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I think you should rely on actual maternity clothes instead of just bigger sized ones.  They will be your true size and fit you properly everywhere else while allowing room for your belly to expand.  You don’t want to look all baggy and sloppy in ill-fitting clothing.  So go have fun shopping in the maternity sections, and you will be amazed at the cool and stylish designs that are available nowadays!

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For most people, you will need actual maternity clothes in the 3rd trimester, unless you don’t have to dress up at work.  I’d try to use the bigger sizes, especially if they have an empire waist + the belly bands (and fastener) as long as possible.  How tall are you?  Another tip I have is to buy old navy talls.  If you aren’t buying maternity, the talls can get you by, since non-maternity/non-talls may not cover your bump after awhile.

Of course consignment/craigslist also helps.  Check out just between friends.  I found some cute maternity clothes and baby gear there for CHEAP!  Final tip, depending on your climate, is to buy a ton of cheap Ts & tank tops that are maternity.  Then, you can just wear non maternity cardigans (that you already own) to dress them up.  I used this a lot at work.  I also found some super cheap dresses at walmart that I could wear to work and just dress up with jewelry I already own.  I still spent a decent amount during my pregnancy, but I would’ve spent WAY more w/o these tips.

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I never made it to the big stage in pregnancy (miscarried at 3 months), but my mom was so excited she insisted on taking me shopping for maternity clothes. We went to a thrift store that only has maternity and baby things, they are very picky about brands and condition of their stuff, so everything was really cheap and nice. It makes sense, since you only wear the clothes a few months anyway. I would try to look for something like that.

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I suggest a similar thing as cannotwait, buy some cheaper and more neutral maternity tshirts (they are mainly your current size but a lot longer to allow you to grow outward:) and then you can dress them up with some funky jewelry and your current cardigans.  This is my plan for as long as I can.  I suggest the book “Bump It Up” it’s great and has a lot of great ideas for pregnancy fashion.

Also, regarding the support hose, I think you can buy TED stockings which are the white ones (or they may come in tan too) that the use in the health care field to decrease swelling in your legs.  I’m a physical therapist and I try to sit as much as I can but I’m starting to get concerned about having such a physical job.  

Good luck!  The most important thing is that you look and feel that you look great, because it will make you feel so much better!

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I had tons of maternity clothes given to me so I got to experiment with the good, bad and ugly.

Here’s what I found, the best investment  if you want to buy, is dresses b/c you can wear them from maternity to beyond!

The only pants/shorts I wear are ones with the long ‘pantyhose’ style top, hidden away under your shirt and come up pretty high to your chest. The shorter banded ones with elastic encased in cotton started getting sore/too restricting during the middle of the second trimester. I have a pair of pantyhose top shorts that I bought in the first trimester and still are my faves, going onto the third.  Shirts with elastic, right under the breasts but puff out underneath are great all the way through,  and could likely wear them later (maybe they are empire?)  just make sure they are on the long side for when you grow so it doesn’t get too high with your belly poking out.

The bellyband barely got me out of the first trimester. Didn’t like it personally. Everyone is saying I’m carrying low so maybe that’s why.

 As far as varicose veins, I’m not sure. I think I heard from friends pantyhose works.

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I think you will find that everyone has different opinions about what is comfortable during pregnancy…I think because it depends a lot on how you are carrying. 

Personally I didn’t like the full band pants until the last trimester when I had no choice. Prior to that I felt like they would stretch out during the day and I was always pulling them up. I carried in the middle and round, just like a basketball, and i preferred the demi panel or back panel lower rise jeans. I had two pairs from Gap (bought cheaper on Ebay) that I wore all the way until mid third trimester and the first few weeks after delivery. 

I do second the tank tops and tees and lots of cardigans. I loved the Old Navy maternity tanks! I would also buy cheap cardigans there in larger sizes as I got bigger. 

If you do need any dresses, I highly recommend maternity wrap dresses. Motherhood usually has them. I could wear my regular wrap dresses for a while but eventually my breasts just got tooo big. 

Good luck! 

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It all depends on you. Personally, I hated the belly bands because they’d roll up my belly. As for maternity clothes, try on a lot because I had stuff that was very uncomfortable and stuff I’d want to wear everyday. It was all about how the elastic hit me. Personally, I love the pants that have the cloth over the belly.

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I would be careful in asking your sisters if you can wear their regular clothes as maternity clothes. They might be hurt by that. I read a blog post by one woman who threw out all her clothes after her sister borrowed them for maternity use because it was just too embarrassing for her to think that she was bigger than her pregnant sister.

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I’m fairly petite (5’3″ and i USED to be skinny :o)  For the first 4-5 months of my pregnancy, I wore a lot of regular sized tops a size or two bigger with maternity leggings or maternity pants with the shorter belly band.  It was summertime, so I bought a lot of cheap flowy JCrew tops/tees on sale.  JCrew tops worked for me since they tend to be fairly long.  Though one caveat I found was that larger sized non-maternity tops were a bit too big in the chest and low cut, so I had to wear a camisole underneath. 

You will eventually have to shift into maternity clothes and there are lots of cheap places to get the basics (Target, Kohls, Old Navy).  If you ‘invest’ in anything, I’d invest in a decent pair of maternity jeans.  I really like Juicy maternity jeans, but waited and stalked ebay until I found a pair in my size for $65!

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I agree with snmcdowell, I’m larger than my sister and if she asked me to use my clothes as maternity clothes I would be hurt, and there is no way I would wear those clothes again after.  To save money I would check out second hand stores for less expensive maternity clothes.  There are actually a lot of cute things out there so you don’t have to look frumpy!

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I think it’s worth investing in some actual maternity clothes- by five months I couldn’t zip my jeans and I could only wear my “fat pants”. By six months any normal pants weren’t comfortable, even two sizes up. I found I could get away with flowy shirts for longer, but by the end I needed something that had room for a bump. I guess it depend on each person, though. Maybe start out borrowing clothes until you need to invest in some maternity wear? And Target, Old Navy, and H&M all have some good, cheaper stuff.

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I hated zippers after five months.  I loved the elastic waist maternity pants at that point.  I LIVED in those things.  I couldn’t even wear my pajama pants, because there’s a drawstring at the waist and it was uncomfortable to have it below the bump.  I also (pretty early on) needed the maternity tops.  I already have a proportionally longer torso, and wearing maternity tops that covered my bump (and crack, you really can’t be crackin’ it when you’re that preggers!) was important.  Even now, I still wear and love my maternity tops.  Regular tops were always too short for my torso anyway, and the maternity tops have enough room in the bust (don’t forget about the girls either!!  They get HUGE!) and length down past my waist.

So yeah, I vote for maternity clothes at 5 months.  (Also, my maternity sweaters are SO comfortable and soft!)  I’ve actually chosen to get rid of a lot of my non-maternity gear in favor of the cute maternity stuff I got!

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