(Closed) Married Bees: What went wrong at your wedding?

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  • Wedding: August 2012

I feel like nothing went wrong at all but now that I actually think about it a few really minor things did and A LOT happened the WEEK BEFORE the wedding.

1. Our 2 year old ring bearer broke his elbow the DAY BEFORE, we had to cut a hole in his tux so his cast would fit

2. My aunt had an emergency hysterectomy and her and my uncle couldn’t make it to the wedding, we later found out she has ovarian cancer πŸ™

3. A relative passed away on my husband’s side 3 days before, so we had to travel 5 hours to go to a funeral 3 days before the wedding

4. Men’s Wearhouse totally screwed up my husbands measurements, THANK GOD I went with him to try on his tux so they could re-order it in the correct size

5. One of our groomsmen’s (DH’s best friend) grandma passed away 5 days before


At the actual wedding our band seemed to forget the lyrics to our first dance for the first 30 seconds we were just dancing to instrumental but it wasn’t that bad they eventually got it.

I had these cute little dessert signs made on etsy for our dessert buffet and was told they couldn’t be used because the desserts were going so fast…? Still not sure why that happened.

I had flip flop baskets for our guests and they ended up thrown on a table somewhere (also totally underestimated how much of a hit this was going to be, ALL sizes were gone within like 10 minutes)

We got married in Chicago the same day as the air and water show so there was crazy traffic going to photo locations.

My husband stepped on my bustle and broke it twice while dancing! haha oh well my coordinator fixed it in like 2 minutes flat!

I honestly didn’t even realize any of those until after I really thought about it though, it really was the best day of our lives!!

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  • Wedding: October 2012

Welll here’s my list: 

Pre wedding huge drama with all my family members…including my MOTHER’S HAIR FALLING OUT! I insisted on a wig, since she’d had gorgeous hair in April…she blames the hair color change…I’m not sure I believe her. 

The seating and ushering arrangements were screwed up. 

Ceremony–the videographer put a mic on my groom (which I’m still not sure if he’ll charge us for) and we got stuck together after the kiss. The beading on my dress + hook loop. 

My officiant thought I was done and cut off part of my vows. I kept talking anyway. >:-) 

You can see it here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oklahoma-wedding-videography

The flower lady screwed up the flowers–changed everything in the last email, and stupid me, I thought since the previous 5 emails had gone fine, she’d keep the mini callas for the men and sweetheart rose corsage for the moms. 

The DJ played the wrong first dance song.

The CAKE!? OMG. It was supposed to be a steampunk space shuttle. Airbrushed wood with metallic trim, a few gears, right? It looked like a copper penis with toy shuttle fins. I sent her 3 pictures with detailed instructions on how I wanted it to look–it was supposed to be a showstopper!

My dad showed up late with my dress, my sister/I forgot to put the camera/tripod out for the fauxtobooth, I had major boobage randomly in my dress (I’d never had that before…I’m not very endowed) 

The front of my dress was the right length, but the sides were too long, so I spent the dance part of the night sliding on the beads and hem. 

It was, in my father’s words, “A complete clusterf*ck” after we left, as the florist had bought glassware that was supposed to be included in my inclusive package, my bridesmaids got into a nasty fight and my step sister left immediately and packed up her stuff and was just gone… 


The GOOD STUFF: We got some cute photos, we danced, the food was good, music was good, everyone was dancing and taking photos in the fauxtobooth, we had plenty of wine and food. We are MARRIED! πŸ™‚ 


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  • Wedding: October 2012

Nothing really horrible happened at ours, and no AWOL or crazy vendors. There were a few haha things that went wrong, though:

  1. The ceiling in our ballroom was kind of low, and when I was tossing the bouquet, I lobbed it almost straight up in the air. It hit the ceiling, rebounded, and hit me in the head. Luckily, the second toss I remembered to toss it straight behind me!
  2. When we were taking photos, the photographer was directing us to do a very low dip move, and one of my boobs slipped right out of my dress. Luckily, I only flashed my husband and the photographer, but that was the end of the dip moves.
  3. I wish I had reminded the groom that I was wearing a poofy dress and very tall heels, which means I had to walk more slowly than usual. He has a big stride and tried to go into the ballroom for our introduction at his normal pace…I very nearly tripped on my dress, but luckily he notice people at the table next to us reacting to my tottering and stopped for a second so I could catch up.

