(Closed) Married Bees: What went wrong at your wedding?

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  • Wedding: August 2012

When I got my manicure the day before I asked the salon to put on too many coats and it didn’t dry properly – I took a huge chunk out almost right away and ended up taking it off and just doing it myself at about midnight.

I couldn’t sleep and was having warm milk and cinnamon at 3 am to try and calm myself down. Maybe I slept an hour or two.

I forgot the vintage hankerchief my Mother-In-Law gave me.

I was so nervous on the way from the hairdressers to the hotel that I had to make the car pull over so I could dry heave into a country ditch. Hair all made up and everything. Then we got stuck behind construction, and then a train crossing.

I arrived at our venue on time but was late starting the ceremony because no one told me what time it was. Everyone sweat outside for 20 extra minutes.

My bouquet was wrong. It had crespedia mums, which are like a masculine little ball type flower which matched my groom’s boutenierre, but the florist raised them too high in my bouquet over top of the other larger mums so to me it looked like my bouquet was diseased or like science molecules.

A bug flew into my veil during our ceremony, and I didn’t know, but my husband spent the whole time trying to decide if he should get it or leave it, because he didn’t want it flying into my face all of a sudden. 

Some of our guests couldn’t see because people had brought big umbrellas for shade.

Once I got sweaty, my cutlet inserts and strapless bra started to shift and slide down.

The cake was decorated totally wrong. I asked for black scrolls with yellow tips. They gave me white on white scrolls with black tips (in sort of dashes). It looked like our beautiful cake was covered in pubic hair.  

They didn’t dim the lights for our first dance.

Someone threw up in the bushes at the front doors of the venue.

The crowd was really silent during speeches, barely a reaction. Crickets.

My 8 year old nephew crawled all over the floor all night and kept popping up randomly under people’s tables.

My dress got destroyed – spilled on (mostly by me), ripped, stepped on, the bustle broke, the bottom was black by the end of the night.

I didn’t get to mingle with people as much as I wanted to.

I had given our venue a chart for the kitchen indicating where specific allergies or dietary restrictions were sitting. They didn’t use it at all and our guests had to keep sending things back.

A couple signed our guest frame (signing mat) twice and another family signed it 3 times.

We printed our programs twice because of a spelling error, and we got almost the entire stack of them back.

A few guests didn’t give us a card or a gift at all. (Including 3 of our own wedding party.)

Still…best day of my life. πŸ™‚ The list of things that went right would be way longer.


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  • Wedding: October 2012

I know it isn’t FUNNY but reading this is funny.  It is a stress reliever.  Thanks everyone for sharing

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  • Wedding: August 2012

@Sunshine09:  you can get black out of a dress – mine was black on the bottom and the dry cleaner said they’d seen alot worse.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

My niece who was also my flower girl cried throughout the ceremony.  Both of her parents (my bro and sil) were in the wedding party so my mom had to take her somewhere else and was worried that she won’t be able to see me get married due to my cry baby niece. But mom was able to calm her down when it was close to the end of the ceremony. 

A little more than half of the guests we invited did not show up, due to the ridiculous fair traffic.

Other than that, Nothing.

It was an amazing day and I would not trade it for anything.



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  • Wedding: November 2011

Our DJ bailed for a different job with weeks to go, so we ended up with a new one.

I met my MOH/SIL the Tuesday before our Saturday wedding .

My sister got lost on the way to the rehearsal with the food – so we ate late.  The next morning she was supposed to stop at my parents to get all the church flowers and then get to the church early to put them in the pew cones.  She never showed and we couldn’t contact her – finally found out she was at church.  3 copies of the schedule were given to her family.  But I’m not surprised.

I purchased white button downs and ties for my nephews to wear.  Because of my sister not following the schedule, they didn’t get handed over, so one was in a brown stripe shirt with a green plaid tie.

My Mother-In-Law and SIL were rushing through flower arrangements, and dropped one vase.  I later found out that my parents were running late the next morning because they had to stop at the Legion and fix all the flowers – they weren’t done right.

I opened up my box of linens I ordered online and found enough napkins for 2 tables, not for 12.  Major outburst there “WILL ANYTHING WITH THIS WEDDING GO RIGHT?!?!?”

I got a 12×12 photo book of our epics for the guest book – almost everyone signed on one page.

My centerpieces were gone at the end of the night- not one left.  I wanted to give them to my mom’s nursing home.

My Father-In-Law asked me 1 hour into the reception about breakdown.  Seriosly?  Let me enjoy my day.

My Mother-In-Law complained that the finger rolls weren’t big enough for her to make a sandwich out of.  Um – it’s not supposed to be sandwiches – it’s a finger roll.

Our pastor messed up the order of ceremony a bit – but not a big deal.  And I put the wrong song number in the program!  Again – NBD.

