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  • poll: How important is it that the man wears a wedding band while in public?

    I would not get married to a man who did not wear his ring

    I would let him not wear it when he's out with his friends...but he HAS to wear it with strangers

    If he really doesn't like wearing it... he's free not to, but I'd rather he did

    I don't care at all of my man wears a band or not

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    We are not engaged yet, but we are talking about things like that quite a bit. My SO is claustrophibic and is pretty worried about wearing a ring. So I got him a cheap one that he tries on every once in a while.. He is still not comfortable with it..I would love it if he wore one, but if he is really trying and it doesnt feel right to him, I dont feel justified in being upset.  He said something about maybe getting one tattooed so that might be an option.. I dont know how I feel about that one yet tho ! hehe 

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    My dad has never, ever worn a ring. I’ve talked about with my SO about how he feels towards wearing wedding rings, and he said without question, he will wear it 24/7 unless he’s greasy and working on his car. I really feel this is how it should be..I’ve been out with my dad at random public places when women would throw themselves at him, right in front of his daughter! I always thought it had something to do with the fact he never wore a ring..side note: my sister and I ALWAYS would say “excuse me, but he’s married to our mom!!” hahahaha..I didn’t vote, because I wouldn’t not marry my SO if he were uncomfortable wearing the ring…but he’d have to get over it and just wear it..end of story. I know once I get my ring, if I chose to not wear it, he’d be devastated! 

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    I’ve never seen my dad with his wedding ring on either. That’s probably why I could care less if my Fiance wears one.  I was surprised FI even wanted one since he doesn’t wear any type of jewelry.  I love jewelry, but rings are so annoying!  I have to admit I don’t usually wear my engagement ring.

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    Well, my husband can’t get used to his.  He’s ALWAYS playing with it when he’s wearing it… everyone is always commenting on how he can’t leave it alone.  But he still wears it when ever he leaves the house.  He does take it off when he gets home, though.  I just let him be.  He NEVER forgets to put it on before he leaves the house, so it doesn’t really bother me.

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    Most people do not find rings comfortable the first time they try one… you have to get used to it… after a while he won’t even know he’s wearing it.

    I mean, try putting a ring on a finger you never wear a ring on… extremely uncomfortable. To me, confort is not an excuse as eventually it will be comfortable… I can see maybe if you can’t wear one for the kind of job you do etc… but just comfort? No. It WILL be comfortable…he’s just not used toit… that’s what you should tell him.

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    Personally, I like that my husband wears his ring but I’m also very surprised that he does. He could lose his finger wearing his ring to work but he still does it. Most of his friends don’t wear theirs because of the kind of work they do, I don’t think it’s disrespectful to the wife. As long as they wear it when it’s really important to her like to weddings or something. I made a joke to a friend that he better wear his ring out to the bar so he won’t get hit on by women, and he said “wearing it is the best way to meet women!” He was joking but it’s kind of true. The ring won’t change people’s actions. And if they choose not to wear the ring in order to look single, the real issue is their desire to be single.

    My mom never wore a ring because she’s very allergic to jewelry. I also haven’t worn mine in a while because my hands are a little swollen from pregnancy. Still married last I checked 🙂

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    Personally, it is really important to me that my FH wear a wedding band. I would of course still marry my Fiance if he refused to do so, but it would definitely be a sacrafice on my part. Luckily, my Fiance is super excited to wear his band, so it’s a non-issue for us.

    It does seem silly, I mean it is just a piece of jewelry, but it just means a lot to me. I don’t know. 

    I can understand if someone cannot wear their ring to work and such (I never wear my rings to the gym), but my Fiance works all day on a computer, lol. Even if he did have a job he couldn’t wear jewelry for, I would still want him to wear it when we’re out and about otherwise.

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    My Fiance is a mechanic so he probably WONT be able to wear his wedding ring all the time. Health and safety, losing it etc, so it’s cool with me if he did or didnt. He will still be my husband and come home to me every night. 🙂

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    My Fiance suggested if he doesn’t like jewelry whichsymbolizes his marriage maybe he would prefer a tattoo instead. : )) 

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    My DH doesnt like wearing rings. He told me this before we got married and i was a little worried that he wouldnt wear it alot. However, since we have been married he wears it around 90% of the time due to what it symbolizes. I wouldnt worry about it for now. Talk about it closer to when you are getting married.

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    The only reason I can excuse a married person for not wearing a wedding ring is if they can’t for safety reasons at work.  

    While my “real” wedding ring has diamonds, I normally wear a thin plain gold band because I’m afraid of damaging my other one.  Wearing a ring always feels funny at first, but I don’t even notice it any more.  Actually, I do notice it’s gone when I’ve had it off for scrubbing the shower or doing heavy-duty cleaning.

    My husband wears a hefty stainless steel ring.  He always wears it when he’s out, but puts it in a little dish when he’s home.  I don’t mind him taking it off to get comfy at home as long as he puts it back on before he leaves. 

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