhere. 

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My son is only 7 months so hard to tell but we named him the #1 name because it was the only name we could agree on. It fits him perfectly and glad we chose the name we did. My friend chose a name that was 300ish on the lists and there were 3 in her baby group and multiple celebrities with babies with that name now.

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We chose a name outside of the top 100, and I know half a dozen kids aged 0-5 with my son’s name. Charlotte has been super popular a while and I don’t think I know any. Our top name for baby #2 is in the 500-600s this time, not intentionally and I wish it was actually more popular and less weird haha.

I don’t think I’d regret choosing a popular name, I do think I would regret a trendy name. Something that rose to popularity really quickly and is really tied to an era (I don’t want to offend anyone, but things that rhyme with Aiden, for example). Most of the top 10 names are usually pretty classic. As others have mentioned, there’s way more diversity in names now, so even the top names aren’t as common as Jessica/Sarah etc once were. 

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I say go with what you love!  My name is Evangeline and aside from the actor Evangeline Lilly, I’ve never met another one.  I love it for being unique and special.  My best friend has a far more common name and she loves the convenience of never having to spell it or correct the pronunciation.  There are ups and downs to very choice, so just follow your heart.

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i’m a Jessica who grew up in the 90’s… there were 4 of us, actually 5 for most of my childhood, in my class.  It never bothered me.  I have a Jacob, the year I named him I hadn’t heard the name since my childhood but it spiked that year to the top 10.  It never bothered me growing up with a very common name and it doesn’t bother him having another Jake in his class.  This is an issue that I can guarantee you only bothers the parent.  Even as I type this I know deep down it bothered me enough to do more research with the second son and he hasn’t had another with his name in his class, but we still hear it yelled across football and soccer fields so like a previous poster stated, there is no escaping it, and my youngest actually enjoys when he finds out someone else has his name. He hates not being able to find it on the personalized pencils and other gear! haha!

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ne11y23 :  this is my last boys name I don’t think it’s super popular and very strong masculine and traditional. It’s not like stupid hipster names he may be embarrassed about in the future.

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