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@maraschino:  My husband tried to put the ring on the wrong finger! Seriously, how hard is it?! Also, I laughed out loud when I saw the flower girl face down picture. That is awesome.

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@GreenEyedMoon:  Haha a fist pumping dad, that is hilarious!

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these are great!  more please

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Oh, and after the wedding, everyone was trying to grab whatever items needed to make it back to my parents’ house that night and what things could wait til the next day. My Maid/Matron of Honor (who was also drunk) grabbed my errant hoop skirt and put her head through the waistband so she looked like a big white lampshade. On our way out of the winery, some drunk patron congratulated HER on her wedding. She was standing next to me. LOL obviously the girl in the big white lampshade is the bride, not the girl in the WEDDING DRESS.

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Our priest motioned for us to kiss… and had apparently told us to kiss which I guess neither of us heard??  He motioned for us to kiss again and we must have looked at him like he had 20 heads… he then told us… this time into the microphone… to kiss.

The whole church laughed.  It was great.  Apparently nerves affect your hearing and common sense ๐Ÿ™‚

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@maraschino:  OK, big belly laughs at this one. That is an AMAZING picture.

Here are some of our funny ones:

1. We got married the same weekend as a furry convention. (Look it up — but not if you’re at work.) Fortunately there were no furry events in our hotel, but I kept getting photos of people in mascot suits sent to me by friends who were sightseeing before our wedding. Too funny.

2. When my dress needed rebustling and a quick repair, we had to keep a reallllly drunk girl from the wedding across the hall from “helping” us.

3. At the very end of the night, my friend and I were exhausted and on social graces auto-pilot. We hugged and he said, completely sincerely, and he said, “Thanks for coming!” and I said, “You’re welcome! It was such a great time!….wait a minute…”

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This thread is amazing.  These are so funny and honestly made me feel better to hear not everything was perfect at everyone elses wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

My funny story (and I can’t wait to get the video back to see) is after the blessing of the rings my husband was supposed to grab my ring and instead grabbed his.  I realized this when he was about to put his ring on my finger and had to do a quick switch.  I was pretty smooth but the priest saw and laughed and made a comment and everyone else laughed also.  I actually really love that memory.  It was a perfect time to lighten the mood.  ๐Ÿ™‚

One other thing that happened that I am still trying to find the humor in but maybe you can help me laugh about it.  When it came time for speeches I assumed that only the Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man would speak.  Well the mic just kept going down the line.  After my Maid/Matron of Honor my SIL (DH sister) who is adopted and told a couple stories about how mean he was to her.  She was trying to be funny but it just sounded harsh.  Then SIL (brothers wife) each stood up to speak and really just cried.  After the Bridesmaid or Best Man speech he handled the mic to a Groomsmen how randomly told a story about how husbands dad was a bad driver and then gave the mic to another Groomsmen.  At this point I called the mic back and DH and I were so flustered we forgot all we were going to say and barely thanked our parents. I had this whole speech for my folks and regret that I didn’t get to say all those nice things in front of all our family and friends.  Maybe this will seem more funny after I actually see the video ๐Ÿ™‚

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@Tina.Baker:  I also fluster-bumbled (a word I made up just this very minute!) the thank-you speech, and it is my biggest regret from the wedding! I’m sure it’s one of those things that nobody cares about except us. Our parents know we love them and are totally thankful to them for paying for and supporting our weddings. I keep repeating that in my head like a mantra.

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This has got to be my favorite thread! You all are hilarious!!

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Funny stuff about our wedding…  Let’s see…

– One funny (and akward) thing wedding our wedding celebration was during the prep.  We had a DIY wedding and my mother, aunt and a few girlfriends were instrumental at the 3-4 setup.  The vow renewal and celebration was due to begin at 6, so you can guess just how disheveled and CRAZY I looked when my in-laws arrived at 3:15!!!!  Apparently, they called the venue from the hotel and were told that we had the space was reserved at 3 so the rushed to the venue thinking the invites were wrong! 


