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  • Wedding: July 2011

1) They played the wrong song for the seating of the mothers and grandmothers…I had chosen separate music for the mothers/grandmothers and bridal party…they used the bridal party selection for-stinkin’-ever.  Whatever.

2) DH’s grandparents refused to participate in the anniversary dance…and I think they would have been the longest married couple had they participated…again, whatever.

3) Our reception coordinator put floating candles in the vase I had set aside for my bouquet…again, whatever. 

All in all, a pretty good day!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: March 2012

@sailor:  Same here. Our DJ forgot our playlist, played my bridal march song for the bridal party and groom, and almost played the wrong song for me until my groom signaled to him that it was the wrong song. He also played songs that were not on our well thought out playlist that took weeks for us to complete. However, we forgave him because his dad died a few days before the wedding, the funeral was at 10am and our ceremony was at 12:30pm on the same day. So, he got to our venue early to set up and made it back in time to play. We were grateful that he showed up under the circumstances. We were not upset at all. Just grateful. It could have been so much worse.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Nothing major went wrong that I could tell. I know that the bridesmaids flowers were the wrong color, but honestly I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out and it still looked good. They also forgot two corsages I believe but otherwise I don’t think anything else went wrong, and if it did I didn’t notice…

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  • Wedding: August 2012

Okay so I will preface this by saying that none of the things that went “wrong” actually mattered and some of them really just added to the whole day. Our driver took a wrong turning so we got out, walked and got some great photos.

I walked in to the wrong part of my music and didn’t care (if you’d told me before I would have thought it was a tragedy). My dad stood on my train when I got down the aisle so I couldn’t move. H’s ring no longer fit and I had to really shove it on (had it resized straight after the wedding). The heart-shaped heel grips on my shoes slipped and things kept sticking to them. We didn’t get to see the reception room without guests or get pictures of it without guests as people were let in too early (again, if you’d told me before I would have thought it was a tragedy).

And lastly we paid to rent a couple of white tablecloths for the cake table and typewriter table. Well, the typewriter table had a green cloth on it on the day. I have no idea why, and have never asked the caterer, because she lowered her prices on the invoice and charged us less than we expected so I’m not going to fuss over a tablecloth.

If I’d read that before my wedding, I would have had a heart attack but none of these things mattered. I would have assumed I’d be really upset about the tablecloth. But it looked great and it was only the other day – a month later! – that I thought: hang on, that was the wrong colour…

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2004

1. i live in an area that has been in a drought for nearly 10 years. 2 weeks before our wedding it started raining. and it didnt stop till the day before our weddding. So our town flooded. our venue was cut off  and the waters had been rising and falling for the entire time, so we didnt know if we would have to change our ceremony venue or not. the day before the weddign the waters reached an all time high and caused a land slide to the back entrance to the venue so it was definetly cut off. i spent the day trying to find somewhere else for our venue. the only place i could get was the park in town and there was nothing else. so i bought 40 umbrellas.

2.My husband and his Groomsmen went to pick up their suits nd for some reason they arrived in the wrong sizes. ALL OF THEM. and the suit hiring guy wasnt going to help out at all!!! luckily one of the GM’s wives was there and went off!! they had to do some crazy mcguivering to get them right. and they kept me blissfully unaware. 

3.i was staying the night in a really nice old fashioned hotel. it was great. I was exhausted and was nearly asleep when i thought that i had better get up and close the  big heavy curtains (there were thin ones so you couldnt see in but it caught the morning sun so there were reallly heavy ones), so i got out of bed went to shut them and trod in something cold and squishy. yep it was a DOG SHIT!. they had an old dog who was an inside dog that lived in their appartment and he must of excaped. So i had to go and wash it off… i couldnt wash it all off in the shower as there wasnt enough pressure. i was going to have a bath in the morning but had to wash it off in the bath and i wasnt going to bathe myself in dog shit bath so i missed out.

