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@beetee123:  Honestly, best advice I received was to not get a graduate degree until 1) you know what you are actually going to do with it and 2) get work experience before pursuing it (if possible). 

Taking that advice will help you ensure it is a good, practical choice and having work experience will add to your experience in the program. If possible, I would even work while pursuing it. It’s such a tough economy that coming out of the workforce can be risky. Additionally, some employers will actually pay for part of or all of your degree.

Personally, I have a BA in Spanish and Psychology. I entered the workforce 3 1/2 years ago. At my previous job, I started my master’s in Nonprofit Management because my employer paid for everything. I am about half way done with it and received a graduate certificate. I am not currently pursuing it because I am waiting for my current employee benefits to kick in and start paying for it again. So, in about 2 years, I will have a degree relevant to my career path, I will have paid nothing for it and I will have continued to earn a full time salary.

Just my thoughts, hope it helps!

ETA: My Darling Husband has his master’s in Sports Administration. Unfortunately, the field has shrunk significantly in this economy. He currently works as Physical Education teacher/coach, but his hope is to eventually move into an Athletic Director position.

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I have a masters in English and secondary education. I used it to break into some corporate training jobs and eventually into the company I wanted to work for. It was a very thought out and strategic path to get to where I am now.  Although I am still at the company I wanted to get into, I’m now in IT.  It was a round about way to get here but I was naturally good at English, education, history, sociology etc. and horrible at math, science, business, computers etc.  what I wanted to do, I was not naturally good at so I used my strengths to do well in grad school and used them again to get into the go spiny and make a name for myself so they would let me try what it was that I actually wanted.  I guess my point is, you can make anything into what you want it to be, you just need to figure out how. 

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I have a graduate degree in speech language pathology.  My first job out of grad school, I made $49k a year with a good size raise after my clinical fellowship year. I have either gotten a raise or took a new job for more money every year since then.  My graduate degree did require a bacelor’s degree in the same field but it is possible to obtain a graduate degree without that background. The grad program is just 3 years instead of 2. 

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@beetee123:  you do end up doing a lot of on the job learning but each student/adult is different and what works for one may not work for the next one. It keeps you on your toes but it was very unnerving at first, I will admit. The way my program was structured, the second/final year of school is mostly “hands on” experience with a licensed supervisor. They know you’re learning and are very willing to teach you all kinds of tips and tricks. Also, after you graduate, you get a temporary/provisional license and must complete 9 months of work (getting paid) with a fully licensed supervisor. In that time, your supervisor isn’t with you every day but is there to support you and continue the learning process. 

As I said, I didn’t enjoy that part of it but the field is dynamic and you are constantly needing to learn new things. The good thing now is that there are tons of online resources so if you’re willing to do the research there is tons of info out there. 

The job stability is worth it to me. My teacher friends are not so lucky to be getting raises every year. They got pink-slipped due to budget cuts and being the least experienced at their schools. I’ve never had that happen because there is federal laws and monies reserved for special education. 

ETA: you also learn to adopt the mentality that you can’t kill someone via speech therapy. In theory, a patient could develop aspiration pneumonia if you’re doing swallowing therapy but that patient is already at risk for that if they are needing dysphasia therapy. BUT, you need an extra certification to do that kind of therapy. Plus, you can decide to focus on certain populations so you do control that. I have worked with kids in a school setting for all but one year of my career.  None of them were medically fragile so there was no risk of mistakes causing harm.  

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I have an Education Specalist degree which is technically a masters + 30. It’s a 3 year program including one year of internship. i’m halfway through my internship now and it pays pretty well. If I get a job where I have internship now (which is a good probabliity that I will), I will start at around $50k/year with a steady increase every year. 

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@bmo88:  +1 I found a job with my Bachelor’s first and now my company is paying 100% of my tuition for my masters and I’ll get a pay raise once I finish it on top of that. For the record both my bachelors and masters are in Deaf Education. 

@MrsPaulsBabyBallerina:  +1 for SLP’s! Almost all of my coworkers are SLP’s and make good money (about the same as me) and we’ve never downsized, if anything we’re always hiring. I agree with the learning on the job. It is a lot of learning as you go but it keep sthings exciting, there’s always new research and methods and everything you do is different with each person so it doesn’t get redundant. I definitely agree with not being able to kill any with speech services (or hearing services!), pretty much any lesson (even if it’s not the best lesson ever) is worthwhile. 🙂

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