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Busy bee

Remember why you started in the first place….that is always my motivation to get back in gear. Write your workouts in your schedule, and stick with them.

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Buzzing bee
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I think the key to keeping fit is being self-motivated. Mr Rugbee wouldn’t even notice if I put on 20lbs… well maybe he’d appreciate the big boobies! I work out because I love the way my body looks & I want to keep it exactly the way it is. Do your work out cause it’s FUN, SATISFYING & GIVES YOU THE BODY YOU WANT.

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Sugar bee
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I have really really struggled with this.  The last two times I lost the weight I would stop  working out and told myself I’d get back to it but never did and gained it all back and then some.  This time in my weight loss process I have been really focusing on maintanence and not pushing it too hard.  This time I want the weight loss to stick around.  

I just got to a weight that is below my second heaviest and I have been freaking out a little that I will go back up in weight but so far have maintained it.  I just stick to eating what I was eating before and now I am even keeping a food diary again.

When I was trying to figure out how to maintain I find two really good pieces of advice that have worked for me. 

1) Wear your demin jeans as much as you can.

The basis is demin is less forgiving than your comfy pants, so if you are having trouble fitting in them or fit in them nicely you are less inclined to eat more so that you will continue to fit in them, and if they start feeling a litlle tight you know you have to go back to the gym and or reexamine what you have been eating.

2) When you are trying to talk yourself out of going to the gym or working out, remind yourself that working out is what got you this body and if you don’t work out you will end up back in your old body again.  

And finally since you are maintaning you really don’t have to go to the gym as much as you did when you were losing.  I’d say to shoot for 2-3 times a week and watch what you eat.  In my case I am just doing this from the start because I want this to become a routine and I know myself well enough that no matter what I tell myself I will not average more than 2 gym visits in one week.  Just sit down and figure out what routine you can really maintain for a lifetime.

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Helper bee
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This is how I see it, the better you feel inside the better you look outside. Start with your inside. Once you’ve taken good care of your inside, you will want to take care of your outside. I started cutting off sugar from my diet until eventually I eat almost no sugar at all (refined sugars or added sugars not the naturally occouring one from fruits). Then, i moved to organic stuff, then I cut all flours from my diet. I’m pretty healty and I just feel like I have to work out to keep up with eating habits.

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Bumble bee
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I am losing the weight post wedding since I really didn’t before it. Gained a bunch of weight after I bought my dress, actually.

I do it because I have very bad health issues. It is at the point where they are so frustrating to live with that I cannot eat poorly because then I know that I am not doing absolutely everything in my power to be in good health.

I eat a diabetic diet, weigh my food, count my calories before they go in my face, track my nutrients (not just my macros), and restrict myself to no more than 60g carbs for meals, 30g for snacks. This next couple of weeks I am doing a raw vegan diet.

Honestly, the way you look is secondary to your health.

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Sugar bee
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I know how life can feel a bit surreal after the wedding, sort of like you’re on a vacation. But the truth is, life goes on. You worked really hard, and you looked great in your dress, but try to start thinking about as the “happy side effect” of what you were really doing. You were working toward building a life together with your now Darling Husband. Physically, mentally, probably financially, etc. The dress was awesome, but it was just one part of moving forward towards being the best, healthiest, happiest person you can be for your family.

Now that you’re married, it doesn’t end. You’re still really just beginning to lay the foundations of your new life together that will set the trend for the rest of your life. What type of patterns do you want to start off with? 

I grew up in a house where my dad wasn’t healthy enough (chronic debilitating disease) and my mom really only ever exercised when she was miserable and trying to hold her @#$ together (read = super unhealthy) so I grew up thinking that I didn’t want to be that “lunatic overexerciser” and generally had bad associations with exercise, food, etc. 

That is NOT what I want for my family! I actually LIKE exercise (ok, so it sucks to do, but I like feeling strong, I like looking good, and I like the endorphines afterward!) and I like the way good, whole, healthy food makes me feel. I enjoy spending time getting out in the world with Darling Husband and doing things when we can. I want my future kids to value moving, and getting time away from screens and spending time with their family. So, I keep going.

That’s what helps me, anyway. Good luck!

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Helper bee
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my motivation has been setting a new goal to work to post wedding.  I’ve signed up for an ironman triathlon next year and you really can’t slack off with training for that 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I felt the same way after the wedding–after all of the dieting and workouts I found it hard to stay motivated. We joined a gym and I started going to some classes like spin, bootcamp, etc–they really kick my butt! I made myself a class schedule for the week and made myself stick to it. I actually switched to exercising in the morning before work, which made such a difference–I always felt too tired to work out, but now I feel like it’s a lot easier to fit it into my day. I started with 3 days a week and worked up to 5 after a few weeks.

I think setting a goal can help a lot too, whether it’s a fitness goal (like doing a race) or a personal goal (like looking good in a cute swimsuit)! Whenever I don’t feel like going to the gym or want to grab something unhealthy, I try to visualize that goal (mine is the swimsuit 🙂 ).

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Blushing bee

I joined 25 pounds after the wedding and it’s been a nightmare trying to stay motivated. I usually just try on pants that used to fit to get me started!

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