4. I had told my hairdresser that i didnt want the same style for either of my BM’s i showed her the two pictures of what i wanted and somehow the two girls ended up with the exact same style and was nothing like i wanted. SO ANNOYED

5. i finally got back to my hotel room and the flowers had been delivered. all i asked for was the flowers to be massive and white. i got tiny little roses. WTH?? i hated my boquet.

6.got a fone call saying that the cd’s that had all my ceremony songs on it wasnt working. had to get Brother-In-Law to redo them. bless him!

7.flower girls hair that we paid $50 for fell out! she wasnt doing anythign at all but her curls went straight. my sis wasnt able to watch as they did her hair (she was getting hers done) they mustnot have put any hairspray in.. WTH!


honestly there is heaps more. I loved my wedding and writing this is getting me down… i didnt ever focus on any of these issues! and it honestly didnt worry me at all! i married the man of my dreams that i had for so long day dreamed about us being married. and that happend.. all the rest is just stuff… 


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  • Wedding: October 2011

Let’s see there were a few things that went wrong but nothing really major.  It brothered me at the moment but I had to just focus on the day and my future with my hubby…. (I still get upset when thinking about it..lol).

  1. My hair appointment was at 8:00am that morning and while my sister and I sat in front of the salon until 8:30am the tears started.  My orginial hairdresser was out of town but she had somone to fill in for her.  I should have known it wasn’t goin to go right when she said to herself in a low voice I hope she comes on time.  I’m thinking it’s my wedding day she better. Well she didn’t.  We left the salon at 8:40am because I had to get back to at get really for my make up eventually.  I was suppose to have clip in extensions and the lady asked me to bring them in 2 weeks early so she can set them with the curls.  So not only was she late but I had to go back to the hotel without my extensions.  Luckily she got to the salon and my sister told her to come to the hotle to come do my hair after I get my make up done. 
  2. Because of the delay of the hairdresser I was not able to get many pictures of getting dress because he had to live to get to the church to take the pictures of the guys. 
  3. I instructed my wedding coordinator that I wanted the aisle to have loads of tied tule at the end. WELL she tied one strip of tule around the end of the row and she added some cones in which I didn’t particularly like cones for my wedding.  (what type of effect is one strand of tule you can barely see it and I gave her a pic of what i wanted).
  4. The Best Man had to announce in the toast that my Hubby was backed up and he was glad that he will finally get some (and he is one of the deacons at our church).

Luckily it was a beautiful day and despite a few set backs we still enjoyed the day!!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Nothing major happened on my wedding day, it was jusy a bunch of little things that bothered me… 

  1. My bridal party table was missing a seat for my Maid/Matron of Honor and NONE of them had champagne… The Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man had nothing to do thier toast with. My planner had to steal a set from another table and wait for the staff to repace them. 
  2. My planner was a total BIOTCH to my family the whole day and then ended up leaving early. We were trying to hunt her down for tape for a bridesmaids dress… come to find out she left. 
  3. I missed a song I requested so that my hubby and I could dance our waltz… oops
  4. I forgot to request a song I wanted to dedicate to all my guests (it was a DW)
  5. The venue never cleaned the bridal suite and they forgot to set us up for a late checkout. My Maid/Matron of Honor and bridesmaid cleaned the room when they went up to decorate. I got lucky and didn’t even find out about this until long after the wedding. 
  6. My dress was laced wrong… I had no idea till we got back some of the pro pics… oppss… it stayed up and no one noticed but me.

So really I feel silly even complaining about them now. I had a beautiful outdoor beach wedding… no rain… and I married the man of my dreams. None of these things mattered. 

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Late people dispite the fact that I gave buffer times…

People getting in the photographer’s way to take own photos.

Seating chart was not honoured… left some guests awkwardly sitting together and having inappropriate conversations (which we tried to avoid)… still dealing with aftermath at home now.

Forgot to unbustle my bustle.

