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  • Wedding: September 2012

Ok, let me see how many things I can remember. 


1.  The venue called the night of the rehearsal to say that some of the linens they had ordered (cream)  came in the wrong size, so they were too short for our bigger 12 top tables.  We could either try to squeeze everyone at the smaller sized tables, or use their white covers which wouldn’t match the rest of the cream tables.  They asked the company to rush them new cream linens in the right size, and I can’t tell you what color we ended up having for the bigger tabes, and I’m sure my guests didn’t notice either!

2.     Our limo driver was late, supposed to arrive 30 mins prior to pick up time, instead called and needed directions because he missed the turn to the venue.  Meanwhile, a bunch of people left because they thought the wedding was over as music ended etc and no one knew he had a streamer/confetti exit planned.  It worked out ok though, family stayed and some close friends that we asked to wait it out.  As it turned out, we couldn’t have fit anymore people at the front entrance anyway so I’m hoping we still got some great exit shots. 

3. Also, we reserved a white limo and DH had confirmed it the week of.  We got a black limo anyway.  DH was really upset thinking I would be upset, but I honestly couldn’t care less at that point.  I was more worried when the limo was late that he wasn’t going to show and wondering how we would get to our hotel and how we would do our exit plans and then have no car to get into!  Compared to that, black limo was no biggie πŸ™‚

4. We forgot to cut the grooms cake during the reception.  Figured this one out when we had a whole cake leftover that night.  Luckily, we had planned a pool party celebration for our families the following day at DH’s parents’ house so we cut the cake there.  I still wish people at the wedding would have been given the option of white or chocolate cake, but oh well.

5. My bouquet toss was super wimpy which I am quite embarrassed by.   One of my bridesmaids luckily ran forward to catch it or it would have fallen on the ground.  Right before i did the toss, my DH pointed out to me that there was a huge chandelier above the dance floor and warned me so I wouldn’t hit it.  Very sweet, but I overcompensated I guess and had a wimpy toss instead.  I don’t know that my photos of the bouquet toss will turn out very well as a result, but the photog had me do a fake toss right before so hopefully we have a good pic of right before I let go of the bouquet instead!

5. My biggest regrets are picture-related. Main one, I am fairly certain there is not a picture of my Mom and me at the reception.  I would have loved a pic of us hugging or sharing a special moment, but it didn’t happen.  I was running around most the night trying to mingle with guests and she was doing behind the scenes stuff making sure everything went smoothly so there wasn’t a lot of time for us to visit.  I was so concerned with talking to everyone who came which is great, most traveled a good distance to be there, but I’d much rather offend a few guests I hardly know and get pictures of me spending time with my closest friends and family at the reception instead.  I also don’t have a pic of me with my Mother-In-Law or Father-In-Law at the reception I don’t think.  At least we have the father-daughter dance and we did do family portraits right after the ceremony just no candid shots I am aware of which I would have preferred. I do however have the photos of my Mom helping me get ready to look forward to so at least there will be candid pics of me with my Mom just not after I was married!

6. I bought a personalized hanger on etsy for the popular wedding dress hanging by itself photo.  When we got to our hotel room, we found out the hanger was hidden by the cornice board.  Still got a shot of the dress, but the hanger is not visible. πŸ™  I plan to get this shot on my own after the fact and hang it somewhere in my house or at our venue.  At least that can be recreated.

7. My Mom embroidered me a monogram patch that we sewed into my dress on the wedding day.  We sewed it upside down on my skirt so if i flipped the skirt up it would show right side up.  However, in all the excitement of the day I forgot to get this picture πŸ™  I feel awful about it because my Mom worked so hard making it.  I may try to recreate it and just not have my head in the shot since I won’t have hair/makeup done again.  I know the photographer got pics of us sewing it in so it’s captured, but I also was hoping for a cute flipped up pic.  Oh well.

8. I think my Dad stood up at the altar with us for far too long.  No one else has said anything so I hope no one noticed, but it felt like a really long time to me.  I think we should have adjusted the order of our ceremony a bit so he could say his “Who gives this woman” piece earlier.  Instead the minister welcomed everyone and said a little something before that part so i think a lot of our early photos may have me with my dad and my DH.  I guess as long as we also got a good shot of just me and DH up there though it won’t matter at all.  Not like you need 50 pictures of that part for anything.

