(Closed) maybe having my hopes squashed is all part of the plan…

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Hi July,

Although I am not engaged, there were PLENTY of moments where I thought “this is it!!” or “this would be the perfect place!”. On our one year anniversary we went to visit my b/f’s parents up north. There is a giant mountain that looks over a gorgeous lake and we went there at sunset to take photo’s. Well, my b/f came up behind me and put his arms around me and whispered in my ear: “I love you sweety…” My stomach SUNK at that moment cuz I thought for sure he was going to propose.

Unfortunetly he just slapped my butt and said: “Ready to go? These mosquito’s are eating me alive!”

Oh well. I’d like to be caught off-gaurd anyway. Hang in there… He’ll propose when you’re not even THINKING about it!


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Hahah!  I had a lot of “Maybe this is it” dreams get squashed.  Before you know it though it will happen. 

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My birthday was last week, and I was hoping above hope he would propose, even though deep down I knew he probably wouldn’t. The worse was when I asked him to bring me my purse so I could get something inside of it before we went out to dinner and I felt around inside and inside was a jewelry box (although clearly NOT ring sized). I had to act really happy even though I was a little upset it wasn’t a ring. It was a pretty jewelry set (earrings, necklace, and a little matching ring) and when he took out the ring he like did a fake-out like he was going to get down on one knee the laughed to show he was kidding. Not cool…… ๐Ÿ™

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@maggierose, NOT COOL.  The only time doing that is funny is when Jim does it to Pam on TV. 

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I think we all had a lot of these moments…siiiiigh.  BUT I feel like a ring really shouldn’t be given as a birthday present (even if the proposal is on your birthday!) because technically it is not a birthday present…I get that it can be expensive and all to buy a ring and a nice present – which is why I think it is completely unnecessary to buy large and expensive presents most of the time (yes – there are a few exceptions, such as your camera that you want!) – but a ring is still not a birthday present.  It a promise of the future and represents much more than a mere gift you would get at any other occasion during the year.

Ok ramble over.  Point is – don’t give up hope!!!!  But still prepare yourself in case it doesn’t happen.  You don’t want to be bummed out just because of that – when there are so many great things that will happen on your birthday!

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Please, please enjoy your birthday/anniversary for what it’s worth.  I watched the sunset on Mallory Square in Key West on my 30th birthday..no ring.  I was on a live aboard at sea (in Australia) on Christmas day…nothing.  Top of the Empire State the weekend of the NY marathon…something…a ring.  It’ll happen sooner or later (hopefully sooner), but just enjoy this beautiful night (and all others for what they’re worth) –don’t wreck beautiful memories with dashed hopes.

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Ugh! I have a feeling I have a few of these moments in my future and I’m not looking forward to them. ๐Ÿ™ Keep your chin up though. My boyfriend always says “prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” I kind of keep in mind that phrase, as well as HIS outlook on the situation…I dunno, it’s just something that keeps me from getting bummed out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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About six months before we actually got engaged (Jan 21) he started dropping hints.  Every single party, event, holiday..actually almost everyday I was on my toes just waiting for it.  Please don’t do this.  I know it is hard but I feel that I missed so much not enjoying the experience and just focusing so much on the ring and proposal.  We were at a hockey game and I was convinced that this was going to be the night.  I spent so much of the game just waiting.  He just kept telling me that he wasn’t going to do it that night, it was too obvious. I thought he was being sneaky so I even patted down his pockets (god I sound so desperate haha) and felt nothing. I was so crushed.  As we were walking out after the game, he got down on one knee and proposed.  It was so much better because I wasn’t expecting it…sneaky sneaky fiance took the box out of his pocket and just had the ring because he didn’t trust me not to neb! Ha

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I only had 1 major upset. It was our five year anniversary and we were going downtown for a very fancy resturant the kind of place where the guys wear suits and the ladies wear dresses. I kept on telling myself that “no it’s not going to happen” until I told my co-workers where we were going and a bunch of them said “ohh he might have plans on proposing”. That convinved me that it was going to happen that night, I was so excited. The entire dinner I kept on thinking “any second now” or “maybe after dinner he will do it”. But nothing. About 2 weeks later his sister got engaged. So now I have to wait so he “doesn’t steal her tunder” he seriously said this while we were eating at Max and Ermas eating my favorite tortilla soup. Even the soup couldn’t cheer me up.


eileen marie : I looooooove Mallory Sqaure at Sunset, it is such a beautiful sunset and it is so much fun! Did you see the guy that has his cats do tricks?

mannellal : I am so envious of you getting engaged outside of a hockey game. I am such a huge hockey fan and so is my Boyfriend or Best Friend.

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YES, and I bet you we have all been there! 

But what I keep saying to myself is that this is such an exciting time… when I look back twenty years from now, I’m going to envy this stage of my life when it’s so exciting and so much is still unknown and left to discover. 

Oh I know that’s so corny, I’m just in a good mood :p 

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