We had two people in wheelchairs, and both wheelchairs are the wider ones.  One chair was in the aisle by several inches, and the aisle is narrow.  Rather than asking one of them to move into a pew, they left the chair in the aisle, and we all had to go around it.

Three people showed up without RSVPs.

And oh, god, the florist.  OH MY GOD!!!!  I met with her 4 times to confirm everything.  I sent my parents a very very specific list of what to pick up.  I needed 5 corsages (2 pin/3 wrist) and 9 bouts.  I got 2 bouts and 16 corsages.  My bouguet was half dead.  I ended up using one of the two Maid/Matron of Honor bouquets – I had ordered one.  The ONLY thing I was happy about was the alter arrangements.  And, I was quoted $400 plus tax.  The total was $650.  SO UPSET and the company refused to do anything.

Later on, no one was dancing, at all πŸ™  and I actually got bored – I had talked to everyone, and it just got boring.  I wish it had been more fun.  But I’m married, and overall it was a great day πŸ™‚

The one GOOD part – our cake.  I got our cake from WalMart and expected it to be soso, or ready to be put on CakeWrecks.  It was beautiful.  Not fondant, and not extravegant, but beautiful in a classic/homey way.  And tasted good!  No one had any idea where we got it from – they all thought it was a $500 cake.

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  • Wedding: June 2012

We had only a couple things go wrong! None of them serious, thankfully.

– The ceremony musician never showed up. I spoke to her on the phone the day before to confirm the time, she was on board, then the day of — nothing. She had the time wrong by an hour, somehow. Luckily the officiant had a small portable PA system in her car, and my bridesmaid’s fiance downloaded the songs we wanted onto his phone and hooked it up to the PA. He had to awkawrdly perch up hidden behind some flowers to turn the music on and off (the only outlet in the place was hidden above where the officiant stood), but it worked out just fine. Really I had only hired the musician to appease my bonkers mom, so I wasn’t too broken up about not having her there. Plus she refunded our deposit and sent a gift to say sorry, so budgetwise we ended up ahead!

– My dopey birdcage veil was askew through the entire ceremony and in all our formal pictures and no one noticed. Should have put someone on veil watch, but I didn’t think about it ahead of time.

– All of my dopey cousins managed to (independently of each other) oversleep and then get lost. I was bummed that they missed the ceremony, but they turned up just in time to hop into a couple formal pictures and then head to the reception.

– Poor husband busted his toe the night before the wedding. My dad made this pie tower, and he builds everything like it has to withstand a nuclear blast – so it was this heavy, reinforced monster of a tower. (Pretty, though.) Husband was carrying part of it out to the car and it dropped on his foot. He just barely made it through the ceremony in shoes, and had to change to sandals (and socks, how sexy πŸ˜› ) for the reception.

Other than that stuff, everything went super well!


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I must preface this by saying it was a beautiful day. I am a lucky woman and I am beyond thrilled with our day.

We ran extremely late and didnt get the majority of the pictures we wanted.

DH got his suit from JC Penney. About a week and a half before the wedding he finally tried it on after losing 20lbs. He had to exchange it, but no problem, they had plenty. The problem came an hour before the wedding when he put the new jacket on….the anti-theft tag was still attached!! He raised hell with the lady at JC Penney on the phone while she walked him through how to remove it without destroying the jacket. No one told me until the problem was solved.

The aisle runner wasnt rolled back up straight after rehearsal. It got stuck….the whole way down. The DOC had to help my nephews unroll it.

We had a knot ceremony. DH asked me who to give the ropes to. I told him to give them to Jamie. He gave them to my Bridesmaid or Best Man, Jamie instead of the officiant, who was also Jamie. Opps! Bridesmaid or Best Man didn’t know what the hell the ropes were for and left them laying on a bench. The wedding video is going to be really funny when they get my reaction of the officiant asking for the ropes.


They were just like 50 yards away, and someone ran to grab them.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

@nyscpa2be:  You just reminded me! We got a Wal-Mart bakery cake, too. Hell, $120 for a three-tier cake that feeds 130? You can’t beat that. It was delicious and the decorating was much better than I expected. However, the top was a little uneven…and it made my topper fall off. Which broke the bride’s head off. So we stuck my head back on the body with icing to get a picture. πŸ˜›

Same cake was quoted at $350 from a small bakery.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Nothing major went wrong on our wedding day but some things got kinda messed up, which noone knew about except us. 

* Due to time restraints, not all our decor items made it out of the boxes… so there were some things we didn’t get to put out…(our bobblehead cake toppers, some chalkboard signs for the card table and guest book table)

*The PA system wasn’t working pre ceremony…. which meant there was no pre ceremony music until about 10 minutes before the ceremony.   My band leader had to run out and grab a mixer from my work etc. 

