(Closed) Man-gagement Rings… Why is this a thing?!

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    What the??? Just no.

    That's cute but I wouldn't get one

    That's awesome! I totally wanna get my man a "man-gagement" ring


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    spazzychica:  I don’t have time to read through all the comments but I really hate how judgmental you come across on this matter. Seriously, your tone is horribly rude and narrow minded – why do women wear engagement rings? Why are diamonds a “thing”? Why do you seemingly believe that tokens of love are bound to gender norms?  How a couple chooses to express their relationship/engagement shouldn’t be reacted to as, “Why is this a thing!?” Just terrible.

    For the record, my Fiance wears an engagement ring that, yes, we do sometimes call a mangagement ring. I personally think it sounds cute. He wears it to show that he’s taken – after all, why should only I have the privilege of showing the world that I’m engaged? It seemed one-sided that, outwardly, I’d be shown as having a partner while his finger remained bare. We made a decision together that since I’m proud of showing off that I’m engaged and he’s proud of sharing that he’s engaged, we’d BOTH wear rings.

    So that’s why, for one couple, it’s a “thing”. 

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    I was against it until my fiancé got so excited about his ring. He wanted to wear it right away. I didn’t want him to but I like how in love he is with it. We also won a free set of wedding bands so now he’s using the one I bought him as an engagement type ring and he’ll move it to the other hand when he uses the new one. I honestly think it’s adorable how he wants to show off that he’s taken and he can’t wait to wear the ring. 

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    spazzychica:  Why are female engagement rings “a thing?” I see no difference. 

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    I voted other because I think the name is stupid. The concept is nice though. Why should women be the only one in the relationship to get a ring? I bought my husband a nice simple titanium ring that he picked out after we got engaged. Not because I wanted everyone to know he was taken, but because I thought it was fair and he wanted it. He now wears it on his right hand. 

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    For me it´s perfectly normal that the man also has an engegement ring. <br />In Sweden, where I´m from, both the man and the woman usually has plain gold bands for engagement rings. Usually only the women add a wedding ring later, sometimes another plain gold band but more often a diamond ring. It is getting more common that the men add a wedding ring as well though 🙂

    If it is a homosexual couple with two men they will usually have just engegement rings even after they are made “partners”, and if it is two women they usually have two rings each.

    Just fun facts 😉

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    I hate the term “man-gagement ring” just like I hate the terms “man-cave” and “bromance”. I long for the day when it is socially acceptable for a man to simply say “I want an engagement ring” and “I want my own space” and to be able to say “I love you” to male friends without it being an affront to his masculinity or an implication that he’s in any way feminine or homosexual.

    My husband rarely bothers to wear his wedding band. He doesn’t like jewelry and he doesn’t like the feel of it on his hand (he’s a translator and spend all day typing so the band tends to throw off his typing). But if he had said he wanted an engagement ring I would’ve bought him one. And I wouldn’t have called it a stupid name, either.

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    Mangagement ring is the dumbest thing I´ve ever heard of, but my fiance does have an engagement ring. It is VERY common in Norway, both the woman and the man wear a gold band to show that they are engaged. I am one of the fewer people who have a diamond engagement ring. I love that my fiance has a ring, he really wanted one, bacause he was excited that we were getting married, and he wanted a symbol to show it for:)

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    spazzychica:  I love it! Why should the man walk around looking single, while the woman is the only one marked as “taken”? Seems rather sexist. It’s about time! The term “mangagement” is stupid (weird and gender-specific – like a PP, I hate the term “man cave”, etc), but the idea is wonderful, and I hope it catches on!

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    Yeah, I skipped about half of the comments. But I am going to say this: My Fiance has multiple rings that I’ve gotten him and that he has gotten himself. His favorite is a tungsten ring with a celtic knot design on it that happened to be his first ring and a Christmas gift from me from a few years back. He wears it constantly!! Usually as a RHR, but when we go out, I’ve noticed on several occasions recently that he’s switches it to his left hand. I think it’s adorable, personally. He wants to show that he’s taken, just as much as I do =)

    Then again, we only have like, 34 days till our wedding, so maybe he’s just trying to get used to the feel on that hand 😉

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    Why “mangagement” ? What a stupid word. A lady does not get a “womangagement” ring. “En” as a prefix meand “between”. It is a ring to symbolize a commitment between two people so if both partners want one why not? but I hate the stupid name! And don’t even get me started on “tweens” LOL!

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    I also think it is fine if a man wants to wear a ring because, well because who cares?  Ha it’s his hand. However; I also can’t stand the name and would never refer to it as such. Why are things always male specific? Like the “man hug”, it just annoys me haha.

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    In Sweden the majority of guys wear an engagement ring, and then just keep it as their wedding ring. So to me it’s completely normal.

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    My fiancé wears one. We both liked the fact a ring worn on a specific finger means we’re committed to each other (or ”taken”, if you want), and we both wanted to wear a ring because we were already established as common-law partners (and already filing our taxes like a married couple). It just made sense to us, to symbolize our relationship with rings, and we would have worn rings even if we decided not to get married. More and more women are the breadwinner of their families. Many people might find the tradition of ”garanteeing” financial security by offering a ring to the lady only, is not appropriate anymore and doesn’t translate the idea that the relationship is an equal (financial) partnership very well in this day and age. 

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