– The second thing was that my youngest, who has special needs, kept lifting…. and I do mean lifting my tea length dress… at the time it was irritating as heck- but the picture that the photographer snapped is funny.

The final funny thing turned out to be one of my favorote pics.  My hubby and I stuck into the greenhouse for a smooch… but we diddn’t realize that Gracie, our photographer followed us…














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These are all so funny!

I have lots from my own wedding, and I mean LOTS. Some I find funny now and some hopefully I will think are funny later and not frustrating lol.

  1. Ok a few minutes before the ceremony was due to start my hoop skirt had moved so low down it was tripping me over and the only option was to take it off because there was no time to undo and do up my corset dress again. It was hard to get off though because the knot was still in it but the string was too loose. My mum and bridesmaids had to go under like 14 layers of dress to get it off me.
  2. The back entrance I needed to go out of to make it around to the front of the hall we were married in had very high awkward steps covered in fallen purple flowers that I was worried about staining my dress. And I couldn’t hold onto all of it and keep my balance as I walked. My bridesmaid couldn’t help me completely as they had their own dresses and bouquets so my husband and groomsmen helped me down and carried my dress all the way around the hall lol. (I should mention that the groom saw me in the dress beforehand as we weren’t ever worried about this, in fact he’s the one that did my dress up!) He helped me down the stairs and the groomsmen held my dress. I haven’t got the photos back yet but I bet they are funny we were all laughing.
  3. Then walking down the aisle I kept stepping on my dress because I no longer had the hoop on and I couldn’t walk in time to the song like I wanted.
  4. When my husband kissed me in the ‘now kiss he bride’ moment he caught his hand on my veil and it fell off! Funny.
  5. Then I couldn’t get in the car it was so uncomfortable, big poofy corset dress! (Though on the way to the reception I worked out a much more comfortable way to sit).
  6. During our photo shoot we were standing on a bridge above a damn. And the photographer asked my husband to put his arm on my back and he caught the viel again. It fell! I caught it from behind in mid-air just before it fell off the bridge into  the water! Very scary lol. Then finally I worked out how to get it to stay in right.
  7. Now we never planned to have a big entrance back inside the reception. We were just going to walk on in together… When we got back to the hall for our reception Husband got caught up talking to people at the front and so did I. He went inside and a minute later I did. When I walked in everyone started clapping and cheering. And I laughed and smiled and once I had walked all the way in I realised that we hadn’t walked in together! (That still bugs me a bit) but I guess it’s funny.
  8. Then we had some group family shots. Everyone that put their arm around me tugged on my veil. It was so annoying. Luckily I had it in well by then but I kept having my head yanked back and I just kept saying veil, veil, veil! And my husband would have to say “you’re on her veil” lol.
  9. My shoes were killing me so I had them off within like 20 minutes of the reception. You couldn’t see my feet at all so it didn’t matter but throughout the night I kept stepping on the bottom of my dress while dancing and it made it so slippery so I tripped/fell at least 10 times. Which I thought was hilarious but I wondered if other people just thought I was drunk. I am very clumsy naturally but I didn’t fall once because of me. It was my dress. And a couple because people stood on my train and once because I friend pulled me down with her.
  10. People were stepping on my train because it would not stay up in the bustle but that didn’t worry me it looked nice down and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping it out of the way even when dancing. But there were a couple of guest who couldn’t stop stepping on it lol. There are foot prints all over the train and its soooooooo dirty underneath.
  11. I dance ALL night and my hair fell out. Teach me to do it myself. It looked nice but didn’t stay in as good as I wanted it too. I think that’s why I had veil issues until I worked it different in the middle of our pro shots lol. I just ended up taking it out of the curly bun at the end and I had a very ringlety pony tail.
  12. During the cake cutting I had the knife the wrong way around and was trying push through the cake with the top of the knife instead of the sharp side lol. My husband had to piont this out to me I then laughed and thought I turned it around and did the exact same thing again. I think I was a bit tipsy.

And that’s all I can think of right now. But I’m sure more will occur to me later lol.


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