March 2019 POAS – The Infertility Edition (6+ Months TTC + Other Issues)

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I am officially out. πŸ™ 

Technically my next POAS date is March 30th, so I will probably roll call again in a few days.

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cbn8787 :   This was a digital OPK, so I don’t actually know ‘how’ positive it was. I think it’s likely though that if I had kept testing, I would have gotten positives again a few days later.

At this point, I guess I’m just waiting…I’m currently on CD33 which is about average for my cycles as I’m usually around 30-35 days.  

I thought I had finally figured out what my body was doing, but apparently not! πŸ™

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tulipdazey :  So sorry <3. I’m so glad you have another chance in March though. 

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RaccoonKitty :  Spotting/Light flow started yesterday despite a high temp at 18dpo. Temp finally started dropping today (still above CL) but getting real blood which I need to see for my lining. FX my body does itΚ»s thing. I started all my supplements from CD1 for the first time instead of waiting for the end of the AF, curious to see if anything changes

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tulipdazey :  πŸ™ sorry you are out.

danakxox :  sorry AF showed! It sounds like a good sign if you’re seeing better flow! Come on lining!! 🀞🀞🀞

AFM AF finally arrived on 21dpo… i spoke to my nurse this morning and my ER wont be until May 1st. I’m annoyed because it means I’m on the pill for 5 weeks this time. I get migraines and terrible mood swings on it πŸ™ too scared to do another femara cycle in case it pushes ER back even further because we are going away for 10 days in June *sigh*

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NicLE1218 :  Yay for POAS buddies!

anev :  I’m beyond thankful for our great insurance coverage. I know that a lot of people don’t have that. At least with all the other stress I have going on, I don’t have to worry about how to pay for all of this.

AFM I didn’t get the sonogram. I asked about it, but she didn’t think it was necessary. I showed her my chart and said I didn’t think I ovulated on Saturday like we originally thought, but really ovulated on Wednesday. She said we should go ahead with the blood test to rule out Saturday ovulation. I got those results back today. My progesterone was only 4.9, so I definitely didn’t ovulate on Saturday. She has me coming back this Wednesday for more blood work to see if I ovulated on the 27th like I think.

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Okayyy Too Much Information time! I had some pain yesterday, and EWCM this morning on day 8. I had a negative OPK last night but we BD’ed anyway. My temp was still low this morning but it is rising. This is pretty early for me to be ovulating so I’m not sure if we should BD ED or EOD now. Darling Husband is feeling down today so I don’t know if he will be feeling it tonight, which is tough. 

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Your age/partner’s age: just turned 36 / 35

Baby #: 1

Cycles Trying: this is our 8th cycle 

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD5

Usual Cycle Length: 27 days

Ovulation/Procedure (and what kind) Date: Usually CD11-13. 

POAS/Beta Date: March 28

Known fertility issues: nothing yet. Did CD3 bloodwork & ultrasound yesterday. HSG is tomorrow. We have a follow up with our RE to go over results on 3/21.

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): We’ll probably focus on everyother day, or on days I have EWCM. Trying to just chill out this cycle while we get answers.

Trying anything new this month?: zero charting or OPKs this cycle. really backed off supplements, down to just the essentials. 

Link to your chart if charting: no chart this month

For fun: Favorite TV series (bonus if it is on Hulu or Netflix) right now?: We’ve been into documentaries, waiting to watch Free Solo. Just watched Meru. 

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Your age/partner’s age: 30/31

Baby #: 1

Cycles Trying: I think we are on cycle 26 or 27 now?

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD3

Usual Cycle Length: 27 days

Ovulation/Procedure (and what kind) Date: Trying naturally. Expected O date on March 16… we will be on vacation! Woo!

POAS/Beta Date: March 30

Known fertility issues: Still technically unexplained infertility. Poor sperm morphology (which our latest consultation said may be due to an infection, which was previously never mentioned). Also, based on our extreme failure of IVF, both me, my doctor, and our first consult doctor thinks poor egg quality. Also, our first consult said my insulin is very high which could be causing the poor egg quality. (This is something else my current doctor has never mentioned… how frustrating.)

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): BD ED-EOD during fertile window. About a million different supplements. Charting. Prenatals. Trying to lower my stress levels with a vacation!

Trying anything new this month?: Berberine to help lower blood sugar and insulin levels. Melatonin and fish oil to help with egg quality. Maybe trying OPKs again this month although they never seem to work. Going on a short vacation to hopefully help lower stress and anxiety levels. We also had a second opinion consultation with a doctor this past weekend and we have a third opinion consultation on Monday. From there, we are going to leave our current RE and choose one of these doctors we are talking to this month. Really hoping for some more insights and obviously better results.

Link to your chart if charting: I forgot to chart the first couple days of my cycle. Oops.

For fun: Favorite TV series (bonus if it is on Hulu or Netflix) right now?: I have too many! See my last answer.


Also, I just have to say, I am feeling extremely discouraged. I think my greatest fear about IVF was that I was going to have an egg quality issue, which now seems to be true. On top of that, a girl in my office announced she was pregnant yesterday after trying for only a month. I am happy for her, but throwing a serious pity party for myself. My anxiety is through the roof thinking about how the topic around the office for the next 6 months is going to be pregnancy, her pregnancy, and questions about when I’m going to start having babies. We have a small office with a very “family” feeling atmosphere, so unfortunately, these questions are already very regular and I can only imagine they will get worse. πŸ™

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NicLE1218 :  Ugh I’m so sorry to hear AF showed. Hoping for better luck for you this next cycle and I’m sure it should be no problem for your Dr to give you progesterone! 

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NicLE1218 :  I’m so sorry the IUI didn’t work. I hope they can give you some answers at your ultrasound. 

As for lengthening your LP – I lengthened mine by 2 days last cycle. I have normal progesterone levels but a short LP with a lot of spotting, so the inital OBGYN I saw wouldn’t treat that because he said my levels were normal. I’ve been researching lengthening my LP on my own, and vitamin C and melatonin come up a lot in conjunction with vitamin b.  I’m not taking melatonin, but I am taking vitamin B and vitamin C (along with tons of other things). I’m also going to weekly accupunture. Some people talk about vitex as well, but my accupuncturist said that I shouldn’t take it (not sure why). 

I don’t know what helped but in my last cycle with all the supplements and the acupuncture, I had a 13 day luteal phase. I still had spotting, but it was still 2 days longer than normal. I would definitely recommend accupunture. Check with your doctor before starting any vitamins though (standard disclaimer, haha). 


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