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KapOct18:  what worked for me when I was losing baby weight was salads spinach salads. I actually got so sick at the end I still don’t eat spinach and I lost all the weight by month 3. And she’s 8 months old now. Low sodium helps people say aitkens but I wouldnt reccomend it lots of sodium in meat. Sorry for all this misspellings on my phone. 

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Spaghetti squash is tasty and low cal. You can use it like actual pasta.

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This website has been a life saver as far as cooking healthy but still yummy – http://www.skinnytaste.com

My husband loves everything I’ve made so far and doesn’t even know it’s low calorie/fat! Also, Cooking Light magazine is running a special where if you subscribe, it’s like $1.25 an issue. That magazine has a lot of really great recipes as well.

I swear by Weight Watchers – I just do the online/mobile tracking. Even though I don’t go to meetings, just knowing that I have to input what I ate makes me think twice lol!

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KapOct18:  + one to PP about Spaghetti squash. I am not really trying to lose weight but I feel better low carb ( sometimes lol)

Lots and lots of veggies! Stir frys, salads, lean protein if your a meat eater

Every day for breakfast Mon-Friday I make a smoothie with almond milk greek yogurt almost 2 cups of kale, and a cup of frozen fruit. Low cal high protein and you knock out atleast 2 servings of veggies, one of fruit and 1 of dairy. I drink that as my breakfast and it keeps me full until lunch ( granted on the weekends I need more as I am more active sat and Sunday)

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I am following a ketogenic way of eating, meaning low carb, moderate protein, high fat. I have lost 16lbs in 8 weeks and am going strong. I just started running this week! No matter what way of eating you choose to follow, I do recommend tracking your calories. It’s extremely eye opening. I use myfitnesspal and you can find me ajax041813. There are other sites out there and that’s pretty much what Weight Watchers is too, I think. It helped me to see how many calories foods have. I also am a big believer in low to no sugar, the more we eat the more we crave it! As well as cutting as much processed, preserved, chemicals out too. Just come up with small steps that are completely attainable for yourself. Start tracking to see where you are, then make small changes. One more glass of water a day. Park your car in the back of the lot and walk farther. Take the stairs. Start eating less, leaving something on your plate. All of these little tricks will add up and you will be motivated to continue! Also, take measurements of your arms, neck, thighs, wasit, and hips now and do that every couple of weeks. Weight may not come off but inches count too!!! Muscle weighs more than fat. Hope this helps!!!

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Count calories, and eat healthy, fresh meals.  Frozen meals are okay in a pinch, but most of them are jam-packed with preservatives and sodium.  Sodium causes water retention, which causes you to retain water.

Eat high protein/high fiber meals to stay fuller longer.  Remember to eat healthy fats (think peanut butter, avocado, nuts, etc) and avoided added sugar and processed foods.

 frywedding2015:  This is a huge pet peeve of mine.  Muscle does not weigh more than fat.  A pound is a universal measurement and does not change depending on what you’re measuring.  Muscle is denser than fat – meaning, it takes up less space.  Think about weighing a pound of lead and a pound of feathers – the weight is the exact same, but the space they take up is different.  The amount of weight in a pound doesn’t change just because you weigh something that takes up more volume.

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KapOct18:  If you find your weight loss stalling, I would nix the frozen meals (maybe even before). I was eating them daily and I found out I was sabotaging my own weight loss by eating them so often. Best thing you can do is premake meals. Chicken, turkey, beef, all of that. Take a Saturday or Sunday mad make lasagna, stir fry, sandwiches, salads, etc and freeze them. For breakfast I premake sandwiches. English muffin, one egg, cheese, either turkey bacon or ham, and some veggies and I have a breakfast sandwich. You can do the same with low-carb tortillas if you like those more.

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I’ve lost about 30 pounds in 4 months by cutting out all processed foods, all added sugars (I dare you to start counting the amount of sugar/honey/maplesyrup/etc. and artificial sweeteners you probably consume each day), and all grains. Instead of pasta I eat spiralized zucchini (or other veggie) “noodles”. Instead of rice, I eat cauliflower “rice”. I eat a burger made from free range, grass fed meat without the bun. I have coffee without sugar. I eat a bark of 85% dark chocolate with sea salt, macadamia nuts, and dried cherries as my treat once a month or so (instead of my old weekly Ben & Jerry’s habit). It’s not Atkins, where it’s all about eating “lower carb” versions of the same old thing. You won’t see me eating a “low carb” tortilla or diet bread. It’s about replacing those low nutrition carbs from grains with high nutrition carbs from root veggies and fresh fruit. I also eat a protein heavy, very low to no carb breakfast (grain-free chicken curry claufouti is my favorite!). If I eat carbs at breakfast, I will feel famished all day long. The right breakfast is my key to success.

I also cut out dairy and soy, but that was for other, non-weightloss related reasons. Mr. LK still eats a small amount of dairy and is having similar weightloss results.

Also, just say no to frozen meals. Those ingredient lists are a gd science experiment. Have you read “Salt, Sugar, Fat”? It’s a good read on what the processed food industry does in their labs to make this “food”.

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Under 1400 doesn’t seem like a lot of calories…did you pick that number because it seems low, or did you calculate it based on your BMR and activity levels?

My biggest advice is to not get sucked into the “low calore/low fat” trap- low calories does not always equal better, even when you’re trying to lose weight. Things like low fat salad dressing, low calorie freezer meals, those 100 calorie snack packs, etc, are all basically garbage in my opinon. Its healthier in the long run to eat real, “full calorie” food that doesn’t use weird fillers or chemicals to stay low fat/low cal.

Eat real, wholesome foods when you’re hungry- they will fill you up better than frozen Lean Cuisine. If you like pasta, try zuchinni strips or spaghetti squash instead. Eat a high protein breakfast (I usually have a boiled egg and some plain Greek yogurt and berries). Eat a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. And don’t be scared of calories- if you don’t eat enough, your body won’t shed any weight.


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As someone who has lost over 30lbs, Shirataki noodles are a LIFE SAVER. They are made from a type of Japanese yam and are virtually calorie-free, but def do take some getting used to (initial scent and overall texture). However, they have been awesome in keeping my appetite at bay! Keep in mind they are nutrient-free, so you’ll need to get the proper nutrients elsewhere. 

Here is an entire thread on the best ways to prepare them, cook them, season them, etc. Great in stir-fries. I find mine in the vegan section at Publix, but I’d imagine most major supermarkets have them. The ones I prefer are mixed with tofu and are 30 calories a bag, but totally worth the cals for the difference in texture. 

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Cooking Light (magazine) is pretty great.  They have a website you can browse also, plenty of veggies, whole grains, etc

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JiminyCricket thanks for the clarification…I guess. Hope you feel better now that’s off your chest.

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