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@shimmerofheaven:  OMG!!! Congratulations!!! Twins!!!! That is so exciting!! My Darling Husband and I say how we would love to have a twins (boy and girl) so we can just get away with one pregnancy. lol  I have no experience with this type of situation.  I’m sure you will have to just budget and weigh all your options as to what is best (child care, work, part time, etc).  It sounds like you guys are in a great position.  I’m sure you will figure it out as you go.  Do you know anyone who has twins? They would have the best advice.  But GOOD LUCK to you and DH! What a wonderful blessing!!

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awe. Congrats! Twins run in my husband’s family so I was really mentally preparing myself for it!!

That being said, I think what you are feeling is completely normal for moms to bes! Just doubled by the fact that you are having twins. I’m a firm believer that we will all make it work one way or another. There is always room in the budget to cut somewhere. *hugs*

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A co-worker of mine just had twin girls!  They were born a little early- but each weighed just over 4 pounds each.  Considering that they were over a month early, that’s not too bad!

I don’t know how they do it, but what I’ve heard so far is that they staggered feeding times so they both weren’t crying hungry at the same time.  I know that because they were early & a little small that she breast fed and supplemented with formula.  She pumps constantly at work, but doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by it.  So, after about 2 months they were able to take turns feeding (since she pumps & bottles & adds the supplement) so she didn’t miss out on as much sleep as she expected.

The twins are in daycare (at 3 months old) and the only issue that has come up is that one of them has a respiratory infection- it might be RSV but I’m not sure.  She will be ok, but my co-worker has missed a few half-days at work due to doctor’s appointments.  I suppose it’s something that comes with the territory…

Maybe you could look into going to work part-time?  That way your bebehs can spend some time at home and the daycare bill won’t break the bank.

Best of luck πŸ™‚  I know my response is only moderately helpful since I don’t even have kids, but the one thing that my co-worker has mentioned is that since their first pregnancy was twins, if they ever have any other kids in the future it will seem so easy compared to having twins!  Congrats to you and your bundles of joy!!

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Congrats! I’m basically a sahm right now but I only have one (almost) two-year old. I did find a job working at a gym daycare that I can bring Dirty Delete with me that’s only 12 hours a week. It doesn’t pay much but it gets us out of the house. I would definitely recommend looking into a job like that if you think that you won’t be able to go back to work. Also, I’ve never taken part but a lot of the mothers who come to my work are a part of a play group. That could help with keeping sane with two kids! I’m sure that they have groups geared towards parents of multiples. Fiance only makes about 25k a year so if we can do it, you can do it! Even if you are double the diapers.

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I think the best test is to start living on his income now and don’t include yours. Put it all into savings now and see where you suffer and how often you need to dip in to that money to pay for something. 

I was the bread winner in the household before I decided to open my own business. We did this to see if we would “suffer” while I tried to get my business off the ground. It was a great test as well to see how long I could take off of work after the baby comes. You’d be surprised how much crap you spend money on that is easy to cut out when you dont have thte money.

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Maybe you could find some mummy blogs from people who have had twins? I’m 10 weeks pregnant too (but only with 1 – as far as I know!) and when I feel panic about the same things as you (just half as much I guess?) I just remind myself that if all those other people can do it, so can I! I’m sure you’ll find loads of resources online and in bookstores. Also, just look at those gorgeous photos of sleeping newborn twins holding hands if you need a little pick me up πŸ™‚ Ah, my heart melts!

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My aunt had twins unexpectedly, when she already had 2 older children.  She said that there were some days when she had to say to herself “all I have to do is get through today”  – because looking to far ahead was overwhelming!  Now those little twins are turning 20 next month!  I think you would not be normal if you didn’t have a few moments of “OMG how am I going to do this?”- I think every mother does!  Good Luck!

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There are tons of twins in my family, so I can repeat what those moms have said, though I have no first hand experience. The first bit is definitely harder with twins, so they all say with twins it’s super, super important to get them on a schedule and keep them there (as much as you can), or you’ll never get anything done or any sleep. But, if it makes you feel better, most have said that in a lot of ways twins are easier than their singles once they get past infant stage because they entertain each other. I know you must be feeling very overwhelmed (I’m nervous just knowing I have a decent chance), but I’m sure you will do a great job! I’m sure some mothers if twins will give you some ideas and I know their are some blogs about parenting twins that might be helpful!

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Congratulations!  My Boyfriend or Best Friend had twins 2 years after she graduated college and her and her husband just made it work.  I think it really causes the two of you to pull together as a team.  She was able to work from home a lot and that helped her.  Does your job have a telecommuting policy?  What about flexible work arrangements?  Might be some options to look into if you want to continue working. 

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