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  • Wedding: September 2011

Hurricane Irene was the weekend before our wedding.  The roads to our upstate NY venue were closed for a couple of days, then the National Guard was restricting access to “local traffic only”.  Our florist was trapped in the second floor apartment over her shop during a six-foot flash flood.  Our venue lost power during the storm.  It was unclear if it would be restored in time for the wedding, and it wasn’t restored until two days before.  Instead of our designated “date night” before the wedding when we’d planned to share a special bottle of wine and write our wedding vows, my parents drove three hours with two generators, and my husband spent the evening connecting the generator with my dad.  When my husband went to tell the neighbor that the power had been restored, her dog attacked him.  And the piece de resistance: The caterer quit 48 hours before the wedding.

Oh, also: my husband’s oldest friend was stuck in Vermont due to the storm.  So, we were down one groomsman, and he was supposed to play the bagpipes for our ceremony so we had to use recorded music at the last minute.  And a second groomsman’s tux was damaged so the store wouldn’t sell it to him, and then he forgot to show up for the posed photos anyway.


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@Legallyblondiebride:  My first wedding, people dropped like flies-literally. My ex Mother-In-Law who was traditional Italian kept saying it was a bad omen and our marriage was cursed.

She was kinda right. Our harpist died…I called her house to complain that I hadnt heard from her. I got her sister, while they were having the wake. Head on car crash-coma for 4 weeks. No joke.

Day of wedding, during our speeches, the FIL’s best friend of 25 years got up and walked into a column. He fell. Had an aneurysm and was disoriented. He died that night.

A few weeks later, a few more funerals, so instead of four weddings and a funeral, there were four funerals and our wedding.

It was about as bad as it could get 🙁

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  • Wedding: January 2012

-The florist screwed up our flowers.  She used daisies all over the place (I HATE daisies), and the flowers were dead before the ceremony even began.

-My hair stylist utterly failed the day of the wedding.  She was fine at our practice session, but the day of, she couldn’t do ANYTHING.  Another girl at the salon stepped in a the last minute.  I ended up leaving the appointment an hour later than planned.  I didn’t get to the church until less than an hour before the ceremony, and I still wasn’t wearing any makeup or anything.

-The venue used the wrong wines.

-Due to the language and culture barrier between one bridesmaid and the rest of the wedding, there were a few miscommunications with her.  The biggest one was that she and the other Bridesmaid or Best Man who was supposed to be driving her ended up twenty minutes late to our outdoor pictures.  That one was completely my fault for not explaining to her in clearer detail what was going on.

-The DJ screwed up a few things, like saying that my dad was the host of the event, messing up the order of the bridal party when we came into the reception, etc.

-Other stuff that I still just don’t know about.


…And yet, despite that, the only things that I *really* noticed or cared about on the big day were the hair (because I ended up LATE) and the flowers, and in the end, those didn’t really matter.  I was still married by the end of it, and the day was perfect despite everything.

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  • Wedding: October 2010

My hair and make-up artist (same person who was supposed to do hair and make up for myself, my Maid/Matron of Honor and my BM) was a no show.  She’d gotten the dates wrong and had plans she couldn’t get out of.  After a ‘fun’ 2 hours of frantically trying to figure something else out, we found a local hair salon that came to the rescue!

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  • Wedding: August 2014

@ElbieKay:  You are my hero! I would have completely lost it. It sounds like you guys really made the best of a really, really tough situation! Kudos!

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  • Wedding: June 2011

Um, practically nothing, compared to these stories! The rental company delivered the wrong tables the day before, causing me a minor meltdown, but I caught the problem and they fixed it. A few guests were running a bit late and almost missed the ceremony. And at one point, the friend who was acting as our officiant forgot his lines! He’d decided to memorize them, rather than having them written on the card or something, and his mind went blank. It was funny, and he remembered them a second later. Poor guy was MORTIFIED, but no one else cared at all.

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  • Wedding: April 2010

Our DJ kind of sucked.  My husband and I spent weeks compiling a playlist that would fit our tastes and the varied musical tastes of our guests without sounding like all the same songs you hear at every other wedding.  The DJ totally ignored the playlist and actually played almost everything on our do-not-play list.  There was still lots of dancing and our guests had fun, but I was really disappointed that all of our time and effort spent trying to have “us” music and not “generic every wedding” music was for nothing!

Especially since we originally wanted a live band (which for obvious reasons we would not have tried to micromanage), but opted for a DJ because it seemed like the only way to have the variety of music we needed given our guest list which spanned all ages and musical tastes.

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  • Wedding: November 2011

My in laws! LOL. But there’s nothing I could have changed about that if I did it all over again. Other than them all the vendors showed up on time. PHEW!

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  • Wedding: February 2012

I was super organized, so things actually went very smoothy, except one. Our DJ.

