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    Hands down, 100%, my fi is my best friend. There is nobody on this planet that I have ever felt so in sync with. He knows every single detail of my day-to-day life. He is on my team. He roots for me. I root for him. I would drop everything for anything he ever needed or wanted. While I do have a female best friend and would do all of those things for them – it isn’t the same. My fi is it. He is the person that I start getting physically and mentally sick of when thinking about having to be apart. We don’t currently live together and when I go home from seeing him I start to get all panicky and sick and anxious because being apart is hard when someone is your be all, end all. I don’t feel that way with my girl bff. I haven’t seen her in two months but that’s okay. We talk every day. There is just something special about the relationship I have with my fi that I wouldn’t trade for the universe. 

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    CakeSniffer:  OMG – I’ve never seen that but it’s perfect.

    I don’t have A best friend, I have several people who form a super awesome group of people who I can lean on at different times for different reasons. DH is on the Best Friend tier, and I often tell him he’s my favourite, because he is my favourite person, but he’s not my one and only best friend.

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    I don’t consider DH my best friend.   DH and I were not friends before we started dating.  The physical attraction was very strong and apparent when we met and that’s why we got to know each other.  Yes, I confide in DH and he’s very close and dear to my heart, but I know if we weren’t in a relationship, I wouldn’t be talking to him as much if at all.  I think if we ever divorced, I would probably not talk ot him at all unless I had to.  I don’t think you treat your best friend that way.

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    This post has really got me thinking about this. I wouldn’t call my Fiance my best friend. Of course we’re really close and he’s the most important person to me in the world, but I see him and our relationship totally differently than I do my other friendships…maybe because, well…I have sex with him… 🙂

    In my mind, I can’t call Fiance my best FRIEND, because he isn’t just my friend, he’s my lover too and I put those two things in different sides of my brain. I would never want him to be JUST my friend or JUST my lover…so he can’t be my best “friend” if that makes any sense. I relate to him differently than I do my platonic friends and I almost believe that the non-sexual relationships are more pure in a way because the heart isn’t involved in the same way; I just love the girlfriends I grew up with because I just love them for who they are inside 100% and our histories together and not partly because our body chemistries are intwined and I look at them and think they’re sexy as all hell and wanna jump their bones like I feel about Fiance, LOL. This all may sound crazy, but that’s kinda how I feel about it. Fiance isn’t my best bud, he’s my life partner and it’s a different relationship than a best “friend.” But for some people, I understand how their partner is also their best friend in the real sense of the word. If I had married one of my actual best friends, I’d feel differently because we actually grew up together and were platonic friends for a very long time first. That’s a different situation.

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    My fiancé is absolutely my best friend! I don’t th I could marry someone unless he was my best friend 🙂

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    My now husband IS my ultimate best friend. BUT that happened before we even realized we had a thing for each other. We met when we were 20 and quickly became inseparable with absolutely NO physical attraction. For almost three years we did not have sort of feelings for each other but he was the BFF. There was no other women in my life who i considered the best friend. And even we decided being a couple was a good idea, he didn’t stop being my best friend. When we fought or had any sort of argument, there was nobody i would run to and vent. he was the person i would vent to even if the venting was about him!   …now i do have one or two close friends, but none that can ever have the title of best friend aside from my husband. and not because society sayd your husband is your best friend, because ultimately, my husband was and is my best friend above all else (yes even above being the husband) 


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    My Fiance is absolutely my best friend in the entire world, and I am his.

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    I don’t see my fiance as my best friend. I see him as my soulmate though and he sees me the same. We feel extremely deep connection to each other and talk about everything!




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    My fiance is absolutely my best friend and he was once my “best friend” before he was even my “boyfriend”. We’ve been close friends even since we were 10 and had all of the same classes in Middle School. Hgh School we didn’t have as many classes together, but we made up for that with the eight hour long phone calls we would have every day right after school. I knew he liked me for a couple of years, and he was very open about that, but our friendship just grew stronger and stronger until I realized he is the one I would like to be in my life as more than just a best friend. So six years later here we are! We moved out together right after high school, have three fur babies and are now planning our wedding! He is the one that truly knows everything about me and I would NEVER think twice to tell him something. We are the best friends ever, and can also be romantic, so I don’t know what’s better than marrying your best friend!

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    My DH is my best friend and vice versa but it at least took him a little while to admit that. He had a hang-up on the title “best friend” and felt like it connotes a platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual love, and he said that’s not how he thinks of me. I think it comes from his previous marriage where that’s what they had, and that does not make a marriage (clearly). Anyway he has definitely moved past that, and we are definitely best friends, along with a lot of other things!

    I do have another best friend, my girlfriend from 4th grade, and we are definitely best friends, it’s just a different type of best friend lol. I would also consider my mom and sister my best friends, but also in a different way.

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    My Fiance is hands down my best friend. He knows everything about me and we have so much fun in each other’s company. We play video games and call each other dude, but we also watch girly movies and he doesn’t mind shopping with me. I can vent to him about anything (including our families) and talk about feminine issues with him. He would be my best friend regardless of our intimate relationship status. Not to say people can’t have more than one best friend, but in my case he truly is my #1

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    I have two best friends one female and one male. the male one is my husband. – the female one is my life long best girlfriend i met when i was 5 years old. We have witnessed eachothers highs and lows- new boyfriends break ups- divorce – her kids -college- yu name it. we are here to witness eachothers lives. It is a special sister bond. – 

    With my husband though – i still tell him everything- but instead of just being friends who support eachother as we go through the different things in our lives- we are creating our lives together. 

    So the energy is different. – I don’t think it is any less than a lifelong best girlfriend – it is just as important and powerful – if not MORE. . because I’m directly effected by whatever my husband and I end up making of our lives!  

    – So yes I can say I married my best friend. and if he was a girl- he would still be my best friend LOL just a girl friend instead! 

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    FH is absolutely my best friend, and I am his also. I have a closeness to him that I don’t have with anyone else. I don’t get tired of being around him and we thoroughly enjoy spending most of our time together. He knows me so well, I can talk to him about anything, even weird or gross things, and I’m the most comfortable around him. My sister is my other best friend, and while its close to what FH and I have, it still is a different type of “best friendship” because there isn’t romantic love involved and there are still things I can only talk to FH about; he makes me feel 100% accepted, and no one else has that affect on me. I believe those things are what constitute friendship (as well as romantic love)–both contribute to FH being my best friend. He also has two male best friends, but he says I’m his “main” best friend lol. Tbh I think it’s super strange when women say their fiance or husband is not their best friend. I think your spouse should definitely be one of your best friends. To me, your best friend is someone you feel most comfortable around, someone you can tell anything to, someone you can’t get enough time with. Why would you marry them if they weren’t your favorite person to be around? (Not saying any of you guys don’t enjoy being around your spouses or future spouses, this is just my definition of what a best friend is, so when people refuse to use the term “best friend” it kind of baffles me because what other word could you use to describe those feelings…?)

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    Husband was my closest friend long before we dated. We guided each other through relationships, been the first call for emergancy room visits, we would share hotels rooms platonically, be there to help through the worst times, drank and ate and watched coutless movies through the best times, he was/ is my favorite person. He truly was my best friend and still is.

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    My Fiance is one of my best friends. He is the first person I want to talk to when something good/bad happens, the first person I go to for advice (besides my mom for certain things), and he is the person I trust the most in my life. And when it comes to making an important decision, I always want his opinion because we’re a team and that’s how our relationship is. I think it’s important to have a close friendship with your SO. 

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