9. Oh, yeah.  Got married at a golf course so we had golf carts that drove us around to various picture locations after the ceremony.  We were rushing to get back to the reception at a decent time, and our golf cart died.  We switched to another golf cart that was free and that one died too.  Our photographer was in a different golf cart so he had to push ours the rest of the way up the hill bumper cars style to get back to the clubhouse for the reception.  Funny now, but stressful at the time!

10.  I couldn’t see my Dad from my table when he was giving his speech.  I tried to lean back in my chair but never got a good view.  After his, I decided to stand up so I could see everyone but I wish I had done that in time for his too. πŸ™

11. One of the decorations I had bought never got put out.  Not a big deal, but we realized we forgot to take it to the venue with all the other decorations the night before while I was getting ready the morning of the wedding.  My Mom asked my dad to bring it to the venue before the ceremony and have them set it up.  He did, but they still never got put out. 

12. I think there was a problem with our shuttles that transferred guests to/from the ceremony from the hotel.  We were pretty much ready to go on time, but then someone said we may want to wait because it looked like a lot of our guests hadn’t arrived yet and they thought the last shuttle was still coming with them.  So we had to start late which I really didn’t want to do since I’ve been a guest at weddings that started late.  Also, other guests probably thought I wasn’t ready which was not the case.

13. Because we started late, there was an issue at the reception of when to close the open bar.  It was supposed to be 5 hours, but I think they closed it 5 hours from when we were supposed to start instead of 5 hours after when we actually started.  I was oblivious to this one but DH told me about it after the fect.  I guess he overheard them saying bar was closing and was able to get it corrected.  Hopefully not too many guests noticed that either!

14. Since we started late, the photog asked my bridesmaids and me to go outside to take some pictures before the ceremony to save time.  However, this caused my dress to get dirty.  I wasn’t good at remembering to let my bridesmaids pick up my train for me before walking to the next spot, so I think I got some dirt marks on the top of the train as well before the ceremony which was too bad.  Hopefully they won’t be too noticeable in photos.

15. One of my guests got lost and arrived really late, sat down after the flowergirl started to go down the aisle. Hoping the videographer edits that part out!

16. My Maid/Matron of Honor didn’t use notes and forgot to mention my favorite story.  She realized shortly after and came over to apologize.  It was the first thig she had planned to say and somehow she just forgot.  I wish I would have had that part on video but her speech was still very nice and heartfelt

Ok, I think that’s it.  A lot more things than I thought would go wrong, but aside from not capturing some memories the others didn’t bother me in the least.  I was so happy that day not a lot would have upset me and looking back on them now they seem kind of silly anyway.  I am anxious to see our wedding photos though and I hope we got some really good ones to compensate for some of the ones I had planned that we didn’t get πŸ™ 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

Things that went wrong:

1. My parents had the place cards – I asked them to get to the reception hall at 6 to put them out – reception started at 7pm.  We got to the banquet hall at 630 went to the bridal room for some touch ups at 645pm I was informed that there a lot of guests that already arrived and there were no place cards – called my mom in a panick and she said she’s sorry and they will be there in a few minutes.  When she got there she was rushing to put the place cards out and the layout of them looked like SHIT.  but whatever

2. Our first wedding dance – OMG. Complete disaster – we took dance lessons, practiced almost every day for 6 months, he stepped on my dress, ripped it.. freaked out then got cmpletely lost and couldnt figure out what he was going to do SO I had the band stop the music so we could start all over LOL.  Let me tell you I’ve never seen a bride stop the first dance.. I was furious at this point even though I dont remember being furious but I’m sure I’ll have pictures and video to prove it.  THe second time around it wasnt anywhere near where it needed to be but we managed to get through the dance.

3. Our florist dropped the ball – a part of our tradition is that at the end of the night the bride and groom give their parents bouquets of flowers to thank them for everything (even though we paid for the wedding).. well the flowers werent there.. I’ve been in touch with our florist since them and she had them delivered the day after and said she was sorry and that this has never happened before.  I then went to write a not so nice review on wedding wire and noticed that a few weeks ago the same bride had the same issue. NOT COOL.


