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Thanks for this thread!  Should we put due dates?

EDD:  May 27, 2012  

At my 1st ultrasound (at 6 weeks, 5 days) she said I was measuring a day bigger.  I don’t think that matters much yet.

How far along: 8 weeks

Weight gain:  er, 3-4 pounds.  Is that bad?

How are you feeling:  I have had a few minor bouts of nausea but nothing bad.  Have been frequently hungry, have to pee frequently, and really tired at night and in the morning.  My boobs kill and I’m bloated to the point that I’m pretty much using the bella band all the time (ehem and even wore a pair of maternity jeggings to dinner last night).  I look like I”m pregnant, even though I know it’s bloat.

Next appt:  10/20 with midwife at almost 9 wks.  Going to try for heartbeat, do pelvic exam, blood, etc. 

@cvbee:  I agree – days go by really slowly and I’m anxious for the 12 week wait to be over (get it, ha ha!)  You are strong for not telling anyone!!  We told our families and some close friends but are waiting another 4 weeks to let others know. You must be getting really close to the 12 week mark!

I’m feeling really good and it freaks me out a little. I was feeling really positive and confident until this weekend for some reason.  Not sure why the change, but I’m so anxious for my next appiontment.  Anyone else feel this way?


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Oh, new place to share!

EDD:  May 21, 2012  

How far along: 9 weeks

Weight gain:  4 pounds (I KNOW)

How are you feeling:  I freaked about weight, annoyed with our family and not ready to share the secret (in part because they haven’t guesses which is  a stupid reason. Guess that means I’m moody).

Next appt:  11/1 — if I remember to get time off work!


I feel like CRAAAAAAAAP today.


@cvbee, thanks for starting this!

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EDD: May 1, 2012

How far along: 11 weeks (12 weeks on Tuesday)

Weight Gain: Some days I will be 7 pounds heavier, other days I will be back to my original weight. I can’t say for sure right now.

How are you feeling: Like crap to sum it up lightly.

Next appt: This Tuesday

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@Marriedandlovingit:  LOL. “like crap to sum it up lightly”  this is exactly how I felt all weekend in front of our family who we haven’t told yet.

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EDD:  May 12-14, 2012   My ultrasound dated me 2 days earlier than my LMP.

How far along: 10 Weeks! Holy crap, time is flying…kinda?

Weight gain:  Lost 3-4 lbs.  Gotta love Morning Sickness!

How are you feeling:  One day feeling OK the next my head is in the toilet! Mornings and nights have been really tough for morning sickness. The baby doesn’t like anything too flavorful or intense in flavor.  All they want is sweets!  I can’t get enough strawberry flavored everything. Between fig newtons, nutragrain bars, strawberry frosted donuts.  I want berry everything!  Breasts are extremely tender, fatigue has fully set in, and I’ve been constipated pretty badly these past few days.  Been trying to add leafy greens and other roughage and prunes to get past that.   Anyone else have NO tolerance for any juices with apples?  As soon as I drink any apple juice at all I’m in the toilet with violent squirts.  I know, Too Much Information I guess that helps balance out the constipation though?

Next appt: 10/20 @ 5:15pm. 

This will be my first formal OB appt. I haven’t had any bloodwork done yet, but have had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks 4 days and saw the little flickering heartbeat and got the “everything looks perfect”.  I had some minor spotting early last week which has completely gone away but not hearing a heartbeat on the doppler made me pretty skiddish even though I was just barely 9 weeks when they tried.  Hoping to try again and hear something! Also kinda don’t know what to expect. Any ideas anyone?

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I’m so glad you started this.  The Spring thread was way too overwhelming so I avoided it completely!  This will be a lot easier to keep up with and communicate with other May Mama Bees.

EDD:  May 9th (the day after my Birthday).

How Far Along:  10 weeks and 5 days

Weight Gain:  Have no clue.  I don’t have a scale.  I go to the doctor on Thursday morning, so I will know if I have gained any weight since last month.

