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@dchrisler:  Check out the vera wang collection at zales, I think there were some a little cheaper and similar. Then again it was a brief look. What part of the ring does she like? I thought I wanted a solitar til I saw a friend with only two little diamonds on either side (I originaly didn’t want any diamonds on the side because I thought it was too much). If she likes the overall look but isn’t too picky about the diamonds on the side maybe you can get a similar ring with less diamonds on the side.

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Hmmmm this is a tough one. If you want to stick to your budget I would say that you are better off stayin away from deisgner names like Tacori and looking for something similar where you don’t pay for the name recognition. I would shy away from some of the big chain stores as well because many of them seem to have similar selections. Your best bet might be to walk into a brick and mortar independent jeweler and tell them what you are looking for. They may be able to steer you in the right direction so that you can work within your budget.

Custom might get really expensive really fast. Have you looked at James Allen? I feel like they have some similar settings.

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Have you considered Moissanite instead of a diamond? They are just as beautiful, and a lot cheaper. Plus, no children in Africa became child soldiers to find them.

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We had ours custom designed by a Jeweler on the opposite side of the country from us – he was wonderful – we gave him the budget and he worked with us to get what we wanted, and we did it all over the phone/email and skype.  Private message me if you would like his details, he might be worth at least talking to.

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That was the exact ring I wanted!  I ended up getting my grandma’s ring instead, plus I felt similarly to you guys – that $5k was a reasonable budget for a ring. 

So I do have a couple suggestions for you.  One, you could buy the Tacori setting and (I think) have a loose moissanite stone put it in it.  If you’re not familiar, moissanite is a lab created gem stone that is similar in look to a diamond.  A 1ct equivalent moissanite is $275 at http://www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite_loose_stones.html.  If you do that, I’d talk to your Fiance first to make sure she’s ok with a diamond substitute.  You could also think about upgrading it to a diamond at a later date.

Or you could buy an entire setting and stone from the same company, it would much less expensive than the Tacori and they have some similar styles

If you haven’t, you guys should go ring shopping and look at differnt options.  I found that stuff I loved online, I didn’t like so much on my hand.  I realized later that what I loved about the Tacoris was the sides, and when you’re wearing a ring (especially when you add a wedding ring) what you really see is the top.  So those beautiful sides end up being kind of wasted.

Good luck!


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You could also get a Tacori setting and get a loose diamond from brilliant earth. They are conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds. So, if you want a diamond that’s a good way to go. I have a ring from BE and I love it.

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@dchrisler:  Check this out, this ring looks very similar to the one your gf likes. It’s from the Vera Wang Love Collection and within your price range!

http://www.zales.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12111034&kpc=1′ defer=’defer

And this other one is the complete bridal set (engagement ring and wedding band):


Ot this one:

http://www.gordonsjewelers.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11418602′ defer=’defer

Now, if your gf wants a big stone then I would suggest to consider looking into Moissanite engagement rings. Way less expensive then diamonds and they shine a lot!

Good luck!

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Have you gotten a quote from a local jeweler on the price to custom make the setting?

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She seems like she really knows what she likes and is vocal about it. I could see a couple of options here.

You could get her the Tacori ring with a cubic zirconia or something similar center stone and replace the place holder stone with a diamond for one of your anniversaries. That way she would get the ring that she wants, and really she wouldn’t have to tell anyone that it’s cubic zirconia.

I’m not sure what the design is that she likes, but most of them can be found in other brands, so the other option would be to find a ring with the same design as the Tacori that she likes that isn’t “name brand” and therefore wouldn’t be as expensive. You could even look into the pricing for having a custom setting made and compare that to the Tacori ring.


Edit: I just saw the exact ring you are talking about. I think that it would be difficult to find another brand with the same setting, so I would suggest looking into a custom setting.

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You should check around to have it custom made. Our jeweler makes replicas for a fraction of the price. Like my DH’s wedding band, it was 1/4 the price of the designer brand.

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Can you buy the setting and have a moisenitte put in it? I thinkthese are really pretty

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And Welcome to The Hive…

Coming to WBee for info was a GREAT Decision…

Ok here is what I would do…

(Hubby-2-B and I recently got engaged, so I very much understand the expense that a highend diamond ring can be)

IF she has her heart set on the Tacori Setting, then that will be the MOST Important part of the initial decision / presentation for the Engagement.

As you’ve said it alone will run you aprox $ 3600.  with a $ 5000 budget, that leaves you aprox another $ 1400 to play with.  Stick that in the bank.

Talk to the Jewellery store… they can fit the setting with a CZ (infact a lot of settings on display often have one in place as a “place holder” so that Customers can “see” what a finished ring will look like)… OR look at another alternative for the time being… lots of gemstones to choose from.

With a Diamond coming in at aprox another $ 3600, you will need to save another $ 2200.

Set yourself a goal, and a timeline to make that happen.  Preferably somewhere BEFORE you start putting money away towards the actual wedding (IMO, the wedding you can both save up for… the Engagement Ring should be all yours, because it is YOUR PROMISE of a COMMITMENT to her).

Either way talk to her… to get her feedback (can be done before you propose or after).  And explain fully your wish… to make her your wife, and give her the ring of her dreams to make her happy.

I’ve read a lot of Ring posts here on WBee and most gals would be ok with getting the setting of their dreams with a “temporary stand in” … IF they knew (a) it meant they were immediately engaged (b) the ring of their dreams was in their future (c) there was a timeline WHEN it would be made whole etc.

This is one of those examples, when I’d say it is beneficial to get engaged sooner rather than later… she’ll be happier, and you two can get on with your lives planning & working towards a common goal.  You might have a longer engagement so that THE RING is paid for, but trust me in the end it’ll all work out well as you’ll be a real team sooner. 

PS… Sounds like you are a great guy, your Fiance is very lucky gal to have found you (and you her)… so again CONGRATULATIONS !!


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