(Closed) May 2014 Babies!! Am I really pregnant??

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@lilsweetie:  wouldn’t that just be the sweetest first Mother’s Day gift?!

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@scootied:  (((hugs))) I am sorry about what’s happening to you:(((  

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November mama popping in to Congratulate all you ladies!! I wish you all the best.

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Due Date: May 11th, 2014 – Mother’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚


Cycles trying (if applicable): 1st try!


Symptoms so far:Sore boobs, tired and peeing a lot, cramping and poking on my lower right side of abdomen, waves of nausea


First doctors appointment:Sept. 30th (i hate having to wait so long but my doc will be out of the country)


Most excited for: Every.Single.Thing


Most nervous about: Miscarrying.  No history to put me at risk, but you never know.


Hoping for a boy or girl: I imagine a girl, but really I just want a healthy baby!


What will you miss most over the next 9 months: Sushi!!!!


Possible names: We’re thinking of Matthias for a boy, and something very close to my name for a girl (so I won’t type that on WB)


Non-Baby related…what’s your occupation and you’re spouses?  Me – financial consultant, Spouse – Marketing


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This is my first post in these sections, and I am actually suprised to be here since this pregnancy is more of an “oops”… but that’s ok!


Due Date: May 7th, 2014- four days before my 30th birthday!!! 

Also right on my sister’s birthday.. .We have tons of May birthdays so why not add another??




Cycles trying (if applicable): well we were more in the camp of not trying to not conceive..Actually were hoping to not get pregnant until next year but can’t argue with the timing.




Symptoms so far:headaches, nausea in morning and in the evening, some insomnia but think cause I am so worried about things more




First doctors appointment:Going to call the doctor on Monday.




Most excited for: Becoming a family.




Most nervous about: Doing a good job at work while being pregnant, losing sight of my toes, and gaining tons of weight ๐Ÿ™




Hoping for a boy or girl: I am really hoping for a girl, DH for a boy, but both of us really just want him/her to be healthy.




What will you miss most over the next 9 months: So much! Coffee, beer, and sushi probably top three food related.. We had tons of plans to go skiing and traveling this winter and likely will have to be put on hold..




Possible names: My husband wants Maximus for a boy…haha- ya no.




Non-Baby related…what’s your occupation and you’re spouses?  Literally two months ago I just got a job as a social worker at the hospital.. Don’t think they will be too crazy to hear I am already pregnant.. Husband works with individuals with developmental disabilities.


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Hi ladies! I now have 5 different tests all showing positive, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that I’m pregnant!!!

Due Date: The trusty internet says May 18th.

Cycles trying (if applicable): Zero – we just got married 8/11/13 and decided to NTNT while on our honeymoon.

Symptoms so far: Crazy sore boobs, pressure in lower abdomen, and I’m a bottomless hunger pit

First doctors appointment: Making the call first thing tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Most excited for: Just getting confirmation so I can feel 110% confident that this is for real

Most nervous about: Miscarriage

Hoping for a boy or girl: I don’t care, DH would say boy.

What will you miss most over the next 9 months: Sushi, for sure.

Possible names: Oh my gosh, I don’t even know how to start thinking about that!

Non-Baby related…what’s your occupation and you’re spouses? I’m a paralegal, he’s a software engineer.

Here’s us!


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Well I saw my doctor on Tuesday, the nurse comes in and you can tell she has a mojor case of the ‘mondays’ (it was after the long weekend’, *BIG audible sigh,* ‘and what seems to be the problem today? me: “Well I have peed on three hpts and they’re all positive….” nurse’s face lights up and she gives a giggle, hands me a cup “well go do it again!”. After I peed in a cup I sat there for what felt like forever thinking ‘oh gawd, what happens if I’m wrong?’ she put a sticky on my chart and pokes her head in with this GIANT grin on her face.

After seeing the doctor he moved my EDD to the 10th of May.

Blood work tomorrow ugh.

Went to work and five days on the road had me totally drained. I’m hoping my energy comes back sooner than later!

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What are everyone’s beta levels?

I’m concerned that mine seem a bit low. They are doubling at a good rate, but compared to the HCG charts, it seems low to me. Trying not to worry!

2 days ago they were 137

Yesterday they were 310 (at 5 weeks)

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@lilsweetie:  I would lean towards thinking your beta levels are fine!  They’re doubling, and they’re within the (wide) range of normal.  Hoping for the best for you!

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Newly married and now pregnant! I don’t even have the wedding pics back yet! Still doesn’t seem real… I took a HPT in a bar before a planned night out. Which I think makes for a fabulous beginning

Due Date: May 20

Cycles trying (if applicable): 1

Symptoms so far: TIRED, breast achiness, headaches, mild cramping

First doctors appointment: Haven’t made one yet! I’ve been combing the internet for reviews and who’s covered by insurance. I think I found the clinic that I’ll go with…

Most excited for: Quickening and ultrasounds: the things that make it real. And being a cute pregnant lady

Most nervous about: Fetal abnormalities. And getting fat.

Hoping for a boy or girl: Boy!

What will you miss most over the next 9 months: Gin

Possible names: We have 2 girl names ready and waiting, but no boy names. Maybe that’s why I feel it’s a boy

Non-Baby related…what’s your occupation and your spouse’s? We both work in different branches of medicine. Neither in peds or OB though.




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Hey hey ladies! Lots of Seattle representation in May ’14 so far. Congrats to all of you!

We are in the north Lynnwood/Mill Creek area, so we’ll probably pick someone up here though we both work downtown.  Haven’t quite decided what would be best – we are trying to read reviews online to find someone who seems awesome.  Any recommendations?

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@lilsweetie:  I haven’t had any betas done…doesn’t seem to be the thing here unless you have a hx of miscarriage, or are doing fertility treatments but regardless of your situation, as a nurse I would suggest you try not to worry too much! everyones levels are different, the most important thing is that they are doubling and keep going up, up, up. I take comfort in my symtoms…as miserable as they are and I’m talking the most painful bloating and tummy aches and sorest boobs of my life, they tell me that things are still moving along during week 5. 


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 Yay, excited to be on one of these threads!!!

Due Date: May 19th 2014

Cycles trying (if applicable): lucky number 6

Symptoms so far: cramps, moodiness for sure, missed period and positive tests

First doctors appointment: not sure yet

Most excited for: all things but labor

Most nervous about: labor, been there once already

Hoping for a boy or girl: Both ๐Ÿ™‚

What will you miss most over the next 9 months: coffee….. Already missing it

Possible names: Carolina Dawn and or David Scott 

Non-Baby related…what’s your occupation and you’re spouses?

He works sales, I’m still in school, one year left!!:) 

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