A couple things that could have been bad if we hadn’t been prepared:

  1. The main button on the groom’s suit jacket came off during groomsmen photos. Luckily, we had a sewing kit, and my Mother-In-Law rushed off to fix it. I also used the toothbrush and floss and the cough medicine in our emergency kit.
  2. I brought silver, platform flip flops for the reception. When I took off my 4″ heels for the first time, I realized that my toes had almost no circulation the entire day, and they really hurt once I got feeling back. I would have never had as much fun dancing and mingling without a change of shoes for the end of the reception.
  3. I didn’t get a chance to speak to our musicians at all, so I was really glad I had mailed final payments due the day of the wedding the week prior instead of bringing checks with me to the wedding. Otherwise, we could have had musicians stalling to play because they hadn’t gotten a payment from me, and it could have delayed the ceremony.
  4. I printed timelines and contact lists for everyone and gave them to everyone at the rehearsal. Then I made everyone promise not to bug me or the groom on the wedding day. Everyone knew where they were supposed to be and when, and everyone was in contact with everyone else, so we got to be very stress-free.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

@anemonie:  The same thing happened to me with the toss. The DJ said “Up not back” so I did and it hit the ceiling and landed on me. Got it right the second time. Husband laughed so hard at me but then when he went to toss the garter he did the same thing!!!! We are made for each other!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Oh boy… Honestly, I have a good few lame things that happened both before and on the wedding day…

I decided I would work from 2:30-7:30 M-W the week of the wedding so I could have two weeks off AFTER the wedding instead of having a week off before and a week off after…Which wouldn’t have been too tragic if I hadn’t tried to play tour guide to our out of towners that didn’t feel comfortable driving (they are from the UK so its understandable but I should have been doing other wedding business! Like my nails, the seating chart, placecards, DJ playlist, etc – all that did not get done until 4am the day of the wedding or after… making me have dark circles with bags under my eyes & one of my eyes got extremely itchy/red so I needed my Maid/Matron of Honor to run to CVS for drops… so frantic!)

I did not pack my overnight bag until the morning of and so I smashed everything into a few bags and couldn’t find a lot of things which panicked me while I was getting ready… including my bra inserts that filled out the bust of my dress… which I can totally tell I REALLY NEEDED in photos because the bust area of my dress is all weird and the boning is weird…Its not like that in ALL photos but I’m praying its able to be photoshopped in the pro pix but this remains to be seen. I was so stressed about the wedding that I couldn’t eat much and my dress that was originally too snug, was actually TOO BIG the day of the wedding and was in risk of falling down due to my lack of bustiness… I feel like my final press loosened my silk as well or something because it was SERIOUSLY too big and my sash had to be extra tight to keep my dress up!

I had my hair done at a local beauty college to offer a cheap alternative for my starving-student BMs & etc… my Maid/Matron of Honor hated her hair but felt bad saying anything about it to her stylist so she was trying to fix it in the hotel room while I was doing my own make up and freaking out. I had my hair done there as well and it was okay but the hair came out a bit frizzy. It was altogether alright until it went totally flat and weird from the humidity of the harbor.. whatever, it was bound to happen.

I got my nails done after I had my hair done and I was in a hurry bc I wanted to get to the hotel and relax so my nail lady rushed and made most of my acrylics crooked and different lengths… should have kept my stress a secret bc some people just mess up when rushed.

It was overcast and HOT/HUMID on a notoriously beautiful usually-SUNNY September day… this made everyone super crabby and all the BMs that insisted they wanted their hair down and in curls but were all hot and bothered with it down… Most of my bridal party were beezys and divas and NONE paid for their dresses but took their gifts (navy/white silk robes & cute gold sandals –  the wedding colors) and EVERYONE complained about the cost invovled in hair and make up so half DIY’ed (poorly!) and the other half looked too done up! Also, there was drama between the girls & me cuz one of them got married in June and was PISSED that I was getting married 3.5 months after – even tho I was her Bridesmaid or Best Man and was TOTALLY FINE with it all she definitely still harbored resentment and I could tell on her face and the face of our mutual friend – her Maid/Matron of Honor & my Bridesmaid or Best Man – in the photos I’ve seen thus far… and the fact that they all have untagged themselves in the guest photos posted so far. Cool, huh? Also, the drama got leaked and everyone could feel the tension so my drama loving SIL/BM would give major attitude to them and it was super awkward… (I wish I didn’t have any of them but my Maid/Matron of Honor really… I should have kept it small and avoided the drama!)


