Marital Finances?

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Helper bee

we have a joint account and share all bills.  we don’t view the money as “mine” or “his” so we don’t split anything– it’s all just shared. 

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Busy bee
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I’m the same as the above PP. We share everything.  Although I believe most married couples don’t do that anymore. 

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Helper bee

sullivanbay94 :  We still have seperate bank accounts where each of our paychecks go. We split the rent/utilities, pay for our own personal items, usually split large items like furniture, but my husband makes much more than me so he usually pays for all of our outings and vacations.

Even though we have seperate bank accounts, we see the money as both of ours, we have always planned on combining accounts but we’ve just been too lazy to get around to it.

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Bumble bee
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Dating and living together: save all receipts and print out bank statements to settle all shared expenses down to the penny. I usually owed Darling Husband because he paid the mortgage and I paid for everything else, so I would send him money through PayPal. 

Engaged: Direct deposit into a joint account only enough to cover the shared expenses. Any leftover was just left in the account at month’s end. All excess from each paycheck went to our personal accounts. (More into personal than joint).

Married: All of our paychecks direct deposit into the joint account except for $100 each week for “play money” which is deposited into our personal accounts. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

sullivanbay94 :  Everything is joint. Both paychecks go into one checking account and from there is sent off to pay bills and fund savings accounts. We each have a bit of “free spend” money each week that we can do what we want with but we track it with a phone app not separate accounts. If there is ever a time one of us isn’t earning a paycheck (so far just me during maternity leave) we don’t have to worry about our own accounts getting low, etc. It’s not like we’ve ever had a time where one of us wasn’t making money and laying around doing nothing – we both work really hard when we’re paid or when we’re not.

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Bumble bee

We have both. We also have separate and joint credit cards. Our paychecks go into our separate accounts and once a month we transfer money to the joint account to cover the “joint purchases” like mortgage, bills, joint credit card, etc.

We decide on an amount to put into joint savings and anything else is left to spend how we individually want to.

It works really well for us. We don’t need to check with each other before buying things for ourselves. No guilt.

We make roughly the same so everything is 50/50 for us.

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Buzzing bee
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We have separate checking accounts, and he pays for everything in order to earn airline miles (we’ve been on long-haul flights in business class thanks to his miles). I put money towards our joint investment accounts. We see everything as “joint,” so it really doesn’t matter to us who is paying.

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We have 2 separate accounts that our pay checks go into, purely due to the way my work perks with a certain bank. However the majority of our pay goes into a joint account and joint savings which we use for most of our expenses and all of our living expenses. 

We earn a similar amount atm so it is a 50/50 split what each of us puts into the joint account, however I will eventually earn more at which point I will contribute more.

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Busy bee
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Our paychecks go into our own separate accounts. We each pay our own bills out of there (student loans, car payments, etc). We then transfer all except $200 of “fun money” into joint checking/savings, and we pay all groceries/dates/general expenses out of that. The fun money is for coffee, lunches with coworkers, etc. Clothes, hair cuts, etc. comes from joint.

We’ve lived in the same place since well before we got engaged, so this way has just made sense. Darling Husband pays the household bills out of his account, so obviously he transfers way less to joint. We’re moving this summer and I’m so excited to get it set up for our household bills to come from our joint account, it’ll be way less hodge podge. I think that’s why so many couples keep separate…it’s such a hassle to combine!

Our attitude definitely veers more towards “our money” though. It got tiring to keep things separate and try to keep track. If he needs to buy a new jacket or shoes or video game, he just does. If I get my hair or nails done, I just do. We only check in for big purchases. 

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Helper bee
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We have a joint account where your paycheques go into and then seperate accounts for “fun money”. Once we’ve paid all the bills, put money into our joint savings account etc we usually then allocate the rest as free money in the joint account for things like dinners out, groceries etc and then $200-$300 each in our personal accounts. 

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Sugar bee

We keep our money separate, but still consider it all “our” money.

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Worker bee
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Darling Husband and I consider all money to be joint money, I honestly can’t imagine it any other way, we believe in sharing all aspects of our life together and money is a big part of that.

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Sugar bee
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Joint account. We like having our money pooled, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, we’re both super low spenders who rarely purchase anything that isn’t essential. If he wasn’t good with money or we weren’t on the same page, I might feel differently. 

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Honey bee
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sullivanbay94 :  We put everything in a joint account.  All money is “our” money, though I make 2x my D.H.’s salary.  We discuss and decide on our budget together and I generally manage the finances from there.  We’ve been together since we were 18, so we’ve built everything together.  

ETA: We also each have $200 a month for fun money that we can do whatever we want with with no judgment.  

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