May 2019 Weight Loss/Health Accountability Thread

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2019

Hello, I’d like to participate! Sounds like we are not too far off from each other for our current weights and goal weights.

Current Weight: Haven’t weighed myself in awhile, but I was 157.4 lbs on 4/24.

Goal Weight: 137, would like to lose 20 lbs.

Height: 5’4″

Timeframe: Wedding is on Sept. 28th, so 5.5 months.

Weight loss so far: None, really.

Reason: I’m getting married in September!

Exercise (routine and/or programs you use): Boxing and spinning, 3 classes a week. I also hike and kayak but haven’t been doing much of that the past couple of months.

Diet (specific type, counting calories, track macros, vegan, etc): Weight Watchers, but I’ve been following it on and off. Need to stick with it. It helped me lose 20 lbs back in 2011-2012.

Fav. Healthy Snack: Built bars, pickles, Trader Joe’s everything pretzel slims, turkey pepperoni.

Positives so far: I have been exercising regularly for over a year, so even though I’m at my heaviest, I’m likely also at my strongest.

Negatives so far: I’m kicking myself that I got engaged almost 3 months ago so I would’ve had over 8 months to lose weight before the wedding. Instead I’ve just kept going up and down a pound or two since then. I need to buckle down on my diet.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2018 - Fremont, CA

Awesome! I want to join too!

Current Weight: 160.8

Goal Weight: 130

Height: 5’3’’

Timeframe: no timeframe for me. Timeframes trigger my anxiety. I started 14 days ago and I am hoping this becomes a lifestyle (and therefore there would be no end to this journey).

Weight loss so far: 5.5 lb

Reason: I put on 26lb since I moved to the US. I gained weight because of emotional eating and I want to find healthier ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

Exercise (routine and/or programs you use): swimming 3 times a week for now, as well as walking or biking 2 days a week as well – for now

Diet (specific type, counting calories, track macros, vegan, etc): I use MyFitnessPal as a calorie tracker. I eat a maximum of 1610 kcal a day (or a minimum of 1300). I control portion size and try to make healthy choices. I have not eliminated anything from my menu.

Fav. Healthy Snack: avocado with a little salt and pepper; cashews; berries. 

Positives so far: I have stuck with my new lifestyle for 14 days so far and have lost 5.5 lb!

Negatives so far: intrusive thoughts. I feel guilty for not having started sooner, for having let myself go like this. I try not to dwell on those thoughts too much.


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Busy bee

kmbumbee190618 :  I’ll join! I’m stuck with 10 pounds of hadnt weight that just isn’t coming off. 

Current weight: 138 lbs

Goal weight: 128 lbs 

Height: 5 ft 4 1/2 in

Timeframe: 1 month

Weight loss so far: 35 pounds. I gained 45 pounds in my pregnancy and since giving birth in December I’ve lost the majority of it. 

Reason: fitting into ny old clothes. 

Exercise: just taking walks with the baby

Diet: just counting calories and trying to eat clean. 

Fav. Healthy snack: dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt and popcorn


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  • Wedding: September 2019

Love this! Anything to help keep me accountable! My goal is a lot about getting fit and toned and losing five or so pounds (and keeping them off or even better losing more!).

Current Weight: 138lbs

Goal Weight: 130lbs

Height: 5’7″

Timeframe: 4 months, ongoing

Weight loss so far: 4lbs

Reason: Want to look really sexy and fantastic in a bikini on our French Polynesia honeymoon after the wedding!

Exercise (routine and/or programs you use): Nike fitness app + elliptical at the gym

Diet (specific type, counting calories, track macros, vegan, etc): No specific diet, but trying to use a calorie counter. I do pretty good with the exercise portion of my efforts, but struggle spending the time and the money on eating really well. I don’t eat out, but I also don’t eat a lot of protein.

Fav. Healthy Snack: I really need to come up with more…healthy food is hard for me. I try to eat fresh fruit (clemontine, strawberries, etc.) most days.

