May 2018 POAS

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ioanamaus :  I don’t know why you even inverted – Looks obviously positive, Congrats! 

sleepymelis :  Temps up are promising – Retest again tomorrow – Fx for you!

winterroasted :  I see it!!! My cheapie looked like that too – bust out the FRER!!!! Congratulations!


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winterroasted :  Yaaaaaaaay! I am so happy to see that pink line! Congrats!!! 

missmandy7 :  Congrats! That is a great line! 

sleepymelis :  FX you just implanted a little late!!

AFM it looks like I’m officially 1DPO. Now the longest 11 days of my life starts!

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ioanamaus :  Definitely a stronger line! Enjoy your time in Paris — I bet that line will be a lot darker when you get home!

sleepymelis :  That’s looking so good! With your mc, when did you get a BFP? I feel like with that chart this has to be your month.

missmandy7 :  Congrats! Definitely get in for that blood work — your doctor will likely want to follow you closely if he has you on progesterone.

winterroasted :  Definitely there. Get yourself a FRER!

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Alright, alright, I’m roll calling nice and late, if y’all will have me wink


Your age / partner’s age: 29/29 

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day / DPO: CD16

Ovulation Date: Likely today

POAS Date: 5/29

Usual Cycle Length: 30-40; I’ve been pretty irregular

Cycles Trying: I think 7? It’s been 11 months but to be honest, I’ve lost track of the cycles.

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): We’re kind of flying by the seat of our pants here. I’m temping but otherwise, this is a do nothing and see what happens cycle.

For Fun – What is your current favorite song?: Buddy Holly by Weezer. I’ve been in a bit of throwback Weezer phase lately.

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i have a 2 pack of FRER at home in hopes of this situation. I’ll take one tomorrow. 

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ioanamaus :   missmandy7 :   winterroasted :  Wow!! this is amazing! Congrats to all of you!!!! 

Unfortunately I tested this morning and it was a very clear BFN, even though I felt so confident yesterday! I must have been the feeling the vibes for everyone else πŸ™‚ 

I’m only 10DPO, so part of me is like test again on Friday and part of me is saying just wait for your period. Not sure which side to listen to yet! Haha! 

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winterroasted :  thats totally positive! Do a 4 hr hold and i bet youll get an awesome line on the frer!!! 

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So this is my first time on the ttc board, and now that I’m not obsessing about the wedding,  I can now think about baby making πŸ˜‰ 


Your age / partner’s age: 36/39

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day / DPO: cd22

Ovulation Date: Likely May 11

POAS Date: May 26 or maybe May 20, you know,  for fun because I have a few FRER tests just sitting there. I know we’re just at the beginning of our journey, so I’m hopeful,  but currently just enjoying being married to my love.  It’s pretty epic. 

Usual Cycle Length: 30-32; Usually 31, but some cycles have been a day shorter or longer since I started tracking. 

Cycles Trying: First. It would be strange if we do get pregnant this cycle.  My sister also started trying this month and she conceived quickly with the last 3. So if we had due dates close to each other,  that might be difficult for family since we live 1300 miles away from each other.  

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): I haven’t started temping,  so ovulation is estimated based on dates and symptoms. I’ll probably start temping next month.  Totally taking garden of life Raw prenatal vitamins.  They make my hair grow super fast.  Plus they aren’t crazy expensive.  I did get a UTI last week :(, so I’m currently taking a garden of life probiotic too.  Gotta replenish the bacteria killed by the antibiotic lol.  

For Fun – What is your current favorite song?: I recently rediscovered the hunger games soundtrack and I love Tomorrow will be Kinder by the Secret Sisters. 

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larissakay :  glad you decided to join us! I got my BFP at 11dpo last time, but it was very faint. I think I’ll wait till Friday to test again, but we’ll see if I have any willpower tomorrow morning…

also I love Weezer too and now I have Buddy Holly stuck in my head πŸ˜‰

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anabolina :  Welcome! I hope your stay on the boards is short! πŸ˜‰

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WOW BFPs are pouring in!! Love it!  @missmandy7 love the Barca onsie!  Congrats to all the bees!  Tomorrow I’m planning on traveling 3 hrs to meet dh for a suprise BD session otherwise we miss our FW!  O should be tomorrow or the following day for me so FX we hit this one square on the head as we unfortunately had little opportunity. 

sleepymelis :  Looks like temp is back up! FX!

winterroasted :  WOWOWOWWOW!!!!

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First time on the TTC board and roll-calling late because hubby and I have decided we are seriously trying now.

Your age / partner’s age: 28/35

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day / DPO: 29

Ovulation Date: May 3

POAS Date: May 17

Usual Cycle Length: 29 days

Cycles Trying: 1

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): charting and OPKs (temping since Jan)

Trying anything new this month?: no 

Link to your chart if charting: no link

For Fun – What is your current favorite song?: Tragic Endings – Eminem

So funny story, I took a test a 10DPO and got a faint positive, every test since then has been negative however I chart religiously and today my temperature should’ve dove down to around 36.02(Celcius) and I’m up at 36.65

Combined with the faint positive I’m still hoping we get lucky this month. 

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