(Closed) May 2013 Babies Part 2

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And a link back to Part 1 for reference. πŸ™‚

May 2013 Babies

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@mrsjapley:  Thanks for starting!

So who have people told yet? I am SUCH a chatty Cathy and have had a hard time keeping this to myself. We’ve told many close friends and a few coworkers. Our families don’t know yet as we are waiting for our first appointment (week from today!)

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A new survey is a great idea! Stolen from the lovely April ’13 mommas.

How far along? 6w4d

Gender: No idea!

Total weight gain: A few pounds of bloat and indulgences…

Maternity clothes? Nope.

Stretch marks? Nope

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: I’m used to 7 hours, I’ve been needing 9 or more. I feel like such a log.

Best moment this week (so far): Sharing the news with friends and co-workers.

Worst moment this week (so far): Currently working 2 jobs (last week at one of them, thank goodness) on top of grad school–feel like I am running around like a mess!

Miss Anything? Over easy fried eggs.

Cravings: Not true cravings, but I am not a big meat eater and seem to want meat all the time. And smoothies.

Movement: Nope.

Classes? Not yet.

Nursery progress? Just on pinterest!

Names picked? We’ve been throwing out names, so far Elizabeth Mason for a girl (my middle name is my mom’s maiden name, Mason) and Charles Everett for a boy (Charles is my dad and brother’s first name and Everette was DH’s great grandfather).

Milestones? Not really, just making it this far I guess!

Struggles? SLEEPY!

Most worried about? Seeing the heartbeat next week.

Most excited about:  Appointment next Tuesday–praying for a healthy heartbeat!

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How far along? 8w2d

Gender: Would be thrilled with either – DH’s whole family seems convinced it’s a boy!

Total weight gain: Too scared to check

Maternity clothes? Not yet

Stretch marks? No, but already slathering on the cocoa butter

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: As much as I can get. But I’ve been waking up most mornings, hours before I’m ready to get up and start the day.

Best moment this week (so far): Nothing comes to mind πŸ™

Worst moment this week (so far): This very moment because I feel yucky today and I’m about to leave for work (yay, four straight hours of being on my feet)

Miss Anything? Pumpkin beer

Cravings: I feel like something new every day. Yesterday it was a ham and cheese sandwich (still sounds good so I may indulge today and just nuke the ham first!)

Movement: Too early

Classes? Not yet

Nursery progress? Just ideas right now

Names picked? Our current winners are Daniel Zane and Caroline May

Milestones? None, really

Struggles? Keeping Darling Husband from telling the whole world about the pregnancy

Most worried about? Waiting another two weeks for a Dr’s appointment. Who knows when I’ll hear the heartbeat or have an ultrasound?

Most excited about:  Eating a ham sandwich?

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Hello May momma’s! Thought I’d chime in here. 

How far along? 6w3d

EDD: May 25

Gender: No idea!

Total weight gain: Up 1 pound. Started feeling qeasy a couple of days ago and I don’t want to east anything

Maternity clothes? None yet

Stretch marks? None yet. Bought some oil, when do you start using it?

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: averaging 8-9. Last night I got the WORST headache, and went to bed early because I couldn’t handle it. Slept (with a lot of tossing and turning) for probably 10+ hrs.

Best moment this week (so far): Appt with OB- right on track

Worst moment this week (so far): Not a good week so far. Husband left for 3 weeks, started feeling nauseous, headaches, got in a fight with boss, and discovered ants in the kitchen. 

Miss Anything? Booze. And husband 

Cravings: None really. Lately I dont want to eat anything

Movement: Nope.

Classes? Not yet.

Nursery progress? Just in my head, and a few bookmarks

Names picked? We’ve started a short list, but nothing sticking out yet

Milestones? The start of pregnancy symptoms this week

Struggles? See above

Most worried about? I just want to see the heartbeat

Most excited about:  We’re telling my family when we visit for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait!

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How far along? 9w2d

Gender: My sister says a girl because of the dancing u/s picture πŸ™‚

Total weight gain: -7.  Giving up booze, eating healthy and nausea all contribute to this

Maternity clothes? One pair of jeans.  They are glorious.  I also bought several non maternity dresses to help hide my krispy kreme belly.

Stretch marks? Had them before!!  I’m sure there will be plenty to come.

Belly button? Innie πŸ™‚

Sleep: I generally slept at least 8.  Now it’s closer to 9 and as much as 11 on other days.  I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to sleep which never happend before.

Best moment this week (so far): Seeing the little peanut flap it’s arms and legs back in forth during the u/s.

