(Closed) Married Bees: What went wrong at your wedding?

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

I think only 3 things:

1)  While I LOVED my bouquet, the girls bouquets & decorated arch weren’t exactly what I wanted.  Too many gerbera daisies.  

2)  My dress length was fine in the shop but I think the tulle lengthed once it was pressed.  Therefore I almost tripped walking down the aisle both ways (no one noticed thank goodness) and had to grab some scissors for a quick tulle trim.  Not too pretty but luckily you couldn’t tell.

3)  Our DJ started playing the wrong song for our first dance.  He began the father-daughter song instead of our song.  But it was funny and we all laughed it off.  

Otherwise the day was a BLAST and went by WAY too fast.  

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2009 - Mountain Meadow/Mansion

A few little things:

Didn’t really love my hair; it was okay, just didn’t love it (though I really should have gotten a new person to do my hair after the second so-so trial).

Officiant shortened the vows I wrote (Got to read them in private to DH on honeymoon, which was nice).

Didn’t think the food was as good as the tasting, but it was still on the higher end of average.

DJ didn’t play many of the songs I put on the playlist.

Really though, the day is just so wonderful that you likely will not notice or care. I sure know I didn’t and the guests didn’t notice anything went wrong!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

@ElbieKay:  Hurricane Irene was the weekend OF our wedding. But luckily it bypassed us! My Day of Coordinator was DISASTROUS! All that time I put into the pre planning and she let so many things just fall apart! 🙁 UGHHHHHHHHHHH

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  • Wedding: July 2012

@FMM:  You look gorgeous in this photos, rain or not rain! We’re also having an outdoor wedding, I’ll think of you if it rains and that will help!!!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2004

It was the coldest day in winter that year with non-stop rain. The wedding photographer was late because he had done a second wedding on the morning of my wedding and he was running late.mi was very upset about this because on booking he had confirmed that he wouldnt be doing any other wedding on the same day. It was such a dark and gloomy day, we ended up having almost no time for proper photos outside and the venue had locked the inside photo area and the person with the key had gone home!!!! My half brother, his wife and their three sons Plus girlfriends (who i never met) didnt show because, originally, the sons were invited without partners. As they were teenagers and the girlfriends never featured in my life PLUS the venue had limited space and we were on a tight budget i felt that i didnt have to invite them and, quite frankly, only invited my half brother, wife and sons because my father insisted and he was paying half the venue fee…. So we actually cut the gueslist by removing our friends to accommodate this request and then…. Out of spite….. They just didnt show. Oh, and the wedding favours disappeared between being deluvered and having to be put out. And they made the wrong soup. I HATE mushrooms and had chosen another soup. Guess what they served – mushroom soup. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

My husband forgot to arrange the shuttle to take the bridal party from the hotel to the reception venue (about 15 minutes apart). So we got this dinky 7 perrson van for our 15 person wedding party. Some people ended up crammed in the photographer’s car or in the back of my dad’s pickup truck. We were definitely a sight to see. lol

Our cake topper got lost in delivery. So, I was on the phone with the cake delivery man trying to track when the cake topper would arrive about ten minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. I also bought pom poms in my school colors for the reception entrance and my mom for some reason thought they were for the ceremony and started handing them out to my very confused bridesmaids who already their bouquets. lol

Right in time for our outdoorc eremony to start, a severe thunderstorm passed through. We luckily had a tent but there was about a 2 foot gap between the door and the tent, so if one of husband’s uncle didn’t have a golf umbrella, the wedding party would have gotten soaked. It ended up pouring the whole ceremony and the groomsmen were a little wet because they were near the edge of the tent, but all in all, it makes for a good story.

Last, it wasn’t really “wrong”, but during our vows my husband referred to “the hours we spent up late in bed together” and paused for a moment, giving everyone a chance to laugh because they thought he was referring to sex, but he was able to finish and explain he meant “our late night TALKS”. lol

At the end of the day, it was still the best day ever!


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

Here’s our story of what went wrong: 

We got up for our cake cutting and while we were standing in front of the cake, we all of a sudden were at a loss of how to cut it!  We just stood there for like 30 seconds while the cake song was playing looking confused.  And then this waitress that was  came over to slice it for us.  She’s even in some of the pictures, lol.  Later on, we found out that some guests were shocked that the lady helped us cut our cake.  They didn’t even notice we didn’t know what to do and they thought this lady just interupted our moment by rudely cutting our cake for us.  My husband and I think it’s so funny (and it didn’t take long to think that, we were laughing about it right after).  It’s just so silly, how did we not know how to cut it!?  But it’s a good memory and something we won’t forget from our wedding day.  I’d like to think that anything that could go wrong could be something you’d laugh at one day, so don’t stress about it!!!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

    1. Our photographer left early, and both ate during dinner so there were no  pictures of toast etc. She also missed certain details and asked us to redo them um awkward

                  2. It was sooooo windy, it was very windy.

                     a. Our unity candles were broken by the wind

                     B. We had to use buckets with rocks to hold down the aisle  runner    which made the runner small, and hard to get down
                      C. Someone, used white rope to hold the backdrop up for the ceremony and it was noticeable (I did not know until pictures came back)

                       3. My cousin hit the venue directors car (it was parked) 

                       4. My Father- in- law wore shorts

                       5. A few things were forgotten/ unused, oh well

    All in all not that bad and we have some funny stories to tell now almost 11 months later 

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: July 2011

    The A/C stopped working in our church the weekend of the wedding.  One of my bridesmaids dresses showed up the day after the wedding and the other three were atrocious, so we had to buy new dresses at the last minute.  My sister (MOH) took over the rehearsal dinner and upset my mother who had been planning it for months.  The whole family had been fighting with her for those months and then she made peace with me literally days before my wedding and not with my mother until well after. 


