(Closed) Mama bees who swaddled: how and when to wean??

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We stopped because we had to – he started rolling when he was about 3 months old. Before that he was muscling his way out. It was ugly, because he really shouldn’t have been in charge of his arms at any time.

So we didn’t get a chance to try the one-arm-out wean. What we did instead was hastily purchase of a Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit (available on Amazon), affectionately known around our house as baby’s leaded suit. It’s a thick fleecy suit that’s supposed to kind of muffle their movements and encoruage back sleeping. Do a little reading on it and see if you might find it useful.

DS is 8 months old now and still sleeps in it. It’s part of his bedtime routine.

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@iarebridezilla:  Dirty Delete isn’t due until March but I just finished reading happiest baby on the block & it’s all about the 4th trimester and swaddling & why babies should be wrapped up, etc. A lot of the book made me roll my eyes but there was a ton of talk about swaddling, how long to do it, how to wean & what signs to look for when your baby is ready to wean. It might be worth checking out or googling Happiest Baby on the Block & seeing if you can find any information on their techniques. 

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@iarebridezilla:  ha ha! yes dr. karp is an interesting guy. You’ll have to keep us posted & let us know if you find something that works for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll probably have this same exact question in a few months! 

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I swaddled even at the hospital!! My daughter loved it!!! We swaddled till 6 months that when we read the hips can start to get affected by the restriction. At 6 months we switched to the sleep sack so it still gave her some weight but the arms were completely free. Honestly she handled it better than we did…. we were very nervous but the first night was fine! We got rid of that around 9 months. It was much easier than I expected. 

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@iarebridezilla:  OK- so my son HATED to be swaddled….we tried it, but without fail, every time, he would work his arms out and raise them above his head and then he was content.

My feelings about swaddling are:  had my son actually liked to be swaddled, as soon as he started to display any signs of rolling over, I would switched over to a sleep sack.  

I get that your daughter doesn’t enjoy NOT being swaddled at the moment- but when you even *think* she might have the strength to rollover- which will be before you see it- I’d switch.  

Granted, if she has the strength to roll over, she may very well posess the strength to get herself out of a compromising situation.  But I’d rather deal with a baby screaming for a day or two while they adjust to not being swaddled than making the mistake of continued swaddling and then rolling over.

My son showed zip-zero-none signs of attempting to get out of his crib.  Not when he was happy, not when he was upset.  So to me, it was a safe place to leave him while I showered.  In general, the door to his room had a gate up.  But when he was in his crib, there wasn’t really a reason to have that up….or so I thought.

So one day I put him in the crib.  He was happy, and I jumped into the shower.  4 minute shower.  I get out of the shower, and he’s standing there- in the bathroom.  Ummmmmmmmm wtf.  He was on the younger side of 1 year, and I never expected to see him out of his crib.  

So all I am saying is:  these little guys keep thier “talents” under wraps and surprise you when you don’t expect it.

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A pediatrician told my friend to stop swaddling at 3 months….. No idea why!? haha

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We stopped around 4 months because for one, he was getting too big to swaddle securely (so it’d just break apart anyway) and he was starting to roll. 

We just went cold turkey and switched to a sleep sack. 







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@iarebridezilla:  Oh my god, I am in the same situation as you!  Baby girl can’t even have her hands near her face in a swaddle because she will desperately try to suck her hands through the halo swaddle sack.  After houdining out the last few nights, last night we did a double swaddle and she slept AMAZING.  But she is also 3 months old, and I am SO dreading not being able to swaddle her.  And the scary thing is, she is rolling from back to tummy, so I feel like I should be stopping immediately, but she has never been able to flip on any surface other than the hard floor.  

We’ve also just started some no-cry sleep training which is going great, so I can just imagine swaddle weaning, plus the 4 month sleep regression that is potentially lurking around the corner.  Oh eff…things might get really bad here!

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We swaddled way longer than we had planned, but it works out peferctly. Once he broked out of the swaddles, we got the swaddle wraps with velcro and they worked beautifully and we used them until he was 7 months. We tried a few times one arm out, etc. but he would flail his arms and not sleep. So we continued until the night he rolled over onto his tummy. We took it off right then and there and that was that. Because he continued liking to sleep on his tummy from that point on, he didn’t miss his swaddle. He tucked his arms underneathe him and still sleeps like that now (15 mos. old).

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I work at a daycare and we swaddle the babies until they are around 9 months and can kick out of it anyway. I’m sure it varies a lot. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong time. 

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