My groom had his bachelor party M-W of the wedding week (cuz hes from London and wanted it in Vegas) so he was exhausted at the rehearsal Thurs and apparently didn’t sleep well the night before because he took the flowers to the hotel and kept the room frigid so they wouldn’t wilt.  The lack of sleep made him kinda irritable and thus irritated ME because this was supposed to be the best day ever and I didn’t get any sleep either so he should just suck it up and stop being annoying  and whiney about photos and just have some caffeine and enjoy the day! SOrry he’s tired but WHO ISN”T & that’s what he gets for doing his bachelor party so close to the wedding!


I originally had booked a hotel room for myself the night before the wedding so I could have the whole wedding day to get ready and etc but after the rehearsal dinner there was so much left to do that I just stayed at my parents house working until the wee hours of the morning and then power napping in my own bed. Then, I planned on picking up my dress from the final press the morning of but I was running behind schedule so I paid to have it delivered to the hotel instead. THEN, when I showed up after my hair and nail appointments at 12 or so, there was NO RECORD of my reservation… only the 1 room my groom was in… WHERE MY DRESS WAS DELIEVERED TO! OMG. OMG. My dress was in the grooms room and I didn’t have my own room?! WTF?!?!?! I spent the next 45 minutes arguing with the idiot at the front desk who did not understand why there would need to be two rooms… instead of just booking me one and making it all better… which put us behind schedule even MORE. Apparently the guy I had worked out my room block & etc with was not there and this guy said “Well I sent your dress up there and I called the groom telling him he wasn’t allowed in the room anymore.” I was like “are you kidding me?!??!” anyway, when I had originally booked the room, I had made sure we were put on opposite sides of the same floor.. when this dude rebooked my room, HE PUT US RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL FROM EACH OTHER CUZ HE “THOUGHT” THAT WOULD BE “BEST”?!?! No time to argue/change anything again… I got away from him, got my dress, and poured myself a glass of champagne ASAP… with very little time to do my own make up and relax… GRRRRRR I am not easily upset but this was a huge waste of time and so unnecessary.

I forgot a pair of scissors on the day so I didn’t have anything to trim my sash to the proper length.

the videographers got dust and dirt all over my gown when they took it for filming…

I forgot the ribbon for the blind fold I wanted for the first look so my photographer used a black table napkin rolled over and didn’t tie it tight so it looks all droopy and over DH’s nose instead of his eyes… I regret not making someone just run up to the hotel room and get some ivory ribbon I had extra… so lame cuz its in the video and our photos too I’m sure.

Flowers weren’t super important to me so I wanted to DIY flowers from Costco. I waiting too long and couldn’t get them delievered in time so I had to track down another way to get them. Thankfully the flower lady at my local Costco said she could get them through her connections… when she did there were not enough roses and the hydrangeas that were supposed to be WHITE were actually GREEN… not nice! I wish I wouldn have just done all roses as well because the hydrangeas HATED being out of the water and were not a good idea for the corsages so we ended up NOT having coursages… which wasn’t a big deal to me… it was a bigger deal to me that my aunt (who was helping with the REAL flowers) went out and found these terrible seafoam green silk-flower coursages that not only didn’t match but were terribly tacky and I wish I had time to tell everyone to take them off but it would have broken my aunts heart… I still cringe everytime I see one… yuck! What was she thinking?! Bless her efforts… but they were terrible.

Also the hydrangeas for the centerpieces were supposed to be trimmed the morning of the wedding so that they sat just above the bottle opening they were in but NOPE there they stood about 5 inches too high above the bottles and drooping over to the side…

The centerpieces had bottles that I purposely left UN NUMBERED to make it easier to set up and my aunt’s and cousins that helped set up were supposed to number them to match the tables they were at… very simple but they forgot so at the last minute a family friend went around with a marker while people were sitting at their tables and sloppily wrote the table numbers onto the bottles and now I just regret not doing that beforehand because it would have been super easy for me to do and it would have made it into the photos… instead I’m afraid its just gonna look weird and unnumbered… πŸ™

I knew I wanted a fabric aisle runner but in order ot get a good deal on it, I researched and ordered it online from an ebay fabric retailer in NY. It was supposed to come the week of the wedding but it came the day after. She wrote me saying sorry, there was something wrong with the shipping label SHE CREATED and it got sent back to her aka she didn’t pay enough postage so IIIIII didn’t get my dream aisle runner and my mom had to run to Joann’s 4 hours before the wedding to get the cheap, paper thin, wilton one that didn’t fit the aisle at all and was practically see-through… I guess it was better than nothing but I regret not order the aisle runner fabric sooner bc I knew what I wanted I just didn’t order it with enough cushion for mistakes…