I called him the day before to once again reiterate what equipment we needed and when he had to be there (I had sent him a few emails outlining this already, but I’m glad I called because apparently he had “no details”, so even though he responded to all my emails, he obviously didn’t read them). Well, he showed up an hour late and then didn’t have the equipment ready that I needed (two wireless microphones for speeches during dinner). One of his wireless mics was broken, so we had to use a corded one, but both mics intermittently didn’t work anyway. My parents had a mic for their speeches, but later in the night my Father-In-Law had to do his speech completely without a mic. Later we needed to play a CD for our first dance song and the DJ had brought the equipment for that but it was broken. He had a spare CD player in his car, WHICH WAS ALSO broken! Seriously this guy’s equipment was ALL broken apparently (he could have y’know, tested it before or something?). Luckily our band had the ability to play CDs. When the dancing part of the night started, the DJ was fine, good even! Many of my guests said they loved his music selection and danced up a storm! 

Overall, his mishaps didn’t really ruin anything, and while it was frusterating, everything was fine in the end. I’m lucky he was the only thing that went wrong! He didn’t get a tip though.

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  • Wedding: October 2011

Something will go wrong, whether you realize it at the time or not. No wedding is perfect but thankfully our mishaps weren’t totally tragic… 

  1. Our ceremony aisle was wayyyy too narrow. DH and I hardly fit down it during our recessional. It’s kind of a bummer since pretty much everyone was looking down during both the processional and recessional so we don’t have a lot of great pics during that part. The ceremony chairs were also right on top of each other. Our guests were crammed in like sardines which, from what I hear, was quite uncomfortable. Guess it’s a good thing our ceremony only lasted 5 minutes.
  2. There was a miscommunication when it came to our limited open bar. We prepaid for so many bottles of wine and were supposed to cover whatever else was consumed at the end of the night. Well, that memo didn’t make it to the bartender so she started charging our guests after our prepaid wine ran out. I was MORTIFIED as I would have never wanted my guests to have to pay for wine at my wedding. From what I hear, only about 2-3 guests were charged before my mom found out and straightened it out. Our venue coordinator is so fantastic that she ended up comping the rest of the wine that was consumed that night since she didn’t want to disturb my mom or I while we were dancing to work out the logistics.
  3. The dozen or so mimosas that I had earlier in the day started wreaking havoc on my insides. The champagne wasn’t the issue but the gallon or so of OJ that I consumed was. Holy stomach cramps, Batman! That combined with how tight my dress was made me really uncomfortable for a good portion of our reception.
  4. Our DJ, who we paid a friggin’ fortune for, didn’t manage to play like any of our songs on the very detailed play list that we provided him with. At one point during the night I asked for him to play a specific song that was on my list (and sentimental to my family and I). Well, like 20 minutes later he comes over and says that he’s trying to download the song but the wifi is crap in the ballroom. Another 20 minutes later he confirms that he can’t get the track and apologizes. Umm… ok. Shouldn’t this have been done beforehand? At one of our prior meetings we even offered to provide him with all of the tracks that we wanted since we already owned them and some were pretty obscure. He declined our offer and guaranteed us that he would have them. Yea, not so much. Who tries to download the music on the couples “must play list” AT the reception?! *eye roll* Don’t get me wrong, he was a good DJ as far as our guests were concerned since they didn’t know about his slacking but it was very disappointing for us. DH and I worked on that play list for months and a lot of the songs had special meaning.  

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Everything went wrong at my first wedding. My sister (MOH) got in a car crash the morning of and had to borrow a car. Then she got lost picking up my bouquet so we started 45minutes late. My aunt refused to come into the ceremony for religious reasons. Even though my wedding was dry (for ex husbands religiousreasons) my parents and a few others snuck out to a bar in ones and twos and got TANKED. I didn’t get a chance to eat all night. The venue served my guests cake before we cut the cake. I put cameras on the table for the guests to be my photographers but all I got was a bunch ofpictures of my sister and shoes and blurry photos of us. My ex tried to dip me on our first dance but dropped me. The food came out wrong. 


When weddings happen you just have to roll with it and have a wonderful time even if something goes wrong. 

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the main thing that went “wrong” at our wedding was that we started the ceremony 30 minutes late because my 4 month old niece had a crying fit right before the ceremony was supposed to start and my sister who had to walk down the aisle with her baby, had to calm her down first.  wouldn’t be such a big deal except that i had such a tight timeline for pictures after the ceremony and so we ended up being kind of rushed. i would just say over exaggerate the time you give to the most important things to you.

little things that went wrong was that the resort baked us the wrong flavor cake! we asked for chocolate and got vanilla! I was just surprised as i only discovered it when we did the cake cutting, lol.  It still tasted great though.

Oh and another minor thing was that we didn’t really do a recessional after the ceremony because when the ceremony ended, our wedding coordinator didn’t play the music on time and after me and DH walked back down the aisle, our BMs were confused and didn’t follow, LOL.  No big deal since we were really just all standing on the beach anyway.

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Oh and my cousin showed up in jeans and a tshirt and accidentally spilled punch ALL over my dress

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  • Wedding: April 2011

I forgot to bring a knife to cut the cake…so my sister had to run out and buy one while everybody sat around wondering when we were going to eat cake. :-/


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