March 2019 POAS – The Infertility Edition (6+ Months TTC + Other Issues)

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Helper bee

danakxox :  Definitely nothing wrong with positive thinking and hope. And when you do get pregnant, you’ll be prepared! 

NicLE1218 :  I’m so glad I’m not the only one doing this. It really is helping my mental state, so even if nothing happens at least I’ll be a little more at peace. 

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Busy bee

Approaching my FW within the next few days (Ava says it starts today, but knowing that I typically O later in my cycle, I don’t think it’s actually for a couple more days)… and actually BDing without any sort of medication. It seems so weird to be trying naturally this month!

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NicLE1218 :  Yay. so exciting! I’m not really feeling anything honestly, just ready to get on with it. We did decide if the IUIs don’t work, we’ll target IVF this summer, so it feels good to have a plan in place, but ugh – I am just so tired of this whole process. How about you? 

For GoodRx, I usually just pull up the website on my phone or recently I downloaded the app. I just show it to the pharmacist and they enter the information. They always say something about how they’ve already run it through my insurance to get the price, but I tell them that this is cheaper and I want to run this and have never had a problem. Sometimes my insurance in cheaper, but every now and then this definitely helps!

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RaccoonKitty :  the 2 year mark sucks! yes just had a lap, they found endo only some of which they could remove but they didn’t say it was the cause of my infertility. 


Sorry to go hear about your frustration, hope you get your positive opk soon!

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Sugar bee

anev :  I’ve followed blogilates videos on and off over the years, there are heaps on YouTube and alot of them are indoor friendly too! 

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cbn8787 :  I didn’t think about GoodRx. We use it for my dad’s meds sometimes. My clomid only cost $5. I think the only issue with the compounded stuff is that they won’t bill insurance.

NicLE1218 :  The paperwork we had to sign saying that we acknowledged the risk of multiples specifically talked about Gonal F and I know I saw someone who took clomid, gonal f, and then the trigger shot, so that’s what I was worried about. However, we haven’t had the appointment yet, so I’m not sure what their protocol is. Good, I’ll let my husband know. Twins would be great if this was our first baby, but with three others, twins doesn’t sound great.

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Sugar bee

lucky_charm :  Well I hope you’re recovering well from your lap ๐Ÿ˜Š are you unexplained?

I may have gotten my answer today…. weird that I never had a positive opk though!?

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Helper bee

RaccoonKitty :  I also ovulated earlier this week, according to FF, but I never got a positive OPK even though I started testing at day 8. I think I’m too hydrated.  Looks like you BD’ed enough to hit O! FX!!!! 

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RaccoonKitty :  Haha I don’t think I can wait to binge them all after it’s over. I am however binge watching all the other seasons to get ready for April. 

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Put me down for POAS tentatively March 3rd

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NicLE1218 :  


Your age/partner’s age: just turned 36 / 35

Baby #: 1

Cycles Trying: this is our 7th cycle 

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD14

Usual Cycle Length: 27 days

Ovulation/Procedure (and what kind) Date: Usually CD12-14. I have no idea this cycle, didn’t use OPKs or temp. 

POAS/Beta Date: March 1

Known fertility issues: nothing yet, just had RE appt, they’ll run diagnostic CD3 tests next cycle if we don’t get BFP this cycle

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): Everyother day method. Theralogix Ovavite Prenatals, Vit D, B6, Fish Oil, Probiotics. No charting this cycle. 

Trying anything new this month?: first month we’re trying the Everyother Day method. First full cycle with acupuncture. And got a Mayan abdominal massage this month.

Link to your chart if charting: no chart this month

For fun: Favorite TV series (bonus if it is on Hulu or Netflix) right now?: We’ve been watching The X Files on Hulu…. never watched when it was on, but Darling Husband got me into it now. 

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Hi Bees! I’m back here again, sad and frustrated. As usual keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this is my month. Last cycle was the longest i’ve ever had in my life and I raelly had a lot of false hope. Alas, AF showed up with a vengence. So here I am roll calling again with tears and my eyes and hope in my heart (although a little less as each month goes by)



Your age/partner’s age: 34/33

Baby #: 2

Cycles Trying: 2years+ including NTNP

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 2

Usual Cycle Length: 28 days

Ovulation/Procedure (and what kind) Date: February 27th

POAS/Beta Date: March 13th

Known fertility issues: ?PCOS – I just saw a fertility doctor for the first time earlier this month. She says it sounds like PCOS but can’t tell until I have BW and an US. Of course she wants BW done CD 3/4/5 and this weekend is a long weekend (Family day) and the labs are closed. I’ll go first thing tuesday and hope it doesn’t screw up the results.

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.):  BD timing mainly. 

Trying anything new this month?: I thik I’m really gonna try temping and acupuncture this month. I’ve failed miserably with temping in the past though so we’ll see. 

Link to your chart if charting: I use Ovia so no link ๐Ÿ™‚

For fun: Favorite TV series (bonus if it is on Hulu or Netflix) right now?: Rewatching Greys Anatomy because i LOVE it 

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Worker bee

Hello everyone!


Your age/partner’s age: 29/29

Baby #: 1

Cycles Trying: 19 since MMC in Oct 2016 & took six months off due to lap and lupron ๐Ÿ™

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 14

Usual Cycle Length: 28-34

Ovulation/Procedure (and what kind) Date: iui early tomorrow morning (2/16) – triggered last night.

POAS/Beta Date: 3/2 although I know I will test prior to that because I can’t help myself

Known fertility issues: Endo/ unexplained

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements, charting, prenatals, etc.): Took follistim again this cycle and ovidrel last night. Timing BD after iui and day after.

Trying anything new this month?: My follistim dosage was lowered this cycle since last cycle was so crazy. Going to concentrate on timing BD at home to cover our bases after iui. This is our second iui cycle.

Link to your chart if charting:

For fun: Favorite TV series (bonus if it is on Hulu or Netflix) right now?: My husband and I love king of the hill… haha I haven’t watched anything new recently.

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