Cake tasted like pure sugar.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

It rained. Ugh. Our ceremony was indoors but we planned to take all our pictures before the ceremony because the ceremony was so late in the day .  But it rained and we couldn’t and I was so sad. It’s the only time I came close to crying the whole day.  We were going to take pictures downtown Chicago. We took a few outdoor pictures at the venue but I was so disappointed that I couldn’t smile and all my smiles look like grimaces. I’m still really sad about it ( it was just a week ago).

The DJ also didn’t play the bridal march which is what I wanted him to play.  He just continued to play the song for the rest of the processional , so my father and I were back there just waiting for the bridal march to start. The DJ was in an adjoining room so didnt see.  So in theends we just startedwalking to the wrong song. Actually, the DJ was not good but he was a friend of DH’s and did it free so oh well.

Several things went wrong but in the end I only was really sad about the rain and pics. Oh and the fact that lots of DH family didn’t come. Neither of his parents nor his sister, but we were kind of prepared for that. Still sucked, though

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  • Wedding: September 2012

We had a really wonderful day apart from our cake. We ordered a 5 tire cake with fondant. The cake arrived 4 hours late. So they had to take the back entrance of the location. And on the way there at the last few metres the cake was crashing. They were able to rescue the first 3 tires but they looked awfull.

Thank god it was one of the last things we did in that evening so it didn´t make me sad that moment. But afterwards it took quite some time that I wasn´t sad when I saw wedding cakes. I am still not over it but on the other hand: the rest of the wedding was just perfect… It could have gone worse. But the pictures are horrible…

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  • Wedding: September 2012

– Someone who had a role in our wedding backed out at the last minute with a whole bunch of lame excuses, so not only did we have to redo some paperwork/wedding programmes etc at the last minute, we ended up paying for him and his girlfriends empty seat/uneaten meal. I also saw the tantrum his girlfriend threw on twitter over him getting upset about not going (probably because my husband let him know his actions sucked in all honesty), and how their other plans were so much more important than our wedding apparently. Bitter i guess – she acted a little weird whenever we mentioned the wedding anyway i.e ignoring it/changing the subject. Thinking about it, we never should have asked him to be in the wedding. He is notorious for letting people down, and I must have known this as I said right from day one to him to let us know asap if he couldn’t make it as we were paying per head. So really he should not have been a candidate in the first place. We even asked him a week or so before this if he was definitely still in so there was really no excuse but then again WE should have known better. He hasn’t even sent a card or gift, so I assume he never really fully intended to come/didn’t know if his girlfriend would allow it perhaps lol. This was the only thing that really upset me (and I’m still upset and don’t really feel like talking to him now), but I didn’t allow it to ruin the day and everyone who DID come was awesome and enjoyed the day with us 🙂

– The DJ was TERRIBLE! A lot of my friends (and me and my husband) are Michael Jackson fans, and we asked him beforehand if he had any MJ tracks. He told us he had every single track. This was a total lie. It was lucky we burned some rarer ones onto a disc, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any. But he STILL didn’t play them all! Plus we had some Asian music on this disc as well (my husband is Pakistani and so are several of his friends). The DJ only played 2 of them. He spent the rest of the evening playing what he wanted to, which for some reason included Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake,,,THREE TIMES!!! Useless man!!!

– The venue lost the gifts for our parents, and we still haven’t got them back. They put them “in storage” and then nobody could locate them.

– I forgot to put out the guest book, so the only people who signed it are the ones who stuck around after the whole evening was over.

– I was extremely late thanks to my mother, who was fussing over her corsage FOREVER. When I told her I needed to actually get there early to meet with the registrar before the ceremony started (it was already 10 minutes past the ceremony time and a half an hour drive to get there – I was supposed to be there 15 minutes before the ceremony as well) she really snapped at me that there was nothing she could do about that. Yes mother…short of FIXING IT IN THE CAR lololol. She then procedes to make jokes with everyone all day about how her daughter is notoriously late to everything and had made no exception on her wedding day. Hmph!

