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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I like the idea of this! πŸ™‚

When is your anniversary? September 30th.


How long have you been married? Saturday will be 6 months. πŸ™‚ So we’re still newlyweds!

What do you do? I work part time as a bank teller, no currently in school.


What does Darling Husband do?  He’s in the Army.




Any pets/furbabies? I have a chihuhua, he’s going to be 9 this year. πŸ™‚ We also have 2 sugar gliders, they will be 2 this year. 



Any children/Plans for children? Not quite yet, we aren’t TTC yet, maybe after our anniversary.




Favorite wedding memory? I was so close to crying when my sister in law was reading “these are the hands” during our ceremony, but Darling Husband kept rubbing my hands, trying to comfort me and keep me from crying.. and he went on and on all day about how I was the most beautiful bride. πŸ™‚



One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Plan things the way you want them to be for your wedding, but don’t worry about every little thing. The actual wedding day flies by so quickly, and the most important thing is that you’re married to the love of your life! Something will always go wrong, but who cares?


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2013

My head is about to explode from writing a difficult proposal at work right now, so I could use the 2 min break to write this out! haha


When is your anniversary? January 20th


How long have you been married? 2 months…but it feels like several years, haha (We’ve been together 6 years, and have lived together unofficially for most of that time, officially for half that time, so we’ve felt married most of our relationship, not too much has changed other than my name!)


What do you do? I work in publishing doing publicity


What does Darling Husband do? He works at a hedgefund doing something tech/IT related, I honestly don’t fully understand it haha


Any pets/furbabies? A beautiful 15 year old cat that has a total babyface. She’s getting old and has a thyroid problem though, so she’s actually taking up a lot of our time recently (feeding meds, taking her to the vet, cleaning up vomit Cry)


Any children/Plans for children? Not yet. I promised him I wouldn’t mention it (as a real possibility, I joke constantly that if babies were free, I would have had one at 4 years old since that’s how long I’ve wanted to be a mother) until our 2nd anniverary, so unless something seriously accidental happens, it will be awhile


Favorite wedding memory? Too many. We didn’t see each other pre-ceremony, so after I walked down the aisle with my dad, we stood staring at each other for the first time that day, but unable to speak since the officiant was doing the ceremony, and he just teared up and kept mouthing over and over “You’re so beautiful” and I almost completely lost it. Also during our first dance, a waiter tripped over the band’s power chord and the music stopped. We were thrilled because we didn’t want to be dancing up there alone another second longer, haha. (They plugged it back in and my dance w/ my dad went seamlessly)


One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Screw etiquette. Do what you feel like doing. Most etiquette is antiquated anyway. And the day of? Forget what you think your wedding should look/be like and enjoy what it is. Fully embrace the F*** It, I’m Gonna Enjoy This Wedding No Matter What! moment Smile


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

When is your anniversary? May 15

How long have you been married? Almost a year now πŸ™‚ 

What do you do? Electrical engineer. 

What does Darling Husband do? Computer engineer. 

Any pets/furbabies? None, but we are planning on having two cats once we move.

Any children/Plans for children? No plans.

Favorite wedding memory? Many. The wedding photoshoot after the ceremony was so fun. Darling Husband couldn’t keep his eyes off me during the ceremony πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Really.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

When is your anniversary? February 9

How long have you been married? One month and 19 days

What do you do? Secretary at a bank, working on my Master’s

What does Darling Husband do? Inventory Manager

Any pets/furbabies? 2 cats, Zoe and Gale

Any children/Plans for children? We want kids, but we are on a 4-5 year plan. I want to finish my degree and travel. DH’s career is a little up in the air right now too since he’s trying to find a job where he can actually use his MBA. It’s harder than you’d think πŸ™

Favorite wedding memory? Seeing Darling Husband for the first time, my Dad stepping on my veil, dancing to Gangnam Style, etc etc etc

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Remember to stop and take in the moment. Enjoy being engaged, enjoy the planning, and for goodness sakes remember to step away from the chaos on the wedding day and just take it all in. Every now and then I just stopped what I was doing and looked around, soaking in the visual memories of the day. This is once in a lifetime. Enjoy the moment.


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  • Wedding: August 2012

Hi! I’m a sporadic poster but plan to use the TTC boards in a little while Smile

When is your anniversary? 25th August

How long have you been married? Just over 7 months

What do you do? HR manager 

What does Darling Husband do? General insurance actuary

Any pets/furbabies? Nope – only some vegetables and a raspberry plant in our garden! 

Any children/Plans for children? Not yet – plan to start trying some time around the new year

Favorite wedding memory? My gorgeous 3-year-old nephew breakdancing on the dance floor all the way through the speeches; and seeing all my friends and family as I looked up just before I walked down the aisle

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Choose a photographer you like – not just the style, the person – I spent extra to get the one I wanted and so glad I did!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

When is your anniversary? June 9th


How long have you been married? Not even a year πŸ™‚


What do you do? I am a full time Administrative Assistant


What does Darling Husband do? He is a journeyman sheet metal worker.


Any pets/furbabies? Our daughter (cat) Lily


Any children/Plans for children? On our 10th cycle trying.


Favorite wedding memory? The moment after ceremony photos and before getting on the trolley we rented, we shared a special moment and a kiss and our photog captured it! It was like a YES we did it!!!  


One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Communication and respect are key. Stick by your partners side, it’s not just you anymore πŸ™‚




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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 1999

When is your anniversary? January 7

How long have you been married? One year and almost 3 months

What do you do? Currently unemployed, but looking for a marketing job

What does Darling Husband do? Professor

Any pets/furbabies? 2 kitties

Any children/Plans for children? Not yet, hopefully actively trying this summer

Favorite wedding memory? Sneaking off after the night to the fountain where he proposed for a quick makeout. The park was closed so no one was around.

