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littlebuzz :  The true nausea hasn’t sunk in for me (yet), but last time I was miserable. I really liked the ginger tumeric tea and the ginger chews from Trader Joes. They also have ginger “mints” that were hepful to keep in my purse or pocket, especially during meetings. It will get better!

AFM, had a scan on Tuesday at 6w1d and everything looked good, heartbeat of 110. I have my intake with the NP today for bloodwork, etc. then another scan at 8w on the 24th. Just hoping all keeps going well.

The true challenge will be this weekend as I have a close friend’s wedding welcome party tonight and reception tomorrow night. I haven’t told my girlfriends yet–and don’t really want to steal the thunder this weeked. I know they’ll be watching me to see if I’m drinking, so Darling Husband will be on drink-switching duty high alert.  

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littlebuzz : it sounds tough bee, hug!

I’m experiencing some queasiness during the day – in fact the task I hate doing the most right now is thinking about what to eat, don’t know why but thinking about food makes me ill… I’m okay when I eat though.  And I eat nonstop πŸ™ sweets mostly…

I feel for you. I have minor symptoms but already it feels like I don’t know my body anymore – and I no longer know how to respond to it (it’s not like a stomach bug etc.). This powerlessness is horrible. 

Hope you’ll find quickly something that works for you


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DrunkInLove :   totallyabee :  Thanks, bees. I am getting some blissful random relief this afternoon, which happens sometimes. I will live for these short hours! I frequently find foods that I feel like eating and make me feel better, then it seems within 24 hours, I can’t stomach them. Yesterday I bought two boxes of cereal because I was like, Yes! Cereal is speaking to my soul right now, and today … urgh, no yuck. It’s a waste of money more than anything …

I hear you on not knowing how to respond to your body – it feels alien to me.

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How far along are you? 4w3d or 4w4d

What is your estimated due date? March 19th or March 20th

What baby # is this? 2!

How many cycles trying? 9 (had a missed miscarriage cycle 2 and a chemical pregnancy cycle 5)

When did you get your BFP? July 6th had a squinter 9dpo. Had beta checked on July 7th 10dpo came back at 45. Had beta re-checked on July 10th 13dpo came back at 220 and progesterone 13.5  

Who have you told? Husband, my two close girlfriends and my office manager (she’s like a second mom to me)

When do you plan on telling more people? Once I’ve had two successful scans we’ll tell immediate family. As for everyone else I’m in no rush to announce so whenever it happens it happens.

How did you tell your partner? After the line came up I just came right out and told him. He had a big smile on his face πŸ™‚

Any symptoms yet? Slight sore nips here and there but overall just fatigue

What are you most excited about? Seeing my daughter become a big sister and becoming a family of 4.

When is your first appt? July 26th in the AM (6 weeks)

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender? I’d LOVE to be team green. I wanted to with our first pregnancy but my husband couldn’t not know so we compromised and had a big gender reveal party. Hopefully this time he’ll compromise and let me have my way. 


Just want to say congratulations to everyone! Praying for sticky healthy growing babies <3

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Blah, I just tried to roll call, but it’s being a pain in my butt from my phone. It just keeps deleting. Oh well. I hope everyone’s pregnancies are going well!

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My lines are darkening(!!!) and the spotting and cramping has been gone for about 24 hours, so I’m gonna roll call! FX I’m not jumping the gun πŸ˜›


How far along are you?  4w2d based on LMP

What is your estimated due date? March 21, 2018

What baby # is this? 2

How many cycles trying? 4 cycles, had a CP, then 3 more cycles.

When did you get your BFP? I got a super faint is-there-or-isn’t-there line at 9dpo on a wondfo, and on 10dpo (July 10) I got a faint-but-obvious positive on a FRER.

Who have you told? My best friend. I had a bit of spotting for about 2 1/2 days after my BFP, and her mom used to work in a clinic for an ob/gyn so she’s a good source of advice, haha. My husband is out of province for work, and I didn’t want to tell him right away just in case it was another CP. His work can be dangerous at times, so I didn’t want him to be distracted/worried. I’ll tell him when he comes home on Sunday, because I feel kind of weird telling him over the phone. It deserves to be an in-person conversation, y’know? Oh, and Dear Daughter knows. 

When do you plan on telling more people? I hid my pregnancy for 27 weeks last time, and it was exhausting. We’ll tell immediate family and close friends over the next week or so, then after my doctor’s appointment we’ll probably put it on social media. If something goes wrong, I want the support. I felt so alone after my CP, and Darling Husband was in another province so I didn’t really have anybody to talk to. Besides, even if we wanted to hide it, Dear Daughter is three years old and isn’t known for her secret-keeping abilities, haha.

How did you tell your partner? I haven’t yet (see above). I’m not creative with this stuff, I’ll probably just show him the test.

Any symptoms yet? I am breaking out like crazy, with the most massive, painful zits on my face, back, and chest. My boobs hurt, I’m a bit bloated, I’m sleepy, and I’ve had a few very mild spells of nausea.

What are you most excited about? I’m just happy to be pregnant, honestly. I was young and scared the first time around, and I didn’t enjoy being pregnant at all. I’m just excited to go through this journey openly and without guilt or fear. I’m also so excited to see Dear Daughter be a big sister. Her little sibling is due 3 days after her 4th birthday.

When is your first appt? August 14th, I’ll be 8w5d

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender? Yes haha, it would kill me not to know! FWIW, I think it’s a girl.

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Who do I PM to join the Facebook group?

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sheclicksherheels :   Kay1126 :  if you ladies PM me your email address you use for FB, I can add you! 

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DrunkInLove :  I PMed you for FB group too πŸ™‚

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I just discovered this thread and want to join! I found out on Thursday, and I feel like I just need people to talk to about all the stuff going on in my head! I will catch up and read everyone’s posts soon, but for now I will roll call.


How far along are you?  4W5D

What is your estimated due date? March 20

What baby # is this? 1

How many cycles trying? Probably honest to say 3. We had been NTNP since January, but had kind of avoided when I suspected I was ovulating because we weren’t quite ready yet. Finally we said we would not avoid anymore, and I knew we BD around O time for me the first cycle. I got a CP that time. πŸ™ Then the next month was really off, even though we tried, and then this cycle we for sure tried and BFP! πŸ™‚ It seems too good to be true!

When did you get your BFP? Thursday, 7/13

Who have you told? Just Darling Husband so far. 

When do you plan on telling more people? I really wanted to tell both our immediate families when we see them in a few weeks, but we are going on vacation and couldn’t get an appointment until afterwards and now I’m nervous to tell them. I think I want to tell my parents still, (we are going on vacation with them), but DH’s immediate family is large and I think word would get out, and I don’t want to have to broadcast bad news to so many people πŸ™ I’m so conflicted right now!

How did you tell your partner? I woke him up said, “Do you want to be a daddy?” and then showed him the test. πŸ™‚

Any symptoms yet? Sore boobs! A few very mild cramps, random waves of fatigue, heightened sense of smell!And occasional moodiness.

What are you most excited about? Having a little one that is the blend of Darling Husband and me! I cannot WAIT to see what our babies will look like and how Darling Husband will be as a father. TBH though, I am feeling pretty anxious that something will go wrong so I am almost telling myself not to get too excited. But I am excited!

When is your first appt? August 24 at 10 weeks! I SO wish it was sooner.

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender? Yes!!


I asked this on another thread I started before I found this one, but I would love to hear from other bees as they have their first appointments what the doctors recommend to do/avoid early on. I feel like I am missing things not having an appointment til week 10 and want to be sure I’m doing everything right.


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