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I agree with your Fiance about a wedding/marriage not changing anything if the couple is already committed to each other.  Nothing changed about my relationship with my husband once we were married (we already owned a house, were living together, etc).  However, I would still want the person I’m marrying to be excited about our wedding/marriage.

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That would really hurt me too- but it sounds like he has the important part (a life long commitment to you) he just doesn’t need marriage to have that secured. As long as he means his vows of pledging his life to you I think it’s okay- and he doesn’t know nothing will change post marriage. You are legally stuck with the person and respected way more as a couple/unit- how could it not feel different? He might be surprised. 

I would talk to him though about how hurt it makes you that pledging your love publically is just a performance to him. If he doesn’t mean his vows he should not say them- it would give me serious concern if he felt he was just playing along and not actually pledging his life to you.

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I think you’re taking his comments too hard.  What he said was lovely — he already loves you as if you were his wife, views you as a family, and that you have a strong relationship that won’t be changed by a legal change.

My relationship felt no different after we got married.  We already lived together, had divided up holidays, and made our own traditions. 

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I agree with your Fiance and actually think the stuff he said was rather sweet. To me, marriage was a piece of legal paper. Our relationship didn’t change just because we signed it and had a ceremony. We were already committed to each other and viewed each other as family.

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HeartsandSparkles:  eh i think my Fiance probably feels pretty similar to your Fiance. I think deep down, it means something to them- but planning a wedding increases so much stress, and probably makes them wonder why they popped the question! lol My Fiance told me the other night he thinks things are going to be over the top, and we should just do a BBQ in someones yard. i said- do i look like a backyward BBQ person to you? no lol i dont even like BBQ! Anyways- i think they asked us to marry them bc they really wanna lock it down to spend the rest of their lives with us. If youre having kids, legally itll be easier. and with things like benefits, or shoot- if one of you is in the ER itll allow the other to be able to be by your side. I think they look at those as the obvious reasons why they want to marry us, but deep down, they want to be our husbands. I’d say take a deep breath. It will be SO worth it. He’s going to have a really fabulous time at the wedding, and love living the rest of his life married to you. <3

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I understand why you feel that way. Yes, you can have a committment without any legal ties to each other. You can have a life together, a home, a family. But marriage is way more to me than a piece of paper. It’s us coming together in front of family, friends, and God and saying that we commit our lives to each other. So, while I do value the symbolism of the committment over any legal document that confirms it, I’d still be a little hurt if my Fiance felt that way.

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Personally, I think the ‘marriage is a piece of paper’ approach is kind of immature. Try telling someone your restraining order is “just a piece of paper”. Try telling your employees their employment contract is “just a piece of paper”. Marriage is a legal contract with benefits and responsibilities, and has very powerful social meaning as well. It might not affect how you FEEL about your partner, but it definitely affects the quality and course of your relationship – especially when the relationship is ending. Try telling a man or woman fighting to keep his/her house or kids that marriage is just a piece of paper.

If my Fiance pulled the “piece of paper” thing on me, I’d tell him the above. If he stuck to it, I’d assume he was just being stubborn or doing that cool guy thing where they pretend not to care about silly emotional stuff that girls care about. and I’d judge him for that.

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I think it’s just semantics and men are sometimes dumb. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it too much. My husband was not really into the wedding, but I knew he really want to be married. Yes it’s just a piece of paper, but it is also legal! And while nothing really changes if you lived together before, it still does feel a little different, which I honestly didn’t think it would. I understand why you are upset, and I probably would have been too, but from the other side of it I feel like it’s not that big of a deal. As long as he really wants to marry you, even if his main reason is to make you happy, then you should be fine.

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Sugar bee

He cares about spending his life with you, he just doesn’t care about marriage.  My Fiance and I have similar viewpoints to your Fiance.  We were ready to spend our lives together long before engagement was even in the picture, and we both knew this.  So when we actually got engaged, nothing felt different.  We still shared our home and lives together the same way we always had.  I’m getting married in 2 months but I can already pretty safely say that not much will change after that either.

It’s important to tell your Fiance why you feel hurt by his comments, because he needs to know.  But, I wouldn’t stop everything and reconsider the marriage.  It sounds like he wants to be with you for life and didn’t express it in the most tactful way.

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HeartsandSparkles:  I would try not to worry about that too much. I think things have changed drastically now. Most people seem to live together, own a house together, even have kids together and they’re not married. So the piece of paper doesn’t change any of that. In the old days you’d get the piece of paper and THEN do all of that. I think it has more meaning for women (generally) than men. I for sure think that (generally) men don’t care about a wedding so much as women. You have 2 things you take issue with: the piece of paper and the wedding. I agree that a wedding is a show for the most part and for a small part it’s sharing your day with people you love. If you want to mention to him that a marriage certificate allows him to get the house if you die or pull the plug if you get hit by a bus and vice verse, you can. There are plenty of unromantic reasons to get married.

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I agree with your fiance. Weddings are pretty parties put on so everyone can dance, drink and be merry. But they’re not important to the marriage. My husband and I got married in our living room with our parents, dog and cat, next to our christmas tree. We didn’t go out and party or have a 20 tier cake or have everyone and their brother show up, it was quiet, quick and lovely. Before we were legally married, we were already “married” in the fact that regardless of marriage or not, we were spending our lives together, we loved each other, and not even a piece of paper would change that.<br /><br />Other than the fact that I’m on his insurance now and I can get on base without his help, nothing did change. <br /><br />Sure, there are lots of legal things we’re now entitled to (Life insurance, regular insurance, if one of us is put in a vegetative state, stuff like that), but I really don’t think that would have been denied to either of us regardless since both of our next of kin were our parents originally and they would have given it to us since they didn’t want it.<br /><br />Yes. Marriage is, by every definition, a piece of paper. However, it’s what you make of that piece of paper that is important. A lot of people don’t… which is why our divorce rate is so high. So worry less about the terminology and put that effort you’d spend worrying into effort into showing your SO that he is loved.

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ohnatto:  I was going to reply with a post about how ultimately marriage is ‘just a piece of a paper’, but in many regards does not magically change a relationship….until I read your post!  You put a completely different ‘spin’ on this ideology, and for that I thank you.  It was well-said, and you made many valid points!!

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HeartsandSparkles: I can see why you would be hurt, but I wouldn’t take this to mean that your Fiance is not commited to you. I have known couples that have been together for 20 and 30 years and never get legally married. There is no difference in the level of their love and commitment because they don’t have the piece of paper. Marriage should not change someone or the core of your relationship. I think that is why we see so much divorce, people get married thinking that it will somehow change things for the better. Then they get married and realize that nope, they are still the same person and the relationship hasn’t changed. Now it is just harder to make a clean break.

For my husband and me, marriage is a very important institution in our faith, but we would still be the couple we are without it. 

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I mostly  agree with him. That piece of paper yes comes with tons of benefits but ultimately a relationship is about the emotional bond and mutual respect. Signing that paper won’t really mean a thing once those two things are gone. I think you looking way too deeply into his comment and wanting him to think exactly like you while by passing what he said. He loves you and wants to be with you and already considers you his “wife” and he wanted to get married to because its important to you. To me that speaks volumes. 

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