Worst moment this week (so far): Darling Husband made me dinner on sunday night.  Unfortunately he used “his” butter which is the one that sits in the cabinet for weeks on end because he likes soft butter.  I’d told him a while ago I wasn’t going to use it because while a week or two is fine, as long as it’s been there, it’s probably growing bacteria.  I didn’t eat anything he put his butter in.  He felt bad and I felt bad. 

Miss Anything? sushi

Cravings: Not true cravings.  Things sometimes peak my interest as tasty but no melt down go get it right now feelings.

Movement: Just my bowels (hehhe!)

Classes? nope. 

Nursery progress? I’m a little embarassed to admit.  I found a ridiculous deal on craigslist pretty early on so we have a crib, changing table and linens for said crib.

Names picked? still discussing

Milestones? First ultra sound under our belt!!  We have also picked our hospital, new doctor and found a doula.

Struggles? hungry but afraid of throwing up and indigestion

Most worried about? going pee and seeing blood πŸ™

Most excited about:  It’s wild to think that there’s a little peanut floating around inside of me!! 


We’ve already told several of our best friends.  My sister is the only family member that knows.  We’ve been avoiding DH’s family a lot because hiding it is a struggle.  I drank a lot so hiding that is an issue.  We are waiting until the NT scan to tell his family.  At the rate my belly is growing, I’m hoping we’ll be able to tell them and have something to show as well πŸ™‚  We’ve kicked around ideas on how to tell them.  We are thinking about asking them over to take a look at the new “bedroom furniture”.  And then leading them into the baby room with the crib, etc.

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How far along? 7w0d

EDD: May 21

Gender: No hunches yet but I guess I’m hoping for a girl.

Total weight gain: Negligible

Maternity clothes? Unnecessary

Stretch marks? Once I actually feel like I’m getting bigger I plan to start using Bio-Oil.

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: As much as I can get.

Best moment this week (so far): I am hoping the best moment WILL be my ultrasound in a few hours! If it goes well, we plan on telling our immediate families immediately. πŸ™‚

Worst moment this week (so far): It’s only Tuesday, I’m doing okay.

Miss Anything? Not really. I just miss not needing to be careful/mindful of EVERYTHING I do and put in my body.

Cravings: Not much of an appetite.

Movement: Yeah right

Classes? Not planning on any

Nursery progress? Going crazy with ideas and grabbing inspiration photos but won’t start making any real plans or purchases until we find out the gender (I hope around Christmas)

Names picked? I have a list of about eight of each I like. If my husband can’t choose a favorite out of those, I don’t know what we’ll do. (He hasn’t seen them yet. We won’t discuss until we know the gender — what’s the point?!)

Milestones? ?

Struggles? Keeping a secret!

Most worried about? Birth defects and miscarrying (normal, I hope)

Most excited about: Sharing this experience with the people I love the most!

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How far along? 5w4d!

EDD: May 31!

Gender: No idea!

Total weight gain: Lots of BLOAT!

Maternity clothes? Nope.

Stretch marks? Nope

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: Yeah, I’m usually in bed by 8pm every night and wake up at 9AM. That’s like 12-13 hours a night. Hahaha!

Best moment this week (so far): Darling Husband talking to “Smurf” last night while laying in bed πŸ™‚

Worst moment this week (so far): One day of absolutely horrid symptoms where I stayed in bed all day!

Miss Anything? Diet Coke! But I have indulged in a couple of caffeine-free ones πŸ™‚

Cravings: I’m at the point where I see any type of food commercial on TV and my mouth waters and I immediately want it. Like, now.

Movement: Nope.

Classes? Not yet.

Nursery progress? Just on pinterest!

Names picked? We’ve had them picked forever πŸ™‚ Girl: Ella Breeze. Boy: Logan Wells.

Milestones? Just making it a little further each day. Today I am pregnant, and today I am thankful!

Struggles? Lots of aches and pains.

Most worried about? Ultrasound on 10/22, it will be our first indicator if everything is going okay.

Most excited about:  Ultrasound again! Praying for that little heartbeat <3

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How far along? 7 weeks 7 Days – 8 weeks?

EDD: May 15

Gender: No hunches yet but I guess I’m hoping for a girl.

Total weight gain: A few pounds of extra eating to avoid nausea and lack of exercise (besides yoga and walking)

Maternity clothes? Not yet, my clothes still fit fine.

Stretch marks? nope!

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: Usually go to bed around 9:30pm every night now and get around 9 hours of sleep. Can’t stay awake past 10.

Best moment this week (so far): Just being excited about our Baby.

