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@isabellej18:  I think its totally ok to go try on rings and not buy them. You wont ever buy one if you dont look around first. 

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You have to shop around to find what you like and the best deal.  It’s their job to sale and well just because you may not want to purchase it right then and there who says you wont go back in a day or so you know?

My fiance and I still haven’t picked out our rings yet.. so I will have to start going around looking as well soon.

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@isabellej18:  I’ve done it with wedding bands. It is a little rude if you have no intention of ever spending money there. Because they probably work off of commission. But I figure if no one is in the store then they are probably bored anyways.

There are some great threads on here related to finger size though, so you can probably find one with size 7.5 fingers to get an idea if you decide not to go into a store.

Oh and even though its bad, I definitely tried on wedding dresses in a salon with no intention of purchasing there. I knew I was going to buy used and most sellers don’t allow returns, so I didn’t want to buy a dress without trying any on. I felt bad for the store, but in the end I feel like most stores get a lot of customers who just go in to look without making a purchase.

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You absolutely can!  I certainly did! Just let them know that you are looking into rings to see what your style is, what you can afford, etc.  Jewelers were patient with Darling Husband and I as I tried things on, and most of them wrote down on a business card the particular styles that I liked, for Darling Husband to keep in his wallet.  So go for it and have fun! 😀

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I do that all the time (including this morning! I found one online that I had to see in person!)

Just go during times that are not busy. Avoid weekends. I find going in the early afternoons of a weekday are the best times. And let the sales person know that you’re just looking around to get some ideas of what looks good on your finger. If you print off some rings you like, they’ll be able to find you ones like it or the exact one. Most sales people are pretty helpful if you don’t pretend like you’re going to be buying one that day.  

Also, if you see someone come in who needs the attention of the sales person, who is actually buying, let them go! I said that I had seen enough once a young guy came in, with a whole bunch of paper work, obviously buying something for his girl. But other then that, have fun!

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Go to a bunch of diff jewelery stores and try on a bunch of different sizes and styles and take a pic of how each looks on your hand. They will let you take pics and then you can show your favorites to your SO and then you can still go back later and look at the pics and narrow it down to the one you like the best. You can also take video with a cell or a camera.

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of course! I think they assume that you aren’t going to buy yourself an e-ring on the spot, especially if you’re on your own without FI/SO

But they know it could mean a sale later on, which you never know, you might end up buying from a local jeweler rather than blue nile

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I went shopping without my Fiance first. We got engaged without a ring, and I didn’t want to subject him to hours of indecision before I figured it all out, which was totally the right move. Instead I took my best girls and a former roomie who used to work at a jewelry store. 

I tried to go to stores where I thought we would realistically buy, but I made it clear up front that I was looking, and they were still super helpful. There were a few places where I got a lot of attention until the store got busier, but I didn’t mind that, since I wasn’t buying. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about diamonds, too – have them show you all the Cs, etc. Record the names of the people helping you and styles that you like, that way your Fiance can have a name just in case he decides to go to a store instead of online.


ETA – FWIW, I think Blue Nile and White Flash have pretty reasonable return policies, so IDK that returning would be a big deal other than the cost of shipping.

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I find that it’s better to go with your Fiance if you want to get taken seriously. I’ve gone to look at wedding bands with the genuine intention of LOOKING to see if I would buy one there (obviously I was going to explore, I wasn’t even sure what style I wanted in the beginning).

Jewelry store ladies tend to be a tad (cough* COMPLETELY) snobby. It’s better to at least look like you’re going to legitimately purchase something.

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You definitely should!  I thought for a long time I wanted a princess cut diamond, but after I tried on a few at different stores, I realized I didn’t like it.  If I hadn’t gone to try some on, I wouldn’t have known.  When Fiance and I went, we planned to be as unobtrusive as possible since we knew we weren’t ready to buy.  We wanted to mostly look, then just pick out a couple to take out of the cases to try on, that way we would bother the sales people the least amount of time possible.  But they were so great and spent lots of time with us despite our protestations and NEVER pressured us to buy anything or even ASKED if we’d made a decision.

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@the_future_mrs I second that! Jewelers didn’t take me seriously and weren’t really interested in me. Even when I went with Darling Husband (who looks older, whereas I look young), they complimented Darling Husband more and talked mainly to Darling Husband. One jeweler wouldn’t even tell me the price, they would slip it to Darling Husband while I was trying on rings. SO RIDIC!

Darling Husband is more charming, but it was me who was making all the decisions, even about money so they should have paid more attention to me!

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@the_future_mrs:  Jewelry store ladies tend to be a tad (cough* COMPLETELY) snobby

Yeah, if they’re on commission, so if you look like you’re not going to buy and “waste” their precious time., then they will obviously ignore you the best they can!… if they’re paid by the hour I think they’re more friendly, because there is no pressure to buy because they’re getting paid for their time with you!

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Go look! Have fun!

One of the jewelry stores in my area actually has a section in the back of the store with different cuts and carat sizes in CZ that you can just try on without a sales person. I went in and said that I wanted ideas and she pointed me to the try-on section and left me alone. It was great! I was able to get a good idea of the size and cut that I wanted without any pressure at all.

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@isabellej18:  Yes you can! I have been doing this for years as my ring is also from Blue Nile. They’re diamonda  are much better quality than chain stores . Remember that if you try on a ring sometimes they’ll show you low quality diamonds that won’t sparkle much or aren’t bright but the diamonds from Blue Nile are gorgeous so just remember that when making your choice. I tried on a round in the store and didn’t like it but I’ve seen one of theirs in a similar size and it looks bigger and better because it was cute better? What shape stone were you considering?

Just a tip when looking don’t tell the people at the jewelry store that you’re not planning to by. Just tell them you want to get a feel for what you like and that you’ll be back to show you’re SO another day because he hates shopping. If I were you to avoid going back take a picture of the ring when it’s on your hand and then show them to SO to see what he thinks. They’ll talk your ear off in those places and say anything to get you to buy it. Don’t feel guilty. Those places are so overpriced (IMO) and they make enough money ripping people off.

Sorry if I offend anyone. I’m mainly speaking of large chain jewelry stores not local independant jewelers. I sound like a bee-och lol that means I’ve been ring searching too long LOL

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