4. One of his second cousins wore WHITE yes a plain white dress.. this just pissed me off but I was only mad for a bit when I first saw it then I got over it.  She has two daughters… they’ll be getting married soon.. I could be the better person and not a wear dress to the daughters weddings but honestly.. I think I will.. haven’t put too much thought into yet


5. I paid $2,000 for my dress and the moment anyone stepped on it when I was dancing it kept on ripping.. I was mad about this too because we wasted a lot of time trying to sew the dress back so that it didnt look like a disaster…

6. My cake topper was never put on and as we were cutting the cake I realized it was sitting next to the cake.. oh well! 


All in all I had so many people tell me it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever attended and everyone kept on saying how FUN it was so well I guess all that really matters is the fact that I got to marry the love of my life and we threw a great party for people!

That’s about it!

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Wireless mic at the ceremony.  As one of our friends said…if you want to hear it, don’t use a wireless mic.

Learn from my mistake.  Only true regret of our day.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

These stories are making me scared to have a wedding!!!!

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  • Wedding: May 2012

Our caterers cut our wedding cake up before I’d seen it and before we’d cut it. We walked over to it with the photographer to take the cake cutting photo and there was my 3 teir cake, all chopped up into peices for guests……. When we mentioned this slight issue to the caterer he almost cried he was so apologetic. Apparently in 15yrs he’s never made such a big mistake.

TBH I wasn’t that fussed but did mean people were a little confused about when the buffett was open for the evening. Also my Aunt had made the cake and so it should of been photographed for her sake.

If thats the only problem with my wedding day – I am very very blessed!! πŸ™‚

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Only a couple, I did stress a little about them on the wedding day..  but looking back it was no big deal

1. Our slideshow pictures were out of order
2. One of the songs we had downloaded was a bad version (it cut off too early) but we just laughed it off
3. I forgot my extra hand-made photo booth decorations
4. The curls in my hair fell out from the humidity (still upset about that but not much I could do)

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

1) One of the bathroom stalls in the ladies restroom wouldn’t flush, the urinal in the mens restroom was overflowing and a table was broken. These issues were resolved before the reception but still.

2) We had a friendor for our cake and when she delivered it it looked horrible and the icing fell off one side completely and she just filled it in with more icing. We faced that side away from the guests and it was lopsided.

3) Our church ceremony started 30minutes late.

4) I ugly cried walking down the aisle lol

5) Our DJ didn’t download any of the songs we requested so our dance started 1hr later because he was downloading them on his phone off of youtube.

I’m sure there were much more things that went wrong but I cant think of any more right now.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Overall our wedding was amazing and everyone said they had the best time, but a few things did go wrong…

  • It rained ALL day! We were supossed to have an outdoor ceremony. We ended up delaying the wedding for about an hour. The rain would stop long enough for us to think we would be able to still have the ceremony outside and then start again! πŸ™
  • My husbands sister had been a pain in our ass for about 6 months… She was supossed to be IN the wedding but ended up leaving her dress (that I paid for…) at alterations and dropped out of the wedding the week before! She caused A TON of drama that I won’t even get into…. but ended up showing up at the wedding reception, causing a scene and literally “peeling out” of the parkinglot.
  • Our DJ didn’t have one of our songs and played something completely different as we walked out of the ceremony. πŸ™

Other than that everything was great! My split family even managed to get along through out the whole day!! πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

All and all it was the perfect day and I’m married to the love of my life. Although there was a few little things

-Only three people signed the guest book. I made these cute little hearts that I was gonna frame after. sigh. Although my husbands exstraged uncle decided to write a couple dozon rude message ones. 

-We didn’t get all the family pictures we want cause people kept disapearing inside while waiting their turn. Also missed out on a great shot with Hubby’s car cause one women who worked there would not move her car, and it started raining. 



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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

My IL’s were an hour and 15 minutes late for the ceremony and 30% chance of rain turned into torrential downpours and tornado warnings. Thanks to the new emergency alert texts I recieved these warnings as I sat in the limo waiting for said IL’s. 

