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You should eat something before taking prenatals. Also you can ovulate without seeing visible CM. Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to help with CM, too.

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Try switching brands.  One brand made me feel so bloated and sick and a when I tried another I felt completely fine. 

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Hi! I took Pregnacare conception vitamins for over a month (a UK brand I think) and had a slightly upset stomach for the entire time. More than a coincidence! I googled it and it was a common issue. I ate beforehand too so that wasn’t the reason. From what I’ve read it’s the iron that causes this.

Now I take a mixture of various things. I take folic acid as that’s the main vitamin you need (it’s really cheap just to take that alone – barely £1 a month- and probably all you really need). I make my Fiance take zinc and also take that. I have researched other single vitamins and take those too.

I also take Q10 and Evening Primrose oil because at 41 I need much more help than the average.

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I remember reading somewhere that OPKs can be inaccurate (i.e. show false positives) for those with PCOS. I’m not totally sure, though. I’d do some googling. Good luck!

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Taking charge of your fertility. 

This book and kindara app have both enlightened me on my cycle and fertility. 


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You’re using over-the-counter pre-natal vitamins?  Ask your doctor for a prescription.  “The good stuff” has a better coating, which dissolves more slowly and can make a difference in absorption. 

Alternately, consider taking JUST folic acid (which is found naturally in dark green veggies and citric fruits).  That’s what you really need to have in your system prior to conception. 

And, above all, eat a good healthy diet with plenty of vitamins.  That’ll benefit you more than supplements in a pill anyway.  A person who’s eating 5+ vegetables every day, using moderation in carbs and fats, and consuming a reasonable amount of lean protein has no need for supplements — trying to conceive or not. 


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Take a prenatal without iron if it’s making you nauseated and affecting your stomach. As far as the OpK go they should be used along with tracking other fertility signs. Many women can get positives throughout their cycle and fail to ovulate. That may happen with your pcos. I also second the book taking charge of your fertility. Also just to make sure you got a true pos OpK, the test line has to be as dark if not darker than the control. Good luck!

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iamali :  switch to a different vitamin.  There are plenty, so find one that doesn’t upset your stomach.  It is probably the iron upsetting your stomach.  You can probably skip the iron.  If you do get pregnant, they’ll test your iron early (first appointment) and then later around 26-28weeks and if you need iron then you can take extra supplements.  You can find prenatals without iron.

Read Taking Charge of your Fertility.  You should be aware, if you have PCOS it is very possible to get a positive OPK and then not ovulate.  Often people with PCOS might gear up to O (get a positive OPK) and then not quite get there.  So they might have multiple rounds of fertile cervical fluid and + OPKs.

And fertile cervical fluid can be either watery or egg-white.  I rarely get egg-white cervical fluid, mine is usually watery. 

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My high risk Dr told me to take my prenatals before bed. I’ve done this since before ttc. I get sick off Flintstone vitamins so his suggestion helped me

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summerbride2016 :  I do this too. Right before bed every night. The iron can mess with my stomach if I take it during the day. 

Op, you may not see ewcm externally.  I never did.  I did if I checked internally. But I never had much.  I have an almost 10 month old…  so it didn’t stop ovulation or conception! 

Opks can’t confirm you’ve ovulated, just thst your body is trying to. 

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Agree with PP above that PCOS can throw off OPK results.  I have PCOS and it’s either all positive for a bunch of days in a row or all negative for 2 months straight.  When I did get pregnant this time around, it was definitely wrong, as it showed positive SIX full days before I actually ovulated.  

If you read the instructions that come with the OPKs, they will pretty much always say don’t trust the results if you have PCOS.  I think you should go with the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book and observe your other signs.  

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OPKs just measure the Lh surge, they don’t tell you when or if you ovulate.  Also, women who are ovulating will due so at different times after the Lh surge.  I ovulate the next day.  Some women might be 2-3 days after.  Also, cm varies from woman to woman.  That is why I switched to temping instead.  I use Fertility Friend and it always pinpoints my ovulation.  So OPKs tell you it is coming, and temping confirms ovulation after the fact.  Helps narrow it down even more!

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