– My hairdressers decided to do both my hair and my bridesmaids differently. I didn’t really care but noticed it went a bit flat. I think the style we agreed would have kept better, especially in the wind.

– One of my readers had a few drinks to calm his nerves. He then got up and made jokes about being an alcoholic and stumbled over a few words in the reading – even asking me if certain words existed at one point. 

– My severely autistic cousin had to be taken away by my uncle before I even arrived. I have no idea what happened.

– The registrar kept pronouncing my husbands name really funny.

– We forgot to set off our chinese lanterns.

But far more positives happened than negatives – in fact most of those I can laugh at now. The day was a happy one that even our guests enjoyed and have said they wish we could do it all again as the day was full of fun and laughter.


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  • Wedding: June 2012

2 weeks before my nephew (1 1/2 yrs old) was in a near drowning accident.  It is a life altering injury to say the least.  My brother and his fam were unable to make their journey from AZ b/c of this.  It was an awful horrible situation.  Everyone had heavy hearts on my side of the family.  I know this sounds TERRIBLE- and I did not express this to ANYONE, but I was Very upset that this situation REALLY dampened our day.  I felt guilty enjoying it…. and had to explain the situation and give updates to all of the guests.     

My neice (nephew’s sister- age 2 1/2) did come to Indiana for the summer after the accident (since my brother and SIL were busy with the nephew and his fight for life)— but once we got her flower girl dress on her- she THREW A FIT.  She hated the crinoline and would not cooperate AT ALL.  I expected for atleast one kid in the wedding to not cooperate- luckily we had of kiddos that got the job done 🙂

My DH was being a douche at the rehearsal dinner- and texting WHILE we were practicing (with someone on their way there…. but my thoughts were- they’re late… F them)

My Dad- also a douche at the rehearsal- was also texting- when I asked that he not carry his phone at all in the church during the wedding- he went off on me b/c I needed to think of other’s and my brother was basically more important to me.  He went off on me- it was ridiculous!  So then my parents (divorced, and do not get along) got into it for over a flipping hour about how he treats me and what a douche he was being. Super awkward.  Was irrate with both of them.

I hated my bouquet.  It just wasn’t what I wanted.

At our after-party (after reception we had a party at my grandparents house with a BBQ feel)- I had changed into a diff summery dress.  One of DH’s friends went to hug him in a weird way- smacked my drink out of my hand and went ALL OVER my dress.  I was so tired, emotional and worn out I just stormed off and cried in the house.   It came out- but I was ticked.

The music wasn’t good- at the ceremony the guy didn’t let songs play long enough so it was like 10 second snippets and changed songs as people walked in before my “grand entrance”- hard to explain but it was dumb.  Also- my dj- was lame.  I didnt pay much for him- and it showed.  Although, those were not at all important to me.

Basically, it was a hot mess of a day… definitely not the happiest day of my life…. I would give that day to the day we got engaged so far….

But, we are married—- We went away the next day

and I really only remember the good parts.  This list took me a good 20 minutes to remember b/c I really don’t think about most of it.  I also love our pictures!!! 


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  • Wedding: October 2012

Weeeeeeeeeeeell,  at my first wedding in 2004, my father completely forgot our bouquets at my parents house. I had him drive 30 minutes round trip to go and get them because I refused to go down the aisle without my bouquet.  Most of my family knew that I was queer and had only dated women up until my ex husband (to them, I’m just bisexual, but let’s not mince words here…) so they figured I was a runaway bride and began to titter amongst themselves, which my ex husband’s family began to hear across the aisle…for the first time (except ex husband of course, I’m not nuts.) Classy, folks.  When I came walking down the aisle, I knew something was up when my exMIL and exFIL had green faces, my ex husband looked scared and sweaty, and the priest looked ashen.  Should have turned around, right then.  My dad even commented halfway down the aisle “We can turn around…riiiiiight now.”