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  • Wedding: August 2011

One of my bridesmaids just didn’t show up. Still haven’t gotten an explanation for it either. When she did finally show (not to the rehearsal or before the wedding, but in the MIDDLE of it), she clomped down the aisle (big shoes on a wood deck) during our ceremony and joined everyone like she had never been missing. I was livid. But I kept a smile on my face, let her joing pictures, and treated her well all evening. Since then we don’t really talk though. If you want details, you can read my blog post about it. She was responsible for several items. Luckily my husband didn’t trust her so we had backups of most things. 


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

So our weddng was definitely amazing and a blast, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Our guests especially enjoyed the photobooth, ice cream truck, open bar, and the venue.

We got lots of “wedding of the year” comments, so I know I’m the only one that noticed when anything went wrong, which in the scheme of things, was almost nothing. Almost.

1. We had no ceremony music. The guitarist and singer we hired said he got his dates mixed up, and when my hubby called him 15 minutes after our ceremony was set to start, he said he would be there in 8. We waited 15 more minutes and still no musician.  At that point our priest said we had to start, so he basically chanted during our ceremony. I was slightly bummed only because I didn’t get to walk in with that whole wedding march song, but even without music, the feeling and love that was present during our ceremony was palpable. And at the end, our wedding party started humming the wedding song when we walked out and it was totally spontaneous, hilarious, and unforgettable. Note: this was one of only TWO things I left for my husband to do for the wedding. He was responsible for the tuxes and the ceremony music, so he does feel guilty about it, even though it was totally the music guy’s fault.  And our families are all a bunch of musicians too, I sing, my dad and his brothers play in a band, the hubby’s cousin and brother also play, and so do a bunch of my cousins. But we had no instruments and no plan B.

2. The venue did not include the “au jus” for our tri tip steak, so it was super dry.

3. I did not wear a bra under my dress because when I tried it on, it didn’t need one and the seamstress said it would be OK, but as the hours wore on, I definitely needed one – so thank goodness one of my bridesmaids volunteered her bra (she has implants!), so I felt much better during the reception.

4. One of my bridesmaid’s forgot her necklace at home and all of my bridesmaid’s were supposed to wear matching necklaces, so out of 10 bridesmaids, she is the only one that is missing a necklace. She found it later in her car, so for the reception she wore it, but this was after we had taken the pro pics.

5. The hubby stepped on my dress and ripped a portion of it along the hem right after the ceremony. My dress is all tullle, so it didn’t take much to rip it, but because it is tulle, it wasn’t noticeable either.

6. And, we had about 8 no-shows that had RSVP’d but did not show up. Only 2 of those advised us beforehand (only 2 days before, but still). I already un-friended one of them.


Overall, we both had said that inevitably something was going to go wrong, and there would be nothing we could do about it. So, we knew and we were OK with it. In comparison to what could have gone wrong, the day was pretty perfect for us and all the things I worked months and months on for the reception went pretty damn well. Can’t wait to get our pro pics and video back πŸ™‚


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

The major thing with us for our destination wedding was his parents.  They were supposed to fly into Florida from AZ the Thursday before the wedding. His mom has motion sickness issues and, even though she took over the counter stuff before the flight, got violently ill the flight from PHX to Houston…so bad that medics had to wheel her off the plane in a wheelchair.  So they obviously didn’t make their connecting flight to FL(but their luggage did). Because she was so sick they ended up not flying in until HOURS before our ceremony on Saturday(they were able to take a cab while in Houston to see a doctor to get some prescription meds for her motion sickness so she could fly to FL).  So from late Thursday night until like 15 minutes before the ceremony…I had to have this worry in the back of my head that his parents wouldn’t be there and that my groom would be so crushed and therefore not happy on our wedding day.  They ended up making it there like 10 minutes before we started and we had a beautiful beach wedding. If anything….it put  all the minor things into perspective and I just didn’t care as much as I would have before.



Minor things…


1)Sand dollars on all the table on the pavillion for our outdoor reception kept blowing off cause of the wind

2)When I went to wrap my grandmother’s rosary around the base of my bouquet, part of it broke off and I was frantically trying to safety pin it moments before walking down the aisle.  It ended up falling off sometime while my sister was holding my bouquet into the sand and luckily I was able to find it.

