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@Goldilocks1107:  ha! Can’t wait to hear the hormonal rage story! (Not that I wish you a hormonal meltdown, but I am sure it will be a good story.) 

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@cvbee:  Ya I don’t know what that was about… I think I would have been better off being blissfully unaware of their reaction. Darling Husband thinks they probably just assume we’re too young/unprepared to be parents or something because we’re younger (25) and were out shopping on a week day (DH works a rotating shift so our weekends are mid-week at the moment). Our area has a tonnn of young mothers and welfare/unemployment issues so he may have a point. 

I really hope your kidney issues pass soon. I’ve never dealt with that kind of pain before and can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must make you ontop of already dealing with the discomforts of pregnancy. Yuck 🙁 Hang in there!

@PasteMoo:  It’s funny how its either women getting asked “oh boy are there twins in there?”/”wow you’re enormous” comments, or the total opposite/oblivious ones. I’m loosing faith in the happy medium here…

@Goldilocks1107:  I’m starting to think people either have no filter at all, or are way too polite to assume a pregnancy in case they offend. I’m sure you’ve pieced together that yesterday was my meltdown day. Along with my post I basically protested doing anything and everything all day and felt like I would burst into tears at any minute. I put off my work, house and nursery projects and errands because I just felt like sulking. I think my hormones are really intensifying these last few weeks.

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@cvbee:  Oh wow, I hope you get to feeling better.  I had lingering pain for a few days, but now by the end of the week I feel mostly fine.  Definitely not as bad as yours. 

@MissDareDevil:  I was on wedding bee through wedding planning and after, but I’ve never been super active.  I liked to read the threads and get ideas, but I always felt like what I had to say was already said.  I’ve probably been more active on the TTC/parenting boards… well a little at least. We were NTNT/TTC for 11 months before our BFP.  I went on a diet for insulin resistance because of borderline PCOS and that seemed to do the trick for us.

@Goldilocks1107:  You look super cute!  Good job on knowing your limitations, I need to work on that sometimes but Darling Husband is pretty good about making me sit down.  I wouldn’t worry too much about kitty getting around gates.  We had a daycare in our home growing up and the cats learned pretty quickly to jump the gates. And I definitely have days when I feel like throwing a tantrum.  Stupid hormones… some days I just wake up and everything makes me want to bust out in tears too.  Good times.

@Ms Mini:  Have fun at your growth check! We have one next Thursday and I’m so excited to see our little guy one more time before he’s here!

@shortcake15:  49th percentile sounds perfect! I hope baby does some flipping for you.  Try not to worry too much yet, there’s still plenty of time for flipping!

@winniewolf:  Congrats on picking a daycare! All of my appointments are right after lunch and I hate that I always weigh more at the doctor’s office when I know part of it is a full belly. 

@LAGS:  Hopefully you won’t have to deal with that Doctor for the rest of your pregnancy, that was a very rude thing to say to a pregnant lady.  There’s always better ways to phrase that, even if she was a bit concerned.  I can’t believe you’ve had people be snarky to you… some times I just really I would have the guts to call rude people out on things like that.

Here’s giant me at 31 weeks.  I swear it’s just all belly, I haven’t put on weight anywhere else in my body, and I feel very awkwardly shaped right now. I don’t suppose that’s about to get any better though. Check out that awesome popped belly button too, ugh.  I didn’t realize it showed that much, I should have covered it with a band-aid or something. 

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