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Elope. I loved my wedding, but sometimes still wish we had eloped.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2011



When is your anniversary? September 24


How long have you been married? 2.5 years, but have been living together for 8


What do you do? lawyer


What does Darling Husband do? web designer


Any pets/furbabies? two kitties!  


Any children/Plans for children? Not yet…. planning to start TTC this summer πŸ™‚


Favorite wedding memory? seeing my neice and his nephew dance & play together.  they had so much fun and really hit it off.  Both were 2 year old red heads who looked like siblings.  It was adorable.


One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? You could spend 10 years planning a wedding.  All you need is 6 months.  Make your decisions and MOVE ON!


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  • Wedding: November 2011 - Florida Aquarium

When is your anniversary? November 19

How long have you been married? A year and some months

What do you do? I work in education policy. 

What does Darling Husband do? He’s a scientist.

Any pets/furbabies? Yep! Starbuck is our 4 year old corgi (she turns 4 April 8), and we have Tiberius and Pipa, our ferrets, who are about 2 years old. And they’re definitely furbabies.

Any children/Plans for children? Uh, we didn’t… but I’m apparently pregnant now.

Favorite wedding memory? Our last dance. It was super, super fun. We did a combo of “A Dream is a Wish” the Cinderella song and Bowling for Soup’s “This Song is A Dance Song.” haha it was great because it was so much fun for us. Oh, and seeing all the kids playing/dancing. It melted my heart.

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Remember that the wedding is one day, but your marriage is for the rest of your life. Plan accordingly. And pick fights accordingly.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

When is your anniversary? June 24th

How long have you been married? 9 months

What do you do? tennis coach

What does Darling Husband do? business owner

Any pets/furbabies? 2 very naughty and ill-behaved scottish terriers and 1 very well-behaved cat

Any children/Plans for children? Not now, not anytime soon

Favorite wedding memory? being very very happy

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? do not rush things, enjoy your engagement, and do no stress out over small details-you probably will be quite nervous so you won’t even notice them!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

When is your anniversary? June 25th


How long have you been married? Will be 2 years this June =)


What do you do? I work in the fashion industry


What does Darling Husband do? He works in the finance industry


Any pets/furbabies? No. We live in a condo with no outdoor space, and both work such long hours it wouldn’t be right to leave the furbaby at home alone.  But, we hope to buy a house within the next 2 years and we would LOVE to have a dog =)


Any children/Plans for children? We are expecting our first in July! A baby girl!


Favorite wedding memory? Our first look..my Darling Husband was standing with his back turned to me (in the middle of Times Square) and I tip toed up to him and tickled his ear and he turned around and had a huge nervous grin..awww I wish I could go back to that day!


One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples?  Don’t get so stressed planning the wedding to the point that you forget what it’s all about! My friends are getting married next weekend, and they have been sooo miserable planning this wedding because of the expenses, that they are actually saying that they can’t wait until the day AFTER the wedding..ugh that breaks my heart!  I had HUGE plans in mind for a ‘dream’ wedding before we even got engaged. Once we got engaged, I realized that it will take us YEARS to have a wedding like that.  So we ended up realistically thinking about how much we could spend, and ended up having a beautiful simple wedding that is now always in my dreams =).




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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 1999

When is your anniversary? April 16

How long have you been married? almost 2 years 


What do you do? Brand Manager


What does Darling Husband do? Merger & Acquisitions Finance Manager about to be a Plant Controller (moving shortly)


Any pets/furbabies? a frenchie girl and 2 cats 


Any children/Plans for children? 8 weeks today! 


Favorite wedding memory? Crying so hard during my vows the reverage (a friend) told me to calm down because I looked funny πŸ™‚ Darling Husband laughed and it made me feel better 


One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? 

all those things you think people are being mean about or jealous about or copying or rude… they arent. you are probably just over sensitive.  Most people really do not do things to be mean. So Move On.

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  • Wedding: October 2009

When is your anniversary? Oct 25

How long have you been married? Over 3 years, together for almost 9.  

What do you do? Non-Profit Corporate Development 

What does Darling Husband do? Financial Analyst

Any pets/furbabies? One little girl, our Golden named Ginger.  

Any children/Plans for children? No plans, we want to be a dynamic duo for life!  

Favorite wedding memory? My husband crying the moment he started saying his vows with “you are my best friend.” my heart melts everytime I think about it. 

One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Make sure the two of you are 100% on the same page – so much drama arises (family, money, etc.) and it is SO helpful when you are both in agreeance and stand by each others side in support. 

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  • Wedding: March 2009


When is your anniversary? December 30th! 



How long have you been married? Almost 3 months πŸ™‚ 



What do you do? I am a full-time student in college, and I work full-time at a medical center doing outpatient registration.



What does Darling Husband do? He is lead truck driver/delivery guy for a furniture company. 



Any pets/furbabies?  We have two dogs, Copper and Ginger, and in 3ish weeks we will have a new grey kitten that we are thinking about naming Sushi!


Any children/Plans for children? No children yet (he’s 30 and I’m 20), but we plan on TTC in 5-7 years.




Favorite wedding memory? We did a first look, and I asked our photographer to capture him when he turned to see me; I’m so, so glad we did that- the look on his face brings tears to my eyes every time I look at our pictures.


One piece of advice you like to offer engaged couples? Communicate. Period. Make sure there is a very straightforward line of communication, and make sure you talk through eveything together.

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