Mamas-to-be: What do you eat all day?

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Ha. But kind of really. I’m also a vegetarian. I’ve been eating a lot of berries, string cheese, carrot sticks, crackers and hummus. Lots of different types of hummus. Apples/manderin oranges/bananas. I’ve also been really in to chips and salsa. Not the healthiest but not terrible either.  Today I’m low on snacks at work and just ate the peanut butter I keep in my desk with a spoon. Low point? Yes. Regret it? Not at all. 

I’m not sure if you have Trader Joes but they have nut mix in snack packs that are good to grab and go and I find protien helps with the nauesa/hunger pains. Also, the TJs baked & flavored tofu is good to keep around. 

I’m TERRIBLE at food prep, but egg “muffins” are pretty easy to make ahead of time and keep in the fridge for a quick snack ( 

Just go with what sounds good. I haven’t been able to do eggs or yogurt in weeks. I’m hoping it eases up soon because I need that protein. 

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I ate a ton of applesauce when I was pregnant. I forget what else I ate but I remember it was all about just making it through the day at first. 

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first trimester,i ate anything i could keep down.  that was mostly dairy, carbs, fruit, and salad.  everything else made me nausous.

so i ate a lot of ice cream and bagels, suprisingly, i didn’t gain much weight.

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Apples with peanut butter, peaches, yogurt with granola and some berries, toasted sourdough with laughing cow cheese, protein bars, baby carrots with ranch, trail mix, baby bel cheese or cheese sticks are most of my usual go to snacks. I do sometimes make nachos (just melt my normal cheddar over chips) with some sour cream and salsa, or make a bagel. 

I’m 14w2d, and have gained .7 pounds so far. My midwife wants me to gain no more than a pound a week from 16 weeks on, so far so good on the path to that goal. She did say it’s better to eat something unhealthy (like bagels for me, we don’t eat fast food) than not eating at all, so I try to remember that when only a bagel sounds good.

I’ve mostly been craving fresh fruit, and yogurt. I’m traveling now right and was going through MAJOR withdrawals from not having any. I went to the store last night, and made some parfaits in my hotel room – I feel human again. 

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DrunkInLove :  OMG not a low point! Peanut butter on a spoon is heaven! We grew up with it, so much so my sister got our mom a spoon that reads “My Peanut Butter Spoon.”

Great source of protein!

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Right now, everything. All day. I’m on vacation too which means I can eat at my leisure (unlike when I’m at work and have set eating times).

I wake up and have a yogurt, then maybe a bagel, usually with cream cheese and cucumber. Lunch is typically leftovers from the night before. Around mid-afternoon I walk to the store and get a giant chocolate chip muffin. In the meantime I snack on fruit- apples and watermelon are my current faves. Popcorn and cheese and crackers. Supper varies but right now I’m still mostly wanting pasta/carbs, although I’ve been really into giant salads lately. Usually some ice cream for dessert (depending on how many other sweets I’ve had during the day). 

When I was early in my pregnancy, I was so nauseous I couldn’t stomach much, so I would say eat what you can, as healthy as you can! Because for awhile there, I was living off of watermelon, tomato soup, spaghetti and coconut yogurt and I was really happy I had eaten so well before that so at least the baby got some nutrients, haha.

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MsPlucky :  I do the same thing. I got it from my grandma, who used to eat a spoonful of peanut butter when she wanted something sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ 

DrunkInLove :  I have to make those egg muffins! They look delicious and so easy. I’m not even pregnant, I just like my snacks and figured there’d be good suggestions in here LOL 

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SeaOfLove :  I craved tons of egg salad during my,pregnancy so,I had lots of,sandwiches. Otherwise I snacked on cukes,bell,peppers, and apples. I hated junk food while,I was preggo lol

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SeaOfLove :  Yeah, it’s definitely odd. I enjoy fruit and vegetables when I’m not pregnant, but this is like a life and death craving. I have to – have to – have them. Mostly fruit right now, though I’ve noticed an uptick in veggie cravings too. Ready to be home on Monday for my normal assortment of snacks… traveling sucks for this lol. 

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I haven’t been on the boards for a while but I remember being on the POAS boards with you – huge congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I’m 17 weeks with twins and have the opposite problems (no appetite) but it sounds like lots of great ideas have already been mentioned! I pretty much cruise the grocery store aisles looking for ideas and anything appealing haha

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SeaOfLove :  Dates!!! They are great! You can have them in your bag ๐Ÿ˜‰

Actually they did a study that in the last month of pregnancy eating 6 dates every day helped with labour!

congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m 23 weeks pregnant and I’m mostly vegetarian though I do sometimes eat fish, and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes so I have been eating super healthy lately. I have a few go to things I have been eating lately but this is a typical day for me:

Breakfast: 2 wholegrain toast ( I love Burgen wholemeal and seeds) with peanut butter and 2 gold kiwi fruit (my fave fruit right now), plus a cup of tea with soy milk and a scant teaspoon coconut sugar.

Morning snack: Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, fresh strawberries and shredded coconut.

Lunch: Baked tofu with roasted veggies. My favourtite combo right now are portabello msuchroom and red peppers/capsicum, or brussel sprouts and carrots. With a serve of basmati rice or mountain bread smeared with sundried tomato cream cheese on the side. 

Afternoon snack: Chia pudding with fruit or an apple with tahini and cinnamon (sooooo good, a new fave for me!)

Dinner: Homemade dalh or lentil soup with basmati rice with some kind of picked veg on the side.

Evening snack: Vita wheat crackers with cheese. 

I have always struggled with healthy eating and sweets have always been my weakness, but I really havent had any sugar cravings these last few weeks and I always feel full. Plus, my weight had been going up a little too quickly and with my new eating it has stabalised a lot.

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First trimester was anything that would stay down. Saltine crackers, plain bagels and Ginger ale was basically my food for weeks (i had nausea and vomiting for 5 months)  but really anything…as long as you get the proper nutrients and take vitamins. Had a lot of graham crackers with pb, raw veggies with cheese just small meals throughout the day helped the hunger pains. But im in my last two weeks so i eat anything and everything lol

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