Positives so far: The workouts I’ve been doing have been more focused on strength training, so I’ve been getting more toned than focusing on weight loss, so I’m feeling stronger and more toned!

Negatives so far: I lose momentum and can be on for a few weeks and then just totally lose my momentum. I really need to find a way to keep going but it’s hard to be consistent–even once it feels like a “habit.”

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

Current Weight: 145ish

Goal Weight: 120

Height: 5’ 0”

Timeframe: End of 2019, if I get my act together should easily hit that goal but I like to set very realistic timeframes otherwise I tend to aim for something totally unrealistic and get discouraged.

Weight loss so far: 50 lbs

Reason: TTC in summer 2020

Exercise (routine and/or programs you use): Training for a half-marathon (run 3-4x a week) + full body strength training 2x a week

Diet (specific type, counting calories, track macros, vegan, etc): Counting calories 

Fav. Healthy Snack: I’m not really a snacker. I usually do hard boiled eggs or string cheese as a snack if I need it though.

Positives so far: I’m really proud of my progress so far, it’s best I’ve ever done and the closest I’ve been to my goal in probably a decade 

Negatives so far: I’ve kind of stalled out since January and been struggling to get back on track. I just got back from a vacation so I’m hoping to pull it together this week.

And just because I am really proud of my progress so far here’s my most recent progress pic:

The left is me 2.5 years ago at my brother’s wedding and the right is me this past weekend at my sister-in-law’s wedding.

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Busy bee

kmbumbee190618 :  thanks! Breastfeeding I think helped with that but now i’m just always hungry because of it so i’m struggling with the last 10 pounds. Hopefully you guys can help me stay on track. 

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Busy bee

kmbumbee190618 :  thanks! Breastfeeding I think helped with that but now i’m just always hungry because of it so i’m struggling with the last 10 pounds. Hopefully you guys can help me stay on track. 

hikingbride :  you look great! 

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Busy bee

Current Weight: 140

Goal Weight: 120

Height: 5’2″

Timeframe: 1 year?

Weight loss so far: 0

Reason: Lose weight gained after wedding, and get down to a very healthy weight before we TTC.

Exercise (routine and/or programs you use): Corepower Yoga; Sculpt/C2

Diet (specific type, counting calories, track macros, vegan, etc): Calorie counting, try to limit carbs with higher focus on protein and fat

Fav. Healthy Snack: greek yogurt with a few berries and chia seeds

Positives so far: I just started a week ago with my workout plan and tracking my diet. After not being able to work out for a year due to chronic fatigue from anemia, now that my labs are normal i tried working out. I LOVED the experience of feeling triumphant trying and accomploshing fitness classes I could have never imagined keeping up with before. Its huge for my confidence.

Negatives so far: Mostly mental stuff. I have a pattern of getting on a regime and expecting perfection, then when i mess up i just call the whole thing off. I’m trying to tread softly and keep my balance this time. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

Quitting after a mess up was my biggest mental challenge too! It took me a lot of trying and failing that persistence, not perfection is the key! yaara :  

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  • Wedding: September 2019

kmbumbee190618 :  Thanks for the Bowmar suggestion–I really appreciate it! And thanks for starting the thread–we’ve got this!

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  • Wedding: September 2019

kmbumbee190618 :  Way to get back at it! I have been struggling a bit and really haven’t been doing great, so really appreciate you bringing this back around.  My parents came to town for the weekend and left bread and pie and ice cream and all kinds of things in my fridge…I’m not doing great with the eating aspects of my goal. Now that I’m on my own and do my own grocery shopping I eat much better than I did when I was younger and living at home (now I live about 4 hours from my parents), but I really struggle when I’m around family or visiting home.

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Busy bee

kmbumbee190618 :  that’s such great news! So happy to hear about youit recovery and weight loss.

AFM i’m still at the same weight but given that I had a few chest days because of my birthday and Mother’s Day I’ll take it and focus on continuing healthy eating and taking long walks with the babe. 

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