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thanlon_88 :  You should have an invite too! πŸ™‚

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How far along are you?  

3 +5 ish

What is your estimated due date? March 28

What baby # is this? 1

How many cycles trying? 1

When did you get your BFP? July 16

Who have you told? Just my husband 

When do you plan on telling more people? I’m not quite sure yet… I think we will tell our parents earlier and hold off on the rest 

How did you tell your partner? It’s his birthday tomorrow… I was planning on putting the pregnancy tests in his card. But he worked night shift and when he came home this morning I had to tell him- I just showed him the tests  

Any symptoms yet? Just some cramping

What are you most excited about? I’m not sure… hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m mostly terrified!

When is your first appt? not sure yet- going to go to see my doctor today to confirm and see after that

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender?


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Omg, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this… But I’m going to have to talk to SOMEONE about it….


How far along are you?  Best guess? 4+3 (I think I o’d on 7/1, usually a pretty typical 14 day LP)

What is your estimated due date? 3/24

What baby # is this? 1

How many cycles trying? My cycles are wonky so hard saying. NTNP for 4 months, TTC for 6 months, first month NTNP again – 10 months total, probably 8’ish cycles?

When did you get your BFP? 7/16

Who have you told? SO, 3 best friends (1 of which is 6 wks, the other TTC, and 1 besty since gradeschool. And their SO’s know also by proxy)

When do you plan on telling more people? SO wants to tell our families at his mom’s wedding 8/19. In the spirit of being sensitive to her day (and I’ll only be around 9 weeks), I suggested we pull her aside and tell her in private, and if she wants to share the news with others, then that will be up to her as it’s her day.

How did you tell your partner? Nothing fancy. I took the test and immediately saw it start to pool where the test line should be. Didn’t believe it, so I dipped a FR digital. As soon as it popped up yes, I zombie walked into our bedroom and told SO he needed to wake up and stood there holding the tests. Mind you – this was an hour before dinner with my mom. SOO hard not to tell.

Any symptoms yet? Lots of cramping, but no spotting. I’m HOT! And tummy feels full of air/hungry, lots of gas. Thirsty!

What are you most excited about? Oh gosh, I don’t even know! I’m still in shock. I really wasn’t expecting it this month. (So cliche, I know…)

When is your first appt? 8/9

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender? I’d LOVE to be team green, but I don’t think SO could stand it. And let’s be real, after spending so much time on the bee analyzing people’s u/s, I’ll probably find out right away, too. 


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Hi! I just today found out I’m pregnant (still doesn’t seem that real) and since I’m still super close with my group from my first pregnancy, of course the first thing I did was come here to join πŸ™‚  If there is a facebook group I would love to join it – that’s how my other group keeps up with eachother.


How far along are you?  Just 4 weeks.

What is your estimated due date? March 26, 2018

What baby # is this? 2 – I have a two year old son.

How many cycles trying? first one, we are lucky.

When did you get your BFP? just today!

Who have you told?  only my husband

When do you plan on telling more people? not sure yet – I’ll probably tell my close friends soon.

How did you tell your partner? Not romantic at all – ran up and said “OMG LOOK AT AT THIS”

Any symptoms yet? Nope.

What are you most excited about? Giving my son a sibling!

When is your first appt? Not yet booked.

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender? yes! 

I am still in disbelief and just hoping this sticks. I was horribly sick with my first so I’m also hoping this time is around is different. I’m also feeling a little sad that my son’s birthday will be so close to this one (or even same day!) because I don’t want him to feel less special πŸ™

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OMG you guys. Is this what pregnancy is like? I came home from work today, exhausted and starving. Darling Husband put on a pot of spaghetti for me but had to step out for a bit, letting me all I had to do was drain the water and then I could eat.

I woke up to the smoke detector going off and the house FILLED with smoke. No joke, I thought the house was burning down for a second there. Fortunately, nothing was on fire, and the house just smells horrible *gag* but whew… 

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MrsEvergreen :  Thank you! I’m going to hold off for a bit before I request to be added. 

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How far along are you?  6w 4d

What is your estimated due date? March 15

What baby # is this?  Number one

How many cycles trying? We did IVF, only one cycle. 5 failed IUI’s, it’s been 2.5 years since we started the whole process

When did you get your BFP? We got a blood test at the clinic on July 3. 

Who have you told? My husband, our families, many friends and just about all my co-workers. I work in labor and delivery so people suspected something since I have been late to work a lot, was really open about the whole process. 

When do you plan on telling more people? We plan to announce to FB when we hit 12 weeks

How did you tell your partner? He actually got the phone call from the doc about the positive blood test. I was working, and like I mentioned I work as a nurse in labor and delivery. I didn’t want the call to come in while I was working and if it had been bad news get upset and have to leave. So I found out after I got home. 

Any symptoms yet? Lots of cramping, sore nipples, some bleeding. 

What are you most excited about? Finally having our own baby!! Feels like a dream come true, such a long road for us! 

When is your first  app? Well we are still being followed at the infertility clinic,  we’ve had one ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. We have another one on the 26- not sure when I get to go back to my OBGYN. 

Are you planning on finding out the baby’s gender?

Hubby wants to, I don’t. We’ll probably find out. He wants a boy so bad that I think if we waited until delivery he might be crushed if it’s a girl. He’ll need the 20 weeks to come to terms with it. 

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Peaches0888 :  congratulations!

i hope this isn’t too intrusive but can I ask what your husband said to you when you got home? That must have been ridiculously exciting! How did you react after such a long journey? 

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thumperbear :  he actually didn’t say anything. I had texted him in the middle of the day saying I was dying to know. He texted back saying he would just tell me. I figured he wouldn’t tell me the bad news over text so I just assumed it was positive. When I got home I acted all non-chalet about it and he was like dontcha wanna know. I was like I already do and gave him a big smile!! He just smiled back so I knew for sure then. It feels a little surreal to me still, even at the ultrasound with the nurse I saw so frequently she was like aren’t you excited. Haha I mean I am but being a nurse and knowing what I do some times sucks the fun out of it all. Hoping to get through these 9 months quickly without too many bumps. 

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