Worst moment this week (so far): Nausea in the morning (no throwin up though yet thankfully)

Miss Anything? Kickboxing Classes, Raw Sushi

Cravings: Not much, mostly anything greasy – fries, burgers.

Movement: not yet

Classes? Just doing prenatal yoga for now.

Nursery progress? Waiting to find out the gender before planning the nursery

Names picked? Not really, we have a few ideas but no real names picked.

Milestones? No big milestones yet, First ultrasound on October 11th though!

Struggles? Nausea! Keeping a secret! Blood work, I’ve had some not nice nurses hurting my arms! ouch!

Most worried about? Miscarrying, birth defects – just want the first ultrasound to go okay.

Most excited about: Hearing the Baby;s heart beat and finding out the gender!

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How far along? I don’t know! I’m somewhere between 7w2d and 5w5d, depending on if you’re measuring using my LMP or O date. I’ll find out tomorrow though!

Gender: no guesses yet

Total weight gain: i haven’t weighed myself in weeks. no clue! it feels like i’ve lost 2 or 3 lbs though.  

Maternity clothes?  no

Stretch marks? not from pregnancy! lol 

Belly button? innie

Sleep: i keep waking up super early and tossing and turning a lot. the latest i’ve stayed up lately is 10pm. i also feel pretty sleepy randomly throughout the day. 

Best moment this week (so far): doing lots of cooking and baking πŸ™‚ (not really baby related…)

Worst moment this week (so far): last night i had cramping from dinner time until bed and it was totally freaking me out πŸ™ no spotting or blood whatsoever, so i’m thinking it’s just typical first trimester growing cramps. 

Miss Anything? coffee!!!

Cravings: no true cravings, but i am eating a lot more protein than usual, especially white meat (mostly chicken). 

Movement: no

Classes? looking into them, but none taken yet.

Nursery progress? just toying with ideas via pinterest, googling, blogs, etc. 

Names picked? we’ve started working on making lists and so far we have lots of boys names. haven’t tackled girls’ names yet though.

Milestones? not yet; my first ultrasound is tomorrow morning. 

Struggles? worrying! anxiety, paranoia, over-analyzing everything. 

Most worried about? this being a viable pregnancy. 

Most excited about:  my ultrasound tomorrow morning! hoping we get to at least see the heartbeat and they give me an idea of how far along i am.

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@iheartnerds:  your “most excited by” just made me laugh out loud. thanks, i needed that! Laughing

@daybyday:  good luck today with your ultrasound!

@MrsMaine:  i love your names! so cute. 

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@mintmercury:  Thank you! I can’t explain it but I have just a really really bad feeling. Like all of this going as planned would just be too good to be true. I’m so scared – I hope it’s just nerves and that I’m not psychic or anything.

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How far along? 7w2d

EDD: May 20 (ish)

Gender: I have a hunch that it’s a girl, but my parents & sister are convinced it’s a boy. Darling Husband has no feeling either way (or so he claims – I think he just doesn’t want to run the risk of being wrong lol)

Total weight gain: Not sure, haven’t checked.  

Maternity clothes? None yet.  My clothes still all seem to fit the same

Stretch marks? None yet. I have to go get some cocoa butter so I can start using it when I start showing.

Belly button? Innie

Sleep: I’ve been heading to bed around 9 – 930 and am up around 530 during the week.  Over the weekend I slept 10 – 11 hours each night.

Best moment this week (so far): Don’t know?

Worst moment this week (so far): I’ve been slightly less nauseous this week than last week, on the whole.  But I still feel pretty crappy, and this morning I had to drop the dog’s food bowl when I was in the middle of getting his breakfast ready to run to the bathroom and puke.  That was certainly unpleasant.

Miss Anything? Raw sushi.  And not feeling nauseous 6 hours out of the day.  And being able to sleep without a bra. Lol.

Cravings: Last week I was craving a Big Mac, and over the weekend I was craving a Whopper.  I hope that doesn’t stick around.  Noticeably absent, though, is my typically very prominent sweet tooth.  I have zero craving for sweets, and pre-pregnancy, it seemed all I thought about was sweets.  πŸ™‚

Movement: Nope.

Classes? Not yet.

Nursery progress? I think I’ve got the crib that I want picked out, but that’s about it.

Names picked? As of right now, Andrew Jacob and Evelyn Victoria.  That could change.

Milestones? I don’t know?

Struggles? Getting through the day constantly worried about having to run to the bathroom to puke.

Most worried about? Sonogram on Thursday – super anxious that there won’t be a heartbeat, or I’ll be measuring far behind

Most excited about:  Telling the extended family around Thanksgiving (our immediate families and best friends already know), and finding out the gender in early December!

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