*The weather was crappy after the ceremony – cold and rainy – It rained when we were out for our outside pictures. 

*I somehow forgot to put our first dance song on the ipod – so my band leader pulled out his iphone and youtubed it… haha.

*The popcorn bar was supposed to be set up prior to everything and covered with a tablecloth – which it wasn’t – so they had to take it all up to the bridal suite until 9pm and bring it all back down… they didn’t set it up properly but whatever – noone noticed but me.

*My DH forgot to tell the MC about the Grand Entrance – so that didn’t work out as planned. but again – noone noticed.

*There was supposed to be Wine and Champagne free all night – we forgot to tell the bar staff this.

*Our polaroid guestbook was supposed to be set up outside – and after snapping your picture it was to be clipped onto string that was hanging on the wall – well due to crappy weather – it had to be placed inside all laying flat on a table.  Not visually appealing but noone seemed to care or even know how it was supposed to be.

*We didn’t get in some pictures we wanted from the photographer because we could never find my DH because he was all over the place.

*Our Justice of the Peace forgot to announce the group photo immediately following the ceremony – so that didn’t get done. 

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  • Wedding: September 2012

The day was lovely..but we still had little snafus…=p

– His mother showed up late for the ceremony. I only found out later. The wedding coordinator was going crazy..saying..this had never happened before. DH made the decision to continue the ceremony without Mother-In-Law.


– The DJ messed the ceremony songs up..DH got the wedding coordinator to change the songs half way.

– wedding coordinator forgot our personalized vow cards. Our officiant started reading VERY SLOWLY. DH talked to the best man who talked to a cousin in the audience who ran to the wedding coordinator..the vow cards were IN HER POCKET!

Those were the major ones..DH was not too happy with his food..but other than that the day was lovely..and I’m MARRIED!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2012 - Iowa

Ultimately my day was AMAZING.

The little things that went wrong are all little things –
I forgot to wear my grandmother’s pearl necklace (which I am sad about but can’t change now)… I was planning on only wearing it for the ceremony as my something old (liked the clean look for pictures before) and totally forgot about it.

The flower girl tutus got sooo bunched up we had to keep pulling them down/’combing’ them, but they were still adorable. One of the flower girls (both are 6) was terrible for pictures though, was playing with the microphone pre-ceremony, and actually got up in the middle of the ceremony (front row) and was talking during. Then after the ceremony she (niece) and fiance’s daughter (9) fell asleep when they stopped at home and my brother-in-law let them sleep so they missed the rehearsal entrance. Besides that she (fg) threw a fit about her clothes and showed up in JEANS and a tshirt. A little irksome but not the end of the world.

Our DIY bouteniers and corsages were pretty droopy/losing petals, one of the girls flicked her wrist and the whole thing fell to ther ground which was actually comical.

I had bubbles on the outside seats of the aisle with little notes saying when guests should blow them (after the kiss) but for whatever reason this didn’t catch on. No biggie!

I had water bottles and all 3 cases were suppsoed to make it into a silver tub.. one was still sitting out during the ceremony and is in pics, not so pretty.

My bustle was done wrong after the ceremony (i was soo excited to get some wine and join in cocktail hour I didn’t make sure it was done right) so all pics post-ceremony my dress looks funny. We didn’t get it fixed until after the first dance/cake cutting. πŸ™ Photoshop can only do so much.

My advice is to let things slide on your wedding day – its all how you look at it. You can get mad and throw a tissy, or starty crying, or laugh it off! Keep a postitive attitude and nothing will ruin your day! All I wished for was no rain, and we got it, everything else went as smoothly as possible. I think it’d be pretty hard if not impossible to have a PERFECT day so expect a few things to go wrong and be ready for them.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!

We kept it simple, so there would be no chance of any major issues on the day.  It was warmer than expected for Sept 22 (in the 80’s) but that’s better than being cold!


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  • Wedding: December 2009

It’s easier to say what went right … I married my husband.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Ah, there was so many things that went wrong!  I wish I had heed all the married bees’ advice of not sweating it but I did let it bother me for a bit.

1.  Half the bridal party was missing from rehearsal because they were all traveling together and did not plan for traffic.

2.  The Best Man (my DH’s brother) did not prepare a toast nor did he bring an appropriate colored dress shirt (we let the guys wear whatever suit they had but asked they bring a white shirt because we bought their ties [which was green]).

3.  The DJ had speaker problems at the begining of the reception.

4.  Our MC (a dear friend) had stage fright and screwed-up the intros which was fine, we thought it was endearing, but he was upset over it. 

5.  The restaurant was oddly warm so we were all hot/sweaty.

6.  I screwed up the table seating so people were all over the place.

7.  A whole table was empty.

In the end, the DH and the guests had a blast so…*shrugs*  No one knew what went wrong except me.  lol

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