May 2019 POAS – Infertility Edition (12+ Months and/or Seeking Active Treatment)

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Your age/partner’s age: 34/34

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: ugh, stopped counting awhile ago. 3 years +, 6 failed IUIs, 3 failed IVF cycles, onto IVF #4

Current CD/DPO: Just had my IVF retrieval so not really relevant ( retrieval #4!)

Usual Cycle Length: 26 days

Ovulation or procedure date (and what kind): retrieval yesterday, planning a freeze all cycle

POAS/beta day: Not this month!

Known fertility issues: low amh, high DNA frag (surgically corrected)

BFP plan (BD timing, supplements, charting, etc.): IVF with frozen transfer

Trying anything new this month? We’ve done 3 fresh transfers (all BFN). Progesterone level too high for fresh transfer this time around so we will do a freeze all and attempt FET in coming months so that is new to us despite being IVF veterans

Link to your chart, if charting: Nope

For fun- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?: Australia is top of my list but can’t imagine being on a plane that long. Hoping to go to Portugal this summer or fall. 

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I’ll be roll calling soon….I’m on CD4 and have a US on CD12. Hoping to be ready for IUI shortly after!

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tulipdazey :  Great #s! How many monitoring appointments do you usually have? I was there at least 4 times before I had a 15!  That’s awesome.  Retrieval went pretty well. We got 8 but they were all mature and fertilized so really hoping we get a good report on Saturday! I’ve never heard of retrieval 38 hours after trigger but that would make me nervous as well. Could your dr. try a different type of trigger? I triggered with 2 10,000 units of HCG and lupron this time which I think helped since last time we retrieved 13 but only 8 were mature.  

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Your age/partner’s age: 27/34

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: This is 11 consecutive, but 12 total (we skipped 1 month)

Current CD/DPO: CD1

Usual Cycle Length: Varies 25-28 days usually.

Ovulation or procedure date (and what kind): Probably 4/25

POAS/beta day: 5/8

Known fertility issues: None yet-we start testing on the 22nd.

BFP plan (BD timing, supplements, charting, etc.): Prenatals, OPKs, Timing based on CM

Trying anything new this month? We begin testing! We had our initial appt this week with one clinic, but after getting our hopes up we found out there was a miscommunication and they do not take our insurance. So we are starting again at another clinic who is in-network on the 22nd.

Link to your chart, if charting:

For fun- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?: Ireland so I could meet and fall in love with Jerry from PS I Love You (even though we’d have a few barriers… he’s fake/he died/I’m currently married)

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tulipdazey :  sooooo hoping everything continues to go well and you get many mature eggs and most make it to fertilization. Fx! Sounds like this new protocol is working well so far. 

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tulipdazey :  ahhhhh! I’m so happy this cycle seems to be going better for you! 😁 lets hope this streak continues! 🙏

littleanchor :  So happy you got 8 and they all fertilized! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news in the coming days 🤞

AFM: I start stims on  April 19th. Still not sure if I can roll call for May, assuming my FET could be in the 3rd week of May or later 🤷‍♀️ I’m just happy this was my last day on the BCP!!!

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Your age/partner’s age:  28/28

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC:  I don’t really remember, 30ish? The month is 2.5 years, but had a cycle or two break for surgery last year 

Current CD/DPO:  CD12

Usual Cycle Length: 28 days

Ovulation or procedure date (and what kind): Hopefully Wednesday.

POAS/beta day:  May 1st hopefully 

Known fertility issues: Endo

BFP plan (BD timing, supplements, charting, etc.): Sooooo many supplements, charting 

Trying anything new this month?:  Adding chaste tree after O thins month

Link to your chart, if charting: 

For fun- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?:  My top thing right now is to travel through Europe. I want to see all the history there. Especially with the sad news about Norte Dame today. 

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littleanchor :  8 mature eggs sounds great! Congrats! Fingers crossed for Saturday!

BeepBopB00p :  Good luck with your first appointment!

tulipdazey :  Sounds like the eggs are coming along great! 

NicLE1218 :  Ultrasound coming up quickly, right?

RaccoonKitty :  So exciting to start stims, even if you can’t roll call for May. I forget, is this your first round?

AFM, I don’t think I’ll roll call this month. We’re doing all of our preliminary testing with the RE, so no clomid this month, so I doubt I’ll get a chance to poas. If I get a positive opk, I’ll go ahead and roll call. I got all the blood taken Monday and I go back Friday for a sonogram and genetic counseling and hopefully will have the results from the blood. Does anyone know exactly what genetic counseling is? My husband is really upset about it for some reason. He thinks it’s a waste of time. I finally told him I was too tired to argue and he should just stay home. Unfortunately, since you can’t pick the days that certain tests fall on, we both wind up missing a lot of sleep due to the third shift schedule we’re both on. I wound up taking 3 very inefficient naps on Monday rather than actually sleeping. Friday will be more of the same. We have to be there at 8:45!

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Dr_dazzle :  I reckon I could easily spend an entire year traveling around Europe – I want to see EVERYTHING! 

angel_baby_12_9 :  This will be our second and last cycle of IVF. I guess that adds a whole lot more pressure this time,  but at least we have realistic expectations going into it.

Sorry I’m not sure about genetic counselling! I hear you on being too tired to argue, infertility is draining.

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