(Closed) Married Bee’s..how did your gift GETTING turn out?

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  • Wedding: September 2010

We got a lot of items on our registry for my bridal shower.  Not everything, especially not the bigger ticket items, but quite a good chunk.  We got a few items that weren’t on our registry which suprisingly they turned out to be some of our favorites, especially the beach towels, insulated plastic drink cups, and beach chairs we got from two of my bridesmaids.  The only thing that we had to return was a registry item that we got two of by mistake.  As for the wedding, we mostly were given money and gift cards since our guests had already bought off the registry for the shower.  

I think it’s definitely important to have a registry to avoid the random weird gifts.  Some people like giving money, others like giving gifts.  If they are gift givers, they’ll do it whether you have a registry or not, so you might as well make sure it’s going to be something you like.  Another idea: some of our friends had a ‘honeymoon’ registry online that guests could give to, which was even mentioned on their website as their preferred gift.  I’m not sure how I feel about the etiquette of that one, but it was their second marriage and they already have everything they need for their home, so it makes sense for them I guess.  

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  • Wedding: June 2011

We got most the gifts from our registry for the bridal shower as well.  But we both agreed not to open/use any gifts until after the wedding.  Then for the wedding, we received pretty much all monetary gifts/honeyfund gifts, so when we got home after the wedding/honeymoon, we had all the money from the wedding plus all our new gifts we were saving from the shower – so much fun 🙂

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  • Wedding: August 2011

I’m getting married in like two and a half weeks (yay!) but I’ve already gotten a lot of gifts from the bridal shower, and some wedding gifts shipped in advance.  I’ve gotten almost all the dining/kitchen stuff from the registry.  I’ve only gotten a couple gifts that were off the registry, but they were personalized and cute.  The one weird thing I’ve noticed, I registered at target and macy’s, and barely anyone has touched my target registry. I really like some of that stuff, haha!  So not what I figured would happen.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

I can’t speak to wedding gift themselves yet other than some that have arrived early, but in terms of shower gifts – I mostly received items off of the registry.  I liked most off-registry items but we did get a few weird ones that we returned if we could, like if a gift receipt was included or if it had a little bar code sticker for “required for merchandise return.”  We figured we wouldn’t feel bad about the return, since that was the risk they were taking by getting us things not on the registry.

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  • Wedding: April 2011

We got a lot of registry gifts at my shower, and a few mailed to us before the wedding. Most of our guests were OOTers, so very few brought registry gifts to the wedding (many brought checks/cash in cards, however).  Luckily, we only to a few things that were not on our registry, because overall we didn’t like any of them!  One friend got us a statue that is not at all our style (a porcelain couple with a heart in between them, ick), another friend got us wine glasses (which we purposely didn’t register for because we have a million).  We were able to return the wine glasses since she had gotten us a gift receipt, but the statue is hidden at the back of a shelf (it’s even personalized with our names, so we can’t get rid of it….).  The best gift not on our registries? The fancy bottle of champagne from my boss. Yes please!

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  • Wedding: December 2010

We ended up with a lot more actual gifts than I was anticipating – I typically give money, so was kind of expecting the same.  No big deal though!  We also got a lot of gifts that weren’t on our registry.

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  • Wedding: April 2010

Our registry was cleaned out! The only things remaining were dishtowels and a microplane. I was shocked! The $$$ items were the first to go and the <$20 items hung around a lot longer than I expected.

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  • Wedding: May 2010

I got most of my registry items and non registry gifts during my shower, then at the wedding people gave cards with cash. A few people brought an actual wrapped gift to the wedding and I just still can’t comprehend why anyone would do that. Honestly I really just wanted cash, but ended up setting up a registry to be polite to people who didn’t want to give cash. Turns out though I am actually more grateful for the actual registry items because it’s really nice stuff I wouldn’t have bought myself and can actually use on a day to day basis. Like for example our awesome knives that are around $50+ a pop – no WAY I would have bought those for us if we had just gotten cash, but I am SO GLAD we have them b/c they’re awesome.

Almost everything on my registry was purchased and we got a ton of cash. We definitely lucked out.

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  • Wedding: June 2011

We didn’t register, and despite the dire warnings of multiple toasters and hideous punch bowls, it turned out very well.  Several of our friends who don’t have much money just gave us sweet cards, which we really appreciated. (And it made us happy, too, since the whole point of not registering was that we didn’t want those friends to feel like they had to buy us something.)

Many people (esp. our parents’ age) gave us money or gift cards. And then there were wonderful, creative, thoughtful gifts.  Some of them were donations of labor/skill – an artist designed/printed our invitations at cost; another friend made my bridal jewelry; a third gave us a gorgeous set of hand-thrown ceramic bowls and mugs that she made.  Another friend put together an ingenious honeymoon package for us, including a hiking guide, restaurant guide, and money for a special dinner out. My Mother-In-Law made us a gorgeous quilt. My stepbrother gave us a year’s membership to the MFA, which we will enjoy.  We got some beautiful table linens from a family friend’s favorite shop in Paris. There were a few items that we didn’t need, like a rice cooker and stick blender, but they came with gift receipts, so it wasn’t a problem.

So, it turned out very well!

Edit: We did receive one really random gift – my MIL’s quilting friend, who we’ve never met and wasn’t invited to the wedding, gave us a cut crystal tray. Not our style at all.  But I hear there’s one of those at every wedding. 🙂

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