(Closed) March 2014 Babies and Mamas Part 3!

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    @MrsWBS:  I’ll be going back to work after my 12 weeks are up. I only work 64 hours/payperiod, but am planning to go back to grad school full time come fall 2014 in addition to working part time. I’m pretty sure we will just use a home daycare in the area, but I really need to get on it as there are limited numbers around. I’ll probably wait until we officially announce to call anyone because where I live is very ‘small town’ and I’m sure word would spread. So much to do/plan for!

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    I’ll definitely be going back to work, but I don’t know yet how long I’ll be able to take off.  I work for the county and they will hold my job for 6 months, but I’ll only get paid for the amount of sick and vacation time I have/want to use.  I can also get short term disability through my union, but I have no idea what that pays.  Once I tell work that I’m pregnant, I will be getting on that to figure out how to take as much time off as possible.  

    As for childcare, I know that both of our moms want to help out but we haven’t talked about logistics yet and how much they’ll be able to help.  That definitely makes me nervous!

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    How far along are you & when are you due? I’ll be 10w exactly tomorrow!  EDD 3/6/14

    When is your next appointment? NT scan on the 27th August

    Will you be finding out sex during pregnancy or at delivery? We’ll be surprised at delivery!  Can’t stand pink so don’t want to risk knowing if its a girl!

    What are your current symptoms? Very occasional nausea, but its gotten much better this week.  Tiredness – usually passed out on the couch by 8 every night (poor husband).  Bloat!

    To date have you had weight gain or weight loss, and how much? Lost weight initially (about 3lbs) as I wasn’t hungry, but I think I’m back on track now, the way I’ve been eating!

    Who knows you’re KU’d? When will you go public if you haven’t yet? My parents and husband’s mum, siblings and their families, and 3 close friends.  We’ll go public after the NT scan, all being well of course

    How will you go public?  (ie. Is there a special pic you’ll make to send out or post online?) Probably call important people and then shortly afterwords announce on facebook with a regular message! No pic or anything. 



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    @MrsAMac:  You have inspired me to start looking at local nurseries, it hadn’t even occured to me they might have long waiting lists!! I will go back to work after 9 months off.  I’m in the UK and your job is secure for up to a year, but we can’t afford for me to be off after 9 months when statutory maternity pay ends (not much, but helps).

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    @Hemnes:  Yeah I don’t know what it’s like in the UK but in Canada it is really tough to find a place. I know so many women who were going back to work and still hadn’t heard back from the half a dozen day care’s they applied to.  I get a year mat leave, so if I apply now, hopefully 19 months is enough to get in!

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    @MrsWBS:  I’ll be staying home with LO. I’m currently a Stay-At-Home Wife & guess I’ll be promoted to Stay-At-Home Mom when the babe arrives. 


    For the mama’s who are possibly only needing part-time care, I used to be a nanny & nanny shared with 4 families. Each of the families only needed 1 day of care for between 4-8 hours because they had grandma’s/family willing to help on the other days or just had a flex schedule that left them not needing full time child care. I really enjoyed my time with the babies. (I started with most of them when they were anywhere from a week to 6 months old, and now they are 2 & 4 year olds). Most of them are in pre-school or an older 2-5 years old day care setting. I still babysit for some of them on occasion, in fact this week I’m watching 2 of the babes for 4 days. I landed my nanny share job because I knew one of the mama’s (she was a college professor of mine) and then I met the other families through her. So maybe if you have friends that are expecting around the same time as you, you might be able to find someone to share a sitter with? Just a thought. 

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    Hi everyone!  I’m glad to be back to the hive now that I’m expecting!


    How far along are you & when are you due?

    I estimate that I’m 7 weeks 3 days, due March 23rd

    When is your next appointment?

    My first pre-natal visit is August 15th.  I’ll be getting an Ultrasound at my visit as well, which I am excited about just to get reassurances that everything is looking normal and progressing as it should

    Will you be finding out sex during pregnancy or at delivery?

    I think my husband and I have agreed to find out the sex during pregnancy.  

    What are your current symptoms?

    Breast tenderness since pretty much day 1, but nasea hit me early last week and has shown no signs of abating (no vomiting yet though, so I guess I should knock on wood)

    To date have you had weight gain or weight loss, and how much?

    Last time I weighed myself (last week) I had lost about 2 lbs

    Who knows you’re KU’d? When will you go public if you haven’t yet?

    We have told very close friends and parents and siblings.  We went on a vacation with friends the day after we found out (I was around 5 weeks at that point?), and I knew that not drinking all week would be a dead giveaway, so we have let the cat out of the bag to a very limited extent. 

    How will you go public?  (ie. Is there a special pic you’ll make to send out or post online?)

     I have no idea how we will go public, but I imagine we’ll do so once we hit 12 weeks.

    Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/march-2014-babies-and-mamas-part-3#ixzz2bJC82SUs

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    @MsTerrapin:  Welcome and congrats from a fellow Terp! 🙂

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    You guys… This morning I was sooooo hungry, and this afternoon I am sooooo tired! I don’t know which is worse! #pregladyproblems lol 


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    so my Mother-In-Law gave me a gift certificate to a spa, and the only two things that interested me from it are a facial or a foot massage… I REALLY want the facial, but some internet quick research tells me that there’s likely to be some possibly bad things in it for pregnancy, like retinoids or “ozone” (?) in the steam… the internet says to just “tell the person who’s doing it that you’re pregnant so they don’t use those things,” but I feel like if I do that, then I won’t be getting the full value of the facial, ya know? I wonder if I should just go with the foot massage. What do you think?

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    @MrsWBS:  I plan to take off the 6 weeks before going back. I’m a nurse and work 3 12-hour shifts per week. Ive thought about starting back PRN if we can afford it. 

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