Marrieds…do you still date?

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Mrs.MilitaryBee :  we never slept naked before meeting each other, either (not counting those random nights where I’ve stumbled home drunk and managed to pull off half or all my clothing but not put on PJs before passing out in bed. Oh to be 23 again.) it’s very much “our thing” now, and all our friends are aware. We highly recommend. too funny!

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We go on date nights occasionally. It’s not as often as once a week because of our work schedules. We also like to go on trips—including a resort that is very close to where we live. We get couple’s massages and it feels like we are on vacation. 

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We don’t have kids and spend a lot of one-on-one time together, go to dinner/movies, but we don’t really get dressed up or call them dates. We didn’t really do that when we were dating either. 

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Mrs.MilitaryBee :  We were married in Sept. no kids yet but we definitely do a “formal” date night 1x per month. This Friday we went to our fav restaurant in the city and saw a concert. Sometimes it’s silly and we’ll just go to a street festival for dinner. I’m kind of scared when we do have kids that it’ll all go away…. we don’t have family nearby, all our parents are older so we’ll have to rely on babysitters. 

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Mrs.MilitaryBee :  Absolutely! We usually go out to dinner on Fridays and unwind from the work week. Or sometimes we’ll have dinner at home and then go out for drinks at nice lounges. This past weekend, my husband’s friend had an art show in a local gallery so we went there first and then to a hotel with a great rooftop bar for drinks afterwards (just us two). I remember our first date after my hubby proposed and I said to him, “Even though we’re getting married, I never want to stop dating.” I’m glad to say that we haven’t 🙂 

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Mrs.MilitaryBee :  We just did a 7 night Mediterranean cruise for our 2nd anniversary! I hope you two have a blast 🙂 

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We don’t have kids yet. But I feel like we spend so much time together it is like… a constant date. 

We like to go out and have drinks, eat, and just talk. Maybe go sing karaoke. Or hangout at home and do the same with or without drinks on our back porch and cook dinner. We weirdly like going grocery shopping together and doing pretty mundane stuff. We visit gardens and parks when we are off on Saturday and Sunday. Within all that we talk about everything. Essentially we are up each others butts and don’t get on each other’s nerves… yet… HAHA. So going out for dinner or whatever is regular stuff.

I think with kids things will stay the same we would just drop kids off at the eager to babysit grandparents. Only now kids can go to karaoke too before late hours and so on so might take them there. Break em in! We shall see. 

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I love reading this, although it made me sad to realize that me and new hubby have not had a date night in I can’t remember when. Pre-wedding we had a lot going on and although things have slown down after the wedding (1 month anniversary next week), its both of our faults for not making the time to do it. 

While we don’t do it every two weeks or any set time, typically we both have a really good gauge for when we need our “us” time. We also are pretty frugal and introverted people, so going out on a”date” isn’t anything special (not saying it has to be). More often than not we just say we’re going to stay in and catch up on our shows and cook a nice dinner to relax, its once in a blue moon we actually go-out on a date. 

I think it is important to still date while you’re married and try to find new things to do together to grow as a couple. However, I do firmly believe you don’t need to always be going out on standard “dates” like dinner and a movie, you can date from home. Like I said, Darling Husband and I are good about making time for each other, ESPECIALLY if our personal lives have been busy (i.e. constantly running errands, getting home late, busy at work, etc). If we’re super busy, we at least take 10 mins out of the day here or there to sincerely sit and talk and do the whole “how was your day” and “what are your plans” or “how are you” convo just to catch up. I’m interested to see how our dynamic will be once we have kids, which is far down the road but still. 

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right before my son (1st child) turned one, he started sleeping at grandma’s once a week.  husband and i would have date night on that night.  it was a week night, so nothing crazy, sometimes just a walk in the neighborhood, a trip for ice cream, or watching a movie and being able to start it early.

now with 2 kids (a little one who is still bf) our date nights are fewer and far between.  but i look forward to when both kids can sleep at grandmas and we resume date night again.

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“We don’t have kids.  But I feel like we spend so much time together it is like… a constant date.”

Same.  We don’t have kids and at present time we’re both in a good place career wise, we are fortunate to be in a low stress phase.  We are pretty constantly connected.  Our date nights aren’t too frequent, they really only happen when there is a specific event or performance happening that we want to attend.  

We eat dinner together & relax afterwards every mon-fri.  Sometimes we’ll go for a walk or bike ride together after dinner.  On the weekends we will make proper plans for a long bike ride or other activity but it’s not typical date night material.  I look forward to it like a date though, I really enjoy it.  

We try to travel together a lot, and we tend to pack in all our date night dinner/drinks out on those trips.  When we’re home most of our dinners out involve other people (family/friends).


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Not at the moment. Our baby is too small. But I have been trying to teach myself to make fancier meals than I usually cook so that some nights we can put the baby to bed early and have a really nice meal at home together as sort of a stop gap measure until we can actually go out places again. My husband is really loving the effort thank goodness. 

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We’ve been together for almost 12 years, married for 6 years.  We do date night every week or every other week. Typically at our favorite local sushi place, a good BBQ joint, or some fun, new hipster restaurant. Phones on vibrate and face down, or off the table entirely. We talk about anything and everything but try to avoid really negative topics. It helps us connect, catch up, unwind, and relax. Date night is my fave! 

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