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I am married the man of my dreams. When I started dating around and getting into relationships, I had never taken the time to define the perfect man. After dating a few guys, I got into a very serious, long-term relationship with a guy who ended up being very toxic. After leaving that relationship, I made a commitment to myself that I was not going to get into a relationship with anyone unless they met this long list of qualities I looked for in a perfect man. I believed that my list defined a guy so particularly that I would be single forever. And I was okay with that. I still dated and slept around with some guys though, but never got into an official boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with them, and all of that dating made my list of dream guy qualities even longer! Then I met my now husband. After spending one weekend with him, I was blown away with how he met everything on my list I was looking for! Plus he is hot and sexy lol. And he has never failed me since. 🙂 So yeah, to my surprise I found my dream guy.  

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no. The man of my dreams is Jamie Dornan but he’s married with a 3rd child on the way so I guess I won’t be a homewrecker. My hubby is a good close second tho. Lol.

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Sansa85 :  Little bonus about my husband, he naturally loves to wear flannel, he loves marital arts, and looks awesome in Dean style jackets. 

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MrsWiggles :  I know that’s supposed to say martial arts, but I think loving the marital arts is very fitting in the man of your dreams 😂

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My fiance and I joke around that, given the opportunity, I would leave him for Justin Timberlake and he would leave me for Scarlett Johansson. Both of us know that it’s not ENTIRELY a joke, but we also both know that we have settled for the next best thing and love each other so much.

And honestly, if I’m the next best thing to SCARLETT JOHANSSON then, God, I must be downright gorgeous I guess. XD

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Sansa85 :  Depends whether you mean literally or figuratively.  I met Darling Husband when I was young (19) and was busy being wild and having fun.  I didn’t waste any time dreaming about men – in fact Dh was supposed to be a fling lol. 

As far as what I would look for in a guy – he’s got most of it.  He’s my physical type (tall and skinny-muscly) Personality wise he’s smart and loyal and kind and funny.

He doesn’t like watching the news or drinking wine though and he’s the fussiest eater I’ve met in my life (mainly unhealthy food) so he doesn’t tick all the boxes.  But he ticks enough haha. 

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Blushing bee

He is even better than I ever hoped for or dreamed of! As a CFBC lady, I feel like my guy is an absolute unicorn because he’d gotten sterilized on his own without having had any kids first. On top of that, he does most of the cleaning and loves having a tidy house, he’s an amazing cook, very generous in bed, smart (currently working on his doctorate), healthy, and hilarious. I also love his family and genuinely enjoy time with the in-laws. When I think of my past relationships and things I tolerated, I feel so lucky they didn’t work out and that this is the person I get to be with. 

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Sansa85 :  In most ways, yes, my husband is the man of my dreams. I had a dream list of qualities that I’d written years before I met him (and then put away somewhere) and he hits almost all of them (including some really obscure and random ones that I thought were pie in the sky wishes around my spiritual practices and lifestyle). Also, my guy looks a bit like a mix of Jason Momoa and Omari Hardwick so SCORE!

Of course, being a human being and not a Ken doll, he came along with some other qualities that I definitely did NOT wish for and those are irritating as hell, but I just tell myself that navigating those with poise and grace (as I always do, of course 😛 ) are just facilitating my own personal growth.

But yes, my guy is the man of my dreams. I wish we had the money of my dreams, too.

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Busy bee

slomotion :  directly above your comment is a video ad for Aquaman so…. 

Thank you! 


(Also boo to advertising trackers!)

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Sansa85 :  this will sound silly but I made an online “vision board” with the qualities I wanted in my next bf/relationship, stuff like enjoys to dance, successful at his job, like sex/romantic. There werentw really too many physical requirements but when I met my husband he had nearly all the qualities on the board, so I suppose I got my dream man. 

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I met the man of my dreams when I was 13.  He was 14, so it was ok.  I was genuinely in love, it was a powerful feeling that I have never experienced again.

Alas, my love was unrequited. It had a real impact on me for a very long time. He was the yardstick by which all other guys were measured.

Of course, the story would not be complete without telling you I recently looked him up on FB. Oh my, how things can change.

He is no longer the world’s handsomest man. He is carrying a lot of extra weight in the gut. Not just that, his overall look is totally different. He is not the clean cut kind of straight arrow I wanted. He’s a hippie.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just the reverse of what the man of my dreams would be.

One of life’s greatest disappointments has been not being able to recapture the love feelings I had at 13.

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I think we can all agree.


But the (hu)man of my dreams is basically Tom Hardy. Drool.

– Rugged, looks like he could handle himself in a fight

– Good looking

– Gives off that “bad boy” vibe, but is a softie at heart.

– Loves dogs

-Loyal/ isn’t a “flirty” guy 

– Outdoorsman

In a way I did get that. My husband has all of those characteristics, except he shaves his head and is only a bit taller than me. But he is the most loyal person I’ve ever met, used to be an MMA fighter so has that “rugged” side to him and I know if anything ever happened i feel very safe around him. And he loooooves dogs (probably more than he loves people haha)

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knotyet :  I had a bit of this dream as well! But not as specific as the lumberjack type.  I knew I wanted someone pretty masculine and perhaps borderline “burly.”  Got myself a strong building engineer.  He grills a mean steak, he fixes literally everything in the entire house, and frequently has grease-stained hands.  So dreamy! lol

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hickoryhills :  I’m With you there! I told my guy this morning that he should use some technical terms during sexy time later. How “alternator” will fit into the convo, I don’t know. But I look forward to it!

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