(Closed) Married Ladies – what is the BEST habit you started with your spouse?

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

We meal plan and grocery shop together. I make him look at my pinterest board for dinner ideas and let him choose what he wants the next week. If he gets excited about it, we are less likely to eat out ๐Ÿ™‚


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

I would saying praying together every night before bed (as long as I don’t fall asleep first!).

We also have a list on the refrigerator that said I’M ALL OUT – it’s a preprinted grocery list. you check the boxes and things run out. That way whether we are together or apart on grocery day, nothing (well usually nothing) is forgotten. That’s important because the kids can weigh in too.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

We read a devotional every night before bed and it ends with a prayer for our marriage, we love it!

We also got in the habit of washing our dishes immediately after dinner, not leaving anything out. It’s so nice to get stuff done and not have to do it later. My sister and her husband leave dishes piled up in the sink and it drives me crazy.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

OK not married but been living together a couple years… my favourite habit, even though I hate getting up, is him waking me up to get up with him so we can have coffee together in the morning because we don’t see each other all day until later at night.

I also like our Saturday morning routine of having a cleaning frenzy for an hour or so – we each have our certain jobs and we can polish things up nice and quick.  I know this is a bit boring but its really important to work together on the house for me because I do allll the other housework.

We also make a point of going out one night a week just to get out of the house, usually for dinner but sometimes for dessert or coffee or dancing or a movie… 

Definitely a good plan to get these going from the start!  Its an adjustment for sure but so exciting!  Congrats.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

@NAvery:  we meal plan and shop together (healthy eating!) and I just started a cleaning schedule last week that seems to be working really well. we’ve divided the chores based on what we like/despise/are good/bad at and it is working like a well-oiled machine. ^.^

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Here are the best habits that we have set up together:

1) We grocery shop together if we can.

2) We kiss each other every morning before we leave for work.

3) We work out and play on some rec league sports teams together but we also have our own teams that we play on so  that we get time together and time apart. So we’re healthy and we have activities both seperate and together to look forward to!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

1. Doing the dishes together right after dinner. My Mother-In-Law likes to drop in unannounced, and I never have an embarassing mess.


2. We always get up together (even if he needs to get up at 5am and I don’t need to until 7:30). It’s nice having that time together in the morning.


3. We make a really nice breakfast together every Sunday before church. It’s cheaper than going out for dinner and it’s still a nice “date” that we never miss. ๐Ÿ™‚


Some are informal/irregular. Like, we usually do a grocery list together, but sometimes we don’t have time and I do it myself. We try to do a more thorough house-cleaning on saturday morning too, but it depends what we have going on on the weekend. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

We always work out together! It’s great motivation and we hold each other accountable. We also grocery shop and plan meals together.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

We meal plan and grocery shop together. We cuddle and chit chat every night for at least 10 minutes before we go to bed. The other thing we do is when we clean, we both clean. That means cleaning goes twice as fast and it doesn’t feel like one person is doing more cleaning than the other. Cleaning together is also more fun because we talk while we do it. I’m not a fan of cleaning (neither is he), so being less bored while doing it really helps us keep our place neater.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: December 2012

Interesting topic.

Mr TTR and I have been married since Christmastime… but we’ve been together for years… so “the new-ness” of living together has worn off a bit… but here are some things that we do do together (intentionally or otherwise) that keep our relationship grounded & focussed

1- We have Date Night.  It might not always be a pre-planned evening on the Calendar, but it happens at least once a week where we have a “Special” Dinner (Eat Out or Order In).  We eat out a lot (couple times of week)… sometimes with another Couple(s), and sometimes with Friends (usually ties into one of our social activities, either as a couple or solo).  BUT we always make sure we have one “special” meal a week that is just for the 2 of us… be that going out somewhere, or ordering in.  A meal that we can spend talking to one another over, no distractions.

2- We grocery shop together.  It is a chore that neither of us mind doing.  But it can be more fun when done together.  We seem to always have a lot of laughs at the Grocery Store.  Makes the chore easier and the time together doing it meaningful.

3- We unpack the groceries together too.  I organize all the items into groups (Freezer – Fridge – Deli Drawer – Crispers – Veggie Bins – Bread Box – Pantry) while he does a quick once thru the Fridge to toss out anything that has gone bad, and move things around so that we have a first-in & first-out set-up.  Lol, when’s he done that, he takes a cold beer out of the fridge and heads to the Tv, while I take my now organized groups and stow them away where they go.

4- We keep a Need To Buy List on the Fridge

5- On Garbage & Recycling Day, he brings the Recycling Bins into the house, and I quickly sort thru them to make sure all the right stuff is in the right ones (One Week is Paper Products, and the next one Containers).  I also do a look around the house to see if we have any items to add (inevitibly there is an empty shampoo container / paper towel roll or whatever to be found).  In the meantime, he’s collected the Garbage from the various spots in the house… Kitchen, Laundry, Bathrooms, Garage etc.  While he takes that outside to the curb, I round up the last of the Compostables for the Green Bin.  Then he takes ALL the Recyclables for the week outside to the curb as well.  Makes easy work of another monotonous chore.