My coordinator for the year leading up to the wedding TOLD ME SPECIFICALLY that they had grapefruit juice in the included juices so I made my signature cocktail with that ingredient as the center of it – cuz I love grapefruit! THEN the day of, MY DOC SAID THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT & NEVER HAD! Are you kidding me?! The menu cards made me look like a liar and I was sooooooo irritated!  I could have bought the grapefruit juice at the $1 store and brought it all if only I had known! Grrrr!

Also, my I-Spy game that I worked so hard on had a typo that was totally my fault that my friend pointed out to me the day before the wedding… the disposable cameras I bought for the wedding tables for the game were all expired and with dead batteries so the flash wouldn’t work… and the humidity of the harbor made the paper droop and they wouldn’t stand up straight… I was super embarrassed but I hoped no one would mind/notice… idk!

THEN, there was a random space issue in the program that I worked on for WEEKS and when they printed, they looked more black than navy… and it was really upsetting that no one even took them! I ordered a lot and paid extra for all the images I put in them and I have like 80% left over…. πŸ™

We had “dancing shoes” as flip flops but I didnt get time to make a sign so they hardly got used… I also had lots of starfish and sand dollars that didn’t get put out… lots of stuff went unused but luckily I was able to take most of it back to the stores I purchased it from.

We ordered a black, hummer limo with chic black interior… A WHITE EXCURSION LIMO WITH ORANGE INTERIOR SHOWED UP… 45 MINUTES LATE! It was sooo psychadelic & tacky but what could we do?! We were already late bc of him and couldn’t do anything about it… Tip was included in the original cost so he definitely didn’t get tipped extra…


I had two MOHs but really should have only had one… the 2nd Maid/Matron of Honor WAS my best friend for years but she was the girl who was upset that her wedding was 3.5 months BEFORE and made it super awkward and very obvious that she was still upset that I was getting married in the same year and drew a line in the sand and made it like two teams against each other… Her parents didn’t even come to the wedding as well… oh how things change. :,(

Finally, I have a friend that makes beautiful cakes and cake pops and has her own business that is super legit… she was so excited about making our cake and I was too because all our friends would see her and it would probably get her a lot more business and she only cost $350 for a cake that would have normally cost us something like $600… I dropped off the final payment 3 days before the wedding and she was all good… the day of the wedding the cake apparently collapsed in transport and she had to scramble at the last minute with finding a replacement cake!  At least she did that so we had SOMETHING but man, I trusted her and coudln’t believe it happend! πŸ™ she got some 2-tiered red velvet cake with white dirty icing and put some red carnations on top… and her and her bf didn’t attend the wedding at all.  I guess I should be greatful that she got us SOMETHING but it was sad to not have the cake we wanted and paid for… No one told me this until I went to the reception level of the yacht after the ceremony and saw this random cake… I was like “Wait, who’s cake is that?” and no one woudl give me a straight answer… I wasn’t that upset I was just like “REALLY? wow… bummer” She gave us our money back so I guess in the end we had a free cake and no one really noticed… but it was supposed to be fabulous and it definitely wasnt…. πŸ™

Our cake vision that she said would be totally doable:

the cake we got:


Other things: the wireless mic for the officiant was going in and out for the whole ceremony… I hope people coudl hear but I have no idea really… I also hope the videographer’s mic wasn’t effected in a negative way so that we can have our ceremony sound on our extended video but who knows…

I let the groom be in charge of the suits/ties/vests and he waited til he got back from vegas aka 2 nights before the wedding to pick them… I also let him pick his wedding ring since we live apart (hes in London and I’m in CA) and I didn’t know what he liked really… he waited until the night before to get that too and I had to rush him around doing it bc he didn’t have his own car… he was also asking me what to do involving our first dance and the cake cut so I really felt like I was alone in this show… then he wouldn’t dance with me to the fun songs cuz he was too cool drinking with the groomsmen… I’m still pretty irritated about that… I couldn’t find him to do the photo booth with me… we didn’t see eachother like the whole reception until the send off line as people disembarked the yacht… and at the after party back at the hotel and he was so tired that he didnt want to stay down at the bar with all our fun friends who wanted to drink and continue… lame that I’m complaining about this but I wish he was less of a baby when he gets tired… and I wish I would have taken care of all the things I put in his hands… grrrrrrr he apologized but seriously? He gave me MORE to worry about by putting him in charge of things. I hope he learned his lesson about procrastinating!