Furthermore, my exMIL fancies herself quite the seamstress. I’m not saying she doesn’t do fantastic work for baby dresses and bonnets and such, but she decided that she was going to make her 2 daughters’ dresses instead of pay for them (they were my junior bridesmaids.) I had told her my colors were plum and burgundy, and she ordered flimsy, crappy poly satin, the kind that runs when you try to stretch a stitch. The chiffon she ordered for the girl’s cap sleeves (you know, modesty…) was stiff and itchy to them, so they kept futzing with it throughout the entire thing. She refused every gown pattern suggestion as “too hard” or “not modest enough,” and so finally I gave up and said…have a ball.  And so she did.  Her youngest daughter has always been on the larger side, and she made her dress 4 months before the wedding with no room to grow into. Mind you, she was 11 at the time, so you’d think she would have known better, raising 4 children before the youngest.  Yes, that makes 5 kids. The poor dear’s dress split right down the ass underneath her zipper because she was a stuffed sausage and tried to dance. I had to have her take it off, and safety pin it up the back ass seam. It looked okay, as it didn’t rip too much, but she complained that the safety pins kept jabbing her butt when she sat. I was never so angry at my exMIL than that moment…Not because of the design, or the fabric, or the color which was also more of a ruby red…But because she had made the dress way too small for her daughter and caused her shame and embarrassment at such a tender age. 


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  • Wedding: September 2012

We bought a destination wedding package for the two of us.

Depsite the confirmation, questions and travel agent double checking things, my wedding flowers(meant for decorating our outdoor ceremony) were a HUGE disappointment. And i’ll never forget how it wasn’t what i wanted.

My walking down the aisle song was started at the wrong point, so instead of walking to the instrumental, it was the singing part which nobody thought to turn off/down throughout the ceremony – it was very distracting.

Our justice of peace was so unfriendly and at one point after, i burst out crying in front of her and she just literally ran away and never spoke to me the entire time she was around.

My bouquet, i already had one but was supplied with one in the package so it was going to be used at alter decoration, i was asked which colour i wanted (cream) i got every pink colour imaginable – i specifically said no pink!

I ran out of time to get ready, so in my mind could get my hair/make up perfect or the way i had been researching and practicing for months on end.

It was boiling hot, i don’t do heat well, we wanted an autumn wedding and traveled hundreds of miles for it so we could have lovely orangey coloured leaves in our photos, but they hadn’t even changed colour since the weather was so warm.!

My hair wouldn’t stay in place despite mases of hair spray again because of the heat.

My wedding breakfast was so disappointing(also in package) they put in the least amount of effort than they had for all the previous ones we’d had there(staying several nights at an Inn)

I cried! because it wasn’t at all what i wanted.


Then at the end of the night we wanted to go to a nice resturant,(wedding package says they will book somewhere nice etc on your behalf) they told us about one option, that we didn’t like, then told us there were no taxi’s that would take us near the restaurants and then mentioned that they would only be open for another 2 hrs. We walked 20 mins, had sore feet, were over dressed and ended up at a place that was no where near nice enough for a wedding dinner, but we were starving. the place was almost empty so we felt pressured to rush, and had to have most of our meal wrapped…


i think that’s about it! it could’ve been worse, i supppose.




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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Our day was wonderful and hold so many happy memories for us and our families and friends. Like PPs have said, the things that went “wrong” ended up not even mattering! But here they are…

  • My strapless dress was way too loose on top and kept sliding down
  • My bustle stayed in for about 15 minutes. My mom just ended up tucking my train into the back of my dress. Classy.
  • Hardly anyone signed our guestbook advice/wish cards. We never told the DJ to announce it.
  • My Father-In-Law dropped a full bottle of Woodford Reserve (bourbon) and it was totally wasted.
  • I threw up before the ceremony (nerves)
  • One of the BMs accidentally put the marriage license in her suitcase and didn’t find it until the next day when DH and I were already at the sirport
  • It rained pretty much all day, so DH and I didn’t get to do a sunset photo shoot.

Those sound like a lot, but really, the day was perfect.


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