Manual or Automatic Transmission?

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  • poll: Can you drive a manual transmission? Would you want to?
    YES, I can drive a manual transmission, and I prefer it. : (48 votes)
    44 %
    YES, I can drive a manual transmission, but I prefer an automatic. : (24 votes)
    22 %
    NO, I do not know how to drive a manual transmission, but I'd like to learn. : (9 votes)
    8 %
    NO, I do not know how to drive a manual transmission, and I have no interest in learning. : (28 votes)
    26 %
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    Bumble bee

    Can you drive a manual transmission (even if you don’t currently drive one)?  Yes, my first car was a manual.  

    Are manual transmission vehicles easily/commonly available where you live?  Manuals are not as prevalent as automatics.  I don’t know how difficult they are to track down for purchase though as I have not tried.  

    Would you purchase one, given the choice?  No.

    I rent manual transmission vehicles occasionally when traveling & that is a fun change. But for everyday driving I prefer an automatic.  

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    Helper bee
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    I can drive both, own a manual transmission car as does my husband, and where we live (not in US) they are common. In my hometown though, my parents had to special order their newer manual transmission vehicles. Too bad – I think it makes driving more fun! It’s a pain if you sit in a lot of bumper to bumper traffic though.

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    Bee Keeper

    -No I cannot drive a manual. Multiple people have tried to teach me and I just cant get it. I learned on an auto and all my cars have been auto. 

    -Yes they are common and available. My husband had a few manuals. 

    -No, I would not. I wouldnt let dh buy one either because then I wouldnt be able to drive it haha. 

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    Bee Keeper
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    echomomm :  I prefer manual and learned on manual, but I have knees that hate the pressing of the cluch – once I switched to automatic, I suddenly didn’t need to wear a brace daily anymore.  I wish I’d figured that out a good 3 years sooner!  I always liked it though.  It kept me more in the moment when I was driving, a lot less likely to zone out.  Plus it puffed up my ego to have that skill, lol.  It only really sucked when someone got right on my ass on a hill where I had to stop – when I was in Virginia, most people knew if you rolled back slightly to keep their distance, but now that I live elsewhere, I don’t see that happen, so it looks like fewer people drive a stick.  

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    Sugar bee
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    I love driving manual cars and except when I’m in heavy traffic, prefer it.  It’s getting harder to find them though.  I’d definitely buy one if I had the option.

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    Honey Beekeeper
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    Can you drive a manual transmission (even if you don’t currently drive one)?  I’ve learned, and can manage on most roads (not experienced enough to steep hills)

    Are manual transmission vehicles easily/commonly available where you live?  (US) All rentals are pretty much automatic, and most people I know drive automatics.

    Would you purchase one, given the choice?  Probably not,  not many other people would be able to drive my car if necessary, and driving it in traffic sucks.

    My husband drove a manual car for 10 years on his first car and I’m so glad he does!  It makes rental cars in other countries so much easier and cheaper.  

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    Honey bee
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    I can only drive automatic really. I can drive a manual once I get going on a long stretch of road, but city driving and parking is stalling galore. Stop start traffic and hills would be terrifying. It took me forever to learn to drive and I only had an auto to practice on, so I’ve never had a great need to drive manual. 

    I hate how some people seem to think not being able to drive a manual is like, a moral failing or character flaw of some kind! It’s not like it’s fundamental to living a good life!

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    Helper bee

    I haven’t driven a manual in years but I think I still could if I had to. Hopefully with little stopping and  hills! My husband prefers manuals and they are not as common as they once were. We are in the US and older (gen x). Would be interesting to also hear age range and country in everyone’s response!

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    Helper bee
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    – No I can’t drive a manual. I’ve never learnt and I have no interest.

    – Manuals seem to be easily available and not uncommon where I live (regional Aus). Husband prefers them and drives them.

    – I can’t imagine a situation where I will want to buy one personally… As per my first answer.

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    Bumble bee
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    I can drive a manual and prefer if, it’s what I leaned in and what I still drive.

    manual cars are the norm in the UK where I live, getting an automatic is much more difficult 

    I always purchase a manual, it’s what I currently own 

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: July 2011

    Another UK bee. Everyone here learns on a manual. You only learn on an automatic if you’re really bad at driving (seriously).

    ive driven an automatic once and hated it. Felt like I had no control and the gearbox didn’t change as quickly as it needed to.

    for me changing gears is all part of driving. All our cars are manuals too.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: April 2018

    echomomm :  my mum used to race cars and so I grew up with her saying “an automatic isnt driving – its steering”

    I drive a manual 4wd but my work car is an automatic.  I love the manual because I enjoy driving it and like that i have control over the gears – i can change at high rpm if i need to accelerate quickly, or I can change at lower rpm for fuel economy.  I do prefer my auto work car for driving in heavy traffic so I’m not constantly having to shift.

    I am 26yo in australia and most of the girls I know my age cant drive manual.  Most of the guys can.

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    Buzzing bee
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    Another UK bee here. Everyone I know learnt to drive in a manual, they are probably a good 80% of the cars on our roads. I’ve been driving manuals for 13 years and just this weekend bought my first automatic after my dad got one and I tried it out. I do love how engaging a manual is to drive, but not having to keep changing gear on winding country roads or using the clutch in traffic is so nice! I wouldnt say I have a preference but at the moment I am loving the auto!

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    Busy bee

    Irish bee here and much like our UK neighbours the majority of cars on our roads are manual. My last car was an automatic & it was handy as i had it a time when I did most of my driving in the city. When I changed my car, the new one didn’t really come in automatics. So back to manual. 

    Like both & doesn’t bother me which I am driving 

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