6- I strip the Bed to wash the sheets, but we make it together when we put on the new ones.  Mr TTR hates this job.  I’m not sure why… but he always complains.  I find it easier to do it with him than on my own (probably because we have such a frickin thick mattress).

7- Fold Sheets… this one always sees him making funny faces.  Truth is tho, sheets are nicer when they are folded up right out of the dryer… and it is easier to do when there is more than one person involved… especially for fitted sheets.

8- Lol, we kind of garden together… in that I do all the plant research… and then plan out our landscaping / backyard plan for the summer ahead of time.  So I know what colours, plants etc, I want to feature for the season.  We shop for the plants together… (and this is the ha-ha part) … HE then plants them.  I love the look of a garden but I have the world’s blackest thumb and no interest in digging in the dirt.  He loves it.  So this is our “compromise”.  I get a few herbs & veggies… and he gets pretty flowers (lol, all colour coordinated, and that flower in rotation all season long).  And together we both have a GORGEOUS backyard to enjoy.

9- Mr TTR actually likes working outside in the summertime… so he is also the guy who cuts the lawn.  And he has a routine of washing the cars regularly (he says it relaxes him).  In return for his hard work, I make him a big pitcher of something wonderful to drink / keep him cool (Lemonade, Iced Tea, etc… often from scratch).  And if it is the Weekend, then I may be inside planning a nice summer lunch or meal for us to sit outside with later… where he gets to enjoy relaxing and looking around at “his accomplishment”… He doesn’t mind it if it is a meal from the Grill… he is the Grillmaster (as he loves it when I marinade something, or have spent the time soaking a cedar plank for salmon… or have whipped up some incredible salad… knowing that Homemade Macaroni Salad or Potatoe Salad can take time to make).

10- Generally speaking we have an unwritten rule… One Cooks and the Other Cleans Up.  Mr TTR does the majority of the day-to-day cooking (he loves to cook).  So in return, I am the one who makes sure the kitchen is cleaned up afterwards, and run the dishwasher.  He says he LOVES waking up to a spotless kitchen in the morning. 

11- In the summertime we like to go for a Weekend Drive… lol, we are both over 50, so this is no doubt a hold-over from our childhood (the Sunday Drive)… as it is something that our Parents certainly did.

12- Breakfast in Bed.  We’ve done this ever since we began dating 7+ Years ago.  We like to try and spend one Weekend Morning reading the papers in Bed.  Mr TTR will get up and make a pot of Coffee and cook up some Breakie, and we’ll sit in bed for a few hours eating, reading the papers, or maybe catching a bit of tv.  This is a habit tho we do more religiously in the Wintertime… when it is nice to snuggle under the Down Duvet as long as possible while the snow falls outside our window.

13- Wine & Cheese.  At least once every two weeks, we skip having a regular cooked dinner, and just open a bottle of wine and put out a platter with an assortment of crackers, cheeses, crudite, olives, pickles, maybe some french baguette and pate.  Sometimes we do it and just use the opportunity to talk… other times we’ll put on a movie.

14- Getaways & Vacations.  This would have to be our “signature” item.  When we aren’t away on an adventure, we are planning the next one.  We ALWAYS have at least one in each category on the Calendar… and are researching / daydreaming about others.  Sometimes our Getaways are just an overnight somewhere… othertimes they are long weekend escapes.  And vacations can span anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks (witness our Pre-Wedding – Wedding & Honeymoon Extravaganza)

Both keep our relationship fresh and interesting… as we go out and discover new things… find new places to call OURS.  Doesn’t matter how long the escape, they can be great ways to also recharge individually.  I truly L♥VE this aspect of our relationship.

Hope this helps,


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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: July 2012

Best habits for our healthy marriage:

1) We always eat breakfast and dinner together

2) We take a walk every night–and talk the whole way

3) We always kiss each other before heading to work in the morning and going to bed every night

4) We have a double-date night with our friends once a month

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2018

I love this thread. My Fiance is my common law, so I think I’m allowed to respond ๐Ÿ™‚

1. We kiss each other every morning and every night before bed

2. We hike with our furbaby every weekend

3. We always grocery shop and meal plan together

4. We have weekend getaways whenever we can

5. Wine and cheese Friday nights  

6. We share household chores

7. We don’t take the little things for granted

8. We write each other love letters

9. We buy presents *just because* and not when we *have* to

10. We call each other at lunch

I’m sure there are lots more, but that’s all I can think of for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 1999

There are quite a few I like, but these are the ones I think are good for our marriage as opposed to being good for the house.

1) spend at least 20 minutes in bed reading/talking together before going to sleep.

2) each quarter we discuss where we are financially. What our super short term goals are (vacations, purchases), medium term (1-5 years), longer term and retirement and how its best to get there.   We dont have financial surprises this way or get stressed over money.

3) If either of us want something done, we ask.  neither assumes the other should “just know”.  Even to the point of “I need a hug” 


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

 My husband bought be a devotional as a wedding gift for us! We read it ever night. This was something that was started by his grandparents. We got married on their 76th anniversary and my husband wanted to keep it going. We got 3 more for wedding gifts from family and friends.

We also sit down as a family for dinner ever night.

Have family movie night a few times a month.

We go grocery shopping without the kids.

And have date night at least once a month.

Kiss each other every time we leave the house.

And ask each other how our day went.

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