I also didn’t get approved for a honeymoon until about 3 weeks before the wedding… we didn’t have a honeymoon booked at the wedding and with it being hurricane season we thought we’d end up in Hawaii BUT we wanted to stay local and spend time with his parents until they left (5 days post wedding) but also had to be back for the rehearsal of a wedding that DH was a Groomsmen in so we only had about 5 days to work with for our honeymoon… Hawaii was a problem with the flight and looked kinda pricey for what we could get All-inclusive in Costa Rica or Belize or Mexico even but there were tropical storms everywhere in the warm carribbean waters touched soooo… we ended up in Cabo San Lucas because it was a 2 hour flight at an adults only all inclusive resort which was nice but the town of cabo was pretty ghetto and scary and dead cuz it was off season so it was kinda strange… I want to have another honeymoon so we can go somewhere tropical and gorgeous so we might still do that bc I consider the cabo trip to be our “mini-moon” cuz it was so short… but oh well we caught up on sleep and relaxed with other honeymooners…


I’m sure more things went right than went wrong…and perhaps I’m more sensitive to all that went wrong because I’m super detail oriented and had so MUCH going on but I was spread so thin that it all started to get a little crazy by the day of… whatever… it was a fun day but super stressful and kinda a mess now that I think about it… lol

I would do a lot differently if we ever renew our vows… much more low key and focused on the people that matter most!  I feel like it all went super quick and I didn’t have a drop to drink or more than 2 bites to eat… I wish I would have been more relaxed and took it all in!

At least everyone we spoke to had a good time πŸ™‚

I can’t wait til we get our pro photos back because I want to see the wedding from all angles and hopefully they photoshopped what I didn’t like about my dress and HOPEFULLY I’ll be very pleased with it all… (Did I mention one of my photogs was 6 months pregnant? Yeah she got pregnant right after our engagement shoot… SURPRISE, She can’t crawl on the floor and get the shots she normally gets! lol)


If I can give fellow bees any advice it would be to give yourself all the time in the world to accomplish all the little details of the wedding…and if its too late, don’t worry about it!


Now I’m planning our 2nd reception in London and I CAN’T WAIT to have a more low maintenance party with all that I know now from the high maintenance wedding! I actually think it will be more relaxed and FUN and I’ll actually get to eat, drink and celebrate being married without the feeling that I’m “producing” the event & that everything is going to go wrong… lol It definitely felt like more of a production for my guests than “MY DAY” but whatever… it was still fun πŸ™‚


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  • Wedding: September 2012

-my florist’s supplier flaked on him at the last minute, so i wasn’t able to have the peonies i wanted for my bouquet. i was disappointed, but it wasn’t a big deal and my florist gave me a partial refund. the colors were also not quite what i asked for, but again, it wasn’t a big deal.

-we didn’t hire a videographer. instead, we were going to use my parents’ video camera and put my brother in charge of recording the important/fun moments. well, he forgot the camera, so i have no video of my wedding ceremony. i do have video of some of the reception, but not a whole lot. i wish we had hired a videographer. maybe in a few months i won’t feel so bummed about it, but right now i’m really disappointed.

-we released doves at our reception and they were released at the wrong time.

-i didn’t get a picture with my immediate family. i can’t believe i forgot and no one said anything. i got pictures with my parents and my brothers, but none of all of us together πŸ™ maybe i can get someone to photoshop us all together, haha.

-my uncle fainted due to heatstroke πŸ™

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  • Wedding: October 2012

I woke up on the wedding day sick as a dog and had to pump day quil to get out of bed and make it through the day.

I specifically chose something short to dance to w/ my dad and toward the end of the song our entrance song started randomly playing so the DJ restarted the song. My dad just kept saying turn your face this way so people can get good pictures.

My bustle broke during the electric slide, friends tried to repin, but then Gangam style did it in for good. πŸ™‚

My father in law wasn’t wearing a jacket so he thought it’d be funny to put the boutonierre I made for him right in the middle of his tie. When it came time for pro pics I gave my photographer a look like, we can NOT have this.

Batteries died on our DIY photobooth camera. The replacements were charging in hubby’s car, which was not at the venue.