How are you feeling:  Exhausted, bloated, nauseous/hungry.  I have been very forunate that I haven’t had any real morning sickness.  I just get nauseous feelings and have to eat.  I have beeen incredibly bloated, so I have a “fake”  baby bump right now.  I can’t button my pants without feeling like I am being cut in two.  I can’t sleep at night.  It takes me forever to fall asleep even though I am exhausted and wake up constantly to pee or try to get comfortable.  I’m ready for the 2nd trimester!!!  Oh ya, and cranky and edgy ….yeah for my husband 🙂

Next Appointment:  Thursday, 10/20.  I am really looking forward to the possiblity of hearing the heart beat.  We had an ultrasound last month, so I doubt they will do another one this week.  Although they might, since I showed a cyst last time and have been feeling a slight pain on my left side still.  Maybe they’ll want to check on it and make sure it hasn’t gotten any bigger.  

Our family and close friends already know, but I can’t wait to make a big announcement after this week!  

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I’m happy this thread was started too! There seems to be a lot of us due in May and I’m wayyy behind on all the other threads after having travelled to see family. Speaking of, we’ve told our immediate families now which was a really fun experience and now I suppose we’ll let the news slowly spread. Is anyone planning to tell their friends/family in a special way?

EDD:  May 12/13-ish

How Far Along:  10 weeks, 2 days

Weight Gain:  I think I’m up around 2-3lbs, although the scale is really up and down.

How are you feeling: …discouraged. My ms and other symptoms seem to be getting worse and worse. My mw said things should start easing up now, but I’m getting nervous that I’ll be like my Mom and feel miserable into my 20th week. I’m nautious all day, get sick in the mornings and middle of the night. Am so, so constipated and nothing smells good anymore. I feel guilty/ungreatful because I know how lucky I am to be pregnant and am totally reassured by my symptoms, but lately I’ve just been missing my old body.

Next Appointment:  Nov 11. We had an 8 week ultrasound and had another appointment around 9.5weeks where we were able to hear baby’s heartbeat on the doppler…but now we’ll have to test our patience and get used to the wait for the monthly visits.

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Yay for all the May babies!

EDD:  May 14-16, ultrasound dated us two days earlier than my charting

How Far Along:  9 weeks, 4 days

Weight Gain:  I thought i was up about 4lbs, but according to the scale this morning, only 1. 

How are you feeling: I was feeling really good towards the end of last week but took a turn for the icks this weekend.  I just feel hungover all the time… tired, nauseous, headache… and greasy food is not the answer.  I joked with Darling Husband that we should start calling the baby tequila.  Sweet carbs are all that’s sustaining me, chocolate granola bars, any kind of fruit, peanut butter toast, ice cream.  I know I need to eat more veggies, but I just can’t stomach them right now. 

Next Appointment:  Oct 27th.  I can hardly wait!  We’ll be just over 11 weeks by then and I’m really hoping we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat.  I really feel like I need some confirmation baby is still growing fine in there.  Our parents, grandparents, and we each got to pick a close friend know already, but I’m anxious to start spreading the news to everyone after this next appt.  I think my Mom is about ready to burst from not being able to tell.  

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EDD: May 5th (Could be as early as May 1st though as per our last ultrasound)

Hello to all the other May Mommies To Be!

How far along: 11 weeks, 3 days (first trimester is over on saturday!)

Weight gain: Not checking it regularly, but last I checked, no gain at all.

How are you feeling: Thanks to the miracle drug diclectin, and its friend maxeran, not too shabby! The morning sickness does seem to be getting somewhat better, though I am not yet ready to wean off of any meds. The tiredness is annoying, especially when I am working 12 hour shifts. 

Next appointment: I have another ultrasound on friday (the NT scan that had to be delayed), so I am looking forward to seeing the little bean again. I see my OB on Halloween for our end of first trimester check-in. I will have to wean off of the progesterone and metformin, which will be scary, but I know once you are in the second trimester it is safe to waen those meds.

We announced the pregnancy to everyone after our last ultrasound (last week), it is so nice to have it out in the open, and the support has been awesome.

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@nskillet:🙂 I hope we get to see baby at the next appointment, too!

@RachelNicole:I hope you get to see/hear the heartbeat!


@cvbee:LOL! Right? I still feel funny. Sigh.

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