3)Forgot to put my engagement ring back onto my left hand immediately after ceremony(was wearing it on right hand) so for many of our pro pics of our hands together…it is just my curved wedding band that you see(the band that fits perfectly with my engagement ring)

4)Candles in centerpieces wouldn’t stay lit

5)During my father/daughter dance someone told my husband he was supposed to dance with his mom so he started dancing with her as well(even though we had a separate mother/son song picked out to play next)

6)We did the whole ipod dj and used a wedding app and had my brother in charge of it…it started acting up towards end of night so he ended up just playing songs off my ipod (which was fine, at that point I didn’t care at all I was having so much fun with my guests)

7)While taking our pro pics on the beach after the ceremony my bracelet caught on my chiffon dress and snagged it a lil but I was able to smooth it out.  I got upset for like 5 seconds but then was just like “who cares, I’m only wearing this dress once and noone can see the snag”

8)We should have done the bouquet toss and garter toss sooner so his parents could have seen it(they didn’t stay for entire reception)

9)I had a picture of my grandparents on my wedding day in a beautiful frame that I wanted displayed on the head table with us as a way to honor them. The wind kept knocking the frame down so we had to just place frame flat on table




All if all…it was a beautiful ceremony and things went great.  We had amazing friends and family that helped us set up and take down everything, all of our vendors were absolutely amazing, the weather was perfect, everyone had a great time. I really can not complain.  I knew there would be things that didn’t go as planned.  I consider myself very blessed that it wasn’t anything serious.  I wish I could have enjoyed the whole getting ready before the ceremony more without worrying about his parents but I still had a wonderful day that I will never forget.  Me and my husband were both really pleased with how everything ended up turning out that day. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

oh god, these stories are giving me anxiety for my day!! LOL

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2014 - Brazil Room

Man, my first wedding was disaster city… Before the wedding was pretty bad too…

1) I found out a month or so (maybe less?) before the wedding that the woman who took our deposit for the reception area stole it and never booked us. Luckily we were off-season and our date was still available. I heard she was arrested.

2) My Mother-In-Law agreed to pay for the flowers, but would only get flowers from Costco and didn’t want to get anything I wanted (I always had dreamed of Sunflowers and Stephanotis… but ended up with whatever she grabbed the day of)

3) My sister is a complete a total A-hole and her and her husband threw a FIT in the middle of David’s Bridal (yes, she is older than me) because I wanted her to order a size up on her bridesmaid dress because she looked liked she was being squeezed to death in it. They start cussing me out in the store and ordered the smaller size behind my back (I had to go to war to get her to wear a bra too and in most of my pictures her strap is down). In a different appointment, my other bridesmaid was mad because the color of the dress wasn’t to her liking (she wanted red and would accept nothing else).

4) No bachelorette party.. and nothing special the night before the wedding with my bridal party. They just went to bed early and I painted my toes by myself.

Then DURING my wedding:

1) My sister’s kids were my flower girls and my sister’s husband laughed and laughed as the kids ran circles around me and my husband WHILE we were saying our vows.

2) My sister’s husband got into a fight with my DOC because he wanted to shoot video and she was trying to make sure the photographer had clear shots of the day

3) People just plain didn’t show up. Like nearly a quarter of my guest list

4) People opened my favor boxes and then left them there on the table.

5) The DJ only played about 1 song out of our carefully selected list we gave him

6) My sister bitched to me about the hairstylist burning her daughter’s hair (complain to me later!!.. ugh!)

7) My makeup and hair were NOTHING like my trial runs and were awful

8) The priest pronounced my name wrong the whole time

9) No nookie on my wedding night… he just wanted to go to sleep πŸ™

10) The person we hired to play piano for me walking down the aisle (recommended by the church btw) was TERRIBLE and kept missing notes

But aside from ALL of that… it was still a really fun wedding and I got over just about all of it (except I’ve never liked my sister… so that’s not new). I only included her in my wedding because she said if I didn’t that she would never let me see my nieces again for the rest of my life. I’m divorced now… and my chance for an encore with a new man is just around the corner. My tastes have changed drastically over all these years… so we’ll see how I deal with this craziness a 2nd time through!

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