I think we made out pretty well. πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: June 2012

I think it’s so funny how detailed we all can get in remembering every little thing that went wrong that day when there is no way that anyone else really even noticed some of the things as much as we did.  At the same time, it is soooo understandable.  When we spend a year of our lives planning something that is over in one day, we are bound to be the ones who are saying “that uplight is not pointed correctly on the wall!” the day of. We worked so hard planning and want everything to turn out perfectly.  

But you must realize that it’s not going to be perfect, something is not going to go the way you planned it.  I try to concentrate on all the things that did go right that day and cherish them because things could have been a lot worse.

I love the boards because they allow us to vent and get it out when everyone else is sick of talking about wedding stuff with us!  And we can all help each other!

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  • Wedding: June 2013

Wow, loads of DJ screw ups.

Our photographer told us that this year they’ve shot at 2 weddings where the DJs (different companies) didn’t bring a back up and the music crashed. THAT SUCKS!!!!!!

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  • Wedding: October 2014 - Marina Village

Quite a few. My hair didn’t want to curl so it looked like I just rolled out of bed, my makeup wasn’t dark enough & didn’t cover up enough, guests were late, they forgot to set out the wedding programs, the cake was late AND the wrong colors, had the wrong chairs & made us pay extra for the ones we wanted, we were running late, we had to pay for an extra hour (long story short, I said from 430-10 to marina village that’s 430-9 when we paid for 430-10 so we had to pay for 430-11 but only was able to stay for 430-10 & had to leave by 11 so lesson DONT GET MARRIED AT MARINA VILLAGE IN SAN DIEGO, CA), there was a song I wanted played as a tribute for my late grandparents who paid for the wedding but it wasn’t played, bartender was an asshole, my dress omg my dress, the was too big :'( all in all I ended up hating my wedding

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  • Wedding: October 2014 - Marina Village

Oh and I was on my period >:[

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  • Wedding: October 2014 - Marina Village

the cake looks nice, but we didn’t want purple. We wanted, black, white, & silver. You can tell we tried curled ng my hair but it just flattened out. 

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  • Wedding: August 2015

Not my wedding, but a wedding I was in. I was the tender age of 4 when my godparents got married, and I was their flower girl. They had a biiiig Catholic wedding, a couple hundred people. During the rehearsal I did fine, but once all the people were in there? I wanted absolutely nothing to do with anything. I got partway down, looked up, saw hundreds of unfamiliar faces, and immediately ran to the back pew to hide. Lol. 

At my parent’s wedding the next year, I was also the flower girl. This time it was a much smaller wedding, with tons of people I knew, so I waltzed right down that aisle. Dropping petals…..and then immediately picking them back up when we exited. Lol! My parents also have some cute pictures of me with this giant teddy bear, who got his own matching tuxedo vest and bowtie. Pretty sure he was as big as me, and we danced just like Mommy and Daddy (which was apparently my explanation for dancing with him. The photographer adored me…..there’s soooo many pictures). 

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  • Wedding: November 2014

1. Mother in law wore bright white to the wedding. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if she didn’t make our engagement period a really terrible time but with all of her trash talking and drama, it was extremely frusturating.

2. DJ did not play any songs we had on our requested play list. At all. Didn’t even listen to us. Just played whatever he wanted, which resulted in the dance floor being empty for some ackward periods. Also didn’t give us the right dance floor that we had paid for, gave us the wrong one.

3. My brother and SIL did not watch their kids at all, too busy going to get high in the jungle somewhere so my one newphew who is 5 was throwing sand at people, kicking us under the head table, running around blowing out all my tiki torches, almost lighting my dress on fire, writing on the cloth table cloths among many other things. My little nephew, who is 16 months they didn’t watch and they lost him for 30 minutes, ended up finding him in the jungle. But if you are looking in the ocean for your kid, maybe you have parenting issues and should lay off the weed. They both pretty much did not watch their kids one bit as they were too stoned and in many pictures I hear, my 5 year old nephew is making silly faces and jumping into photos.

4. Younger brother (he’s 27) changed immediatly after the ceremony into very casual clothes – he was a groomsmen. he refused to sit at the head table and refused to change. This one I am not too upset about as I made a deal with him that I get to wear whatever I want when he gets married – and I shook on it.

Honestly, there were a few other minor things but none of it really matters now. I am still upset with my older brother for obvious reasons but it’s a good thing he lives in Costa Rica and I live here πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: November 2014 - backyard

Alot, I wouldnt know were to begin…But we married and I am happy

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