    My mother forgot to bring my shrug (we were two hours away from home) so my bare arms showed and since my dressmaker had forgotten to line my dress, my fleshy bits on my sides under my arms really stood out.  My husband didn’t set up the reception area the way I had wanted it, so all of the games that I’d wanted as centerpieces were just sitting on the tables looking hideous.  I couldn’t remember how to fold the love handkerchief for my husband’s suit and the marker didn’t work right on it (that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute). 


     My hair started going flat because of the humidity (one of the few times that Colorado is actually humid was during my wedding and I have fine, thin hair) and my dress was sticking to me.  My sister couldn’t get her hair to curl very well because of the humidity and the rest of the bridesmaids just pulled their hair back in ponytails.  The music didn’t work, but it was ok because there was no dancing (Nazarene church) and it was so loud from all of the talking that no one could hear it anyway.  All in all, it was a beautiful wedding and everyone loved the down home atmosphere and food. 

    If I could do anything differently, I probably wouldn’t have ordered my dress from Etsy.  It was a beautiful dress, but for some reason it didn’t hang well on me.  I normally look great in empire waist dresses, but I looked frumpy, I thought. 

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: March 2012

    My house went on fire the night before my wedding and I had to throw my dress and the other dresses out the window to save them.  It even made the local news.  I wish I was joking…

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    Worker bee

    Oh my, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong at my first wedding, it’s super long, but kind of funny:

    -The night before my ex and I got in an enormous fight that started with him throwing a shoe at my head at the hotel bar. We fought til about 3am when he announced he “didn’t care” and went to sleep. I didn’t sleep at all. That parts not funny.

    -I had a fever of 102

    -The hairstylist gave us one price before the wedding, then the day of over charged everyone by another $30. No one told me until after, I even gave her a big tip!

    -There was an event the day of at the venue, it was supposed to be done before I got there, and they were not supposed to be using the bridal suite. Well, the event ran late and they were in the suite, so I had to wait. I didn’t care, but my Mother-In-Law, sister, and my mom made a huge deal and sat in the doorway watching the people get their stuff out of the room. Kind of mortifying, mainly because the “evil people” taking my room were 10yr old girls.

    -Half the guests were late to the ceremony

    -My Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law started laughing during our vows, and didn’t stop for the rest of the ceremony.

    -My Father-In-Law screamed during formal photos that the photographer was “stupid” and couldn’t do her job right. He was talking in every single photo.The photographer barely took any photo’s after the formals, I suspect she was unhappy with the comment.

    -My estranged sister wore a t-shirt, refused to talk to me, got drunk, and talked trash about me the whole time. Klassy.

    -I didn’t get to eat my dinner, or cake. I wasn’t allowed to take any food home from the venue, so I went hungry, I had them package up some of my cake but that was all. No one would let me drink, which was ALL I wanted to do. They kept making me put my drinks down, the drinks would always be gone when I went back to them.

    -One of my ex’s friends brought the skankiest girl ever. Somehow she ended up in almost every picture from that day. We caught her smoking weed in the hotel room after the wedding. She is now remembered as “the crazy fire dancer”

    -One of the groomsmen went around after the toast and drank everyone’s leftover champagne. He then tried to get naked on the dance floor. I stopped him before he dropped his pants. I have the feeling he was responsible for all my missing drinks as well.

    -My mom invited a couple she met at the bar the night before. She explained that my friend who couldn’t come because she was pregnant and on bed rest couldn’t come anyways, so there was no reason to let the plate go to waste.

    -The limo left me and the bridal party at the venue for an hour and a half after everyone was gone. He had left without us and refused to come turn around. The driver then got in a fight with my Brother-In-Law and tired to slam his leg in the door of the limo.

    -When we finally got back to the hotel I found crazy fire dancer and a handful of other people skinny dipping in the hotel pool.

    -Beyond that my ex was a serious jerk all day long. When I got back to the hotel room I started crying because of how awful everything had been. His response, and the most comforting thing he said all day was “so we’re not having sex then?”

    No, no we are not.

    That being said, I am doing EVERYTHING different this time lol

    I just look back and laugh now. I feel like it was all because someone, somewhere, was trying to tell me not to go through with it.


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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: September 2011

    @Hobokenbride2012:  Were you in that building on Washington Street that was completely destroyed?  I was so sad when that happened.  And my husband used to love the fruit market there.

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: September 2011

    @DCSquared:  Since our musician couldn’t make the wedding and we had to use recorded music for the ceremony, we wound up recessing to “Goodnight Irene”!

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    Bee Keeper

    Our limo broke down while while the entire bridal party, my husband and I were 15 miles away from the church taking photos before the ceremony. The big, beautiful limo that we paid about $1300 to have to make life “easier” that day.

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