Meals/care items to bring new mom?

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I read this as a suggestion here once and wish someone would’ve done it for me, and I’ll be doing it for future new moms… call and ask what kind of pizza they want and order it for them. I barely felt human for a while after my son was born, and if your friend just had 38 stitches, she might not be up for entertaining anyone, even just a brief door visit was a lot to muster. Trying to get clothed and presentable with leaky boobs, a huge pad between your legs, no sleep… you get it! 

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If she’s currently at the hospital most of the time- food for home probably isn’t ideal (yet). An offer to water plants, walk dogs etc do she doesn’t have to leave the hospital would be helpful. Also, since she’s pumping, lanolin is a gals best friend-especially in the early days. An offer to simply spend some time with her too. The waiting in the hospital can be dull-even if your nerves are shot. I also would bring snacks and things for her there or even some hospital food/coffee shop gift cards (if available). It gets expensive eating there after a while. 

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Yes great idea on the hospital gift card!  Or Starbucks, if there’s one at the hospital.  I’ve done that for several friends whose kids have had extended stays at the hospital.

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Gift cards to resurants and coffee shops in or near the hospital. Also non-perishable, one handed snacks that can be eaten quicky. Our NICU didn’t allow food so I was always just scarfing down a granola bar while pumping because I didn’t want to be away from him long enough to eat a full meal. Fresh fruit and cut veggies in small containers may be helpful too. 

I had a c-section so no advice on personal care items for a vaginal birth. A pumping/breastfeeding tank top might be super useful though. I lived in ones that had a built in bra and easily detached from the strap. It made it easier to do skin-to-skin in a crowded NICU wihtout having to take my entire shirt off, and it made pumping quicker as well.

Some of the best things we recieved sepcifically for the NICU were a blessed rosary to hang on his isolette and a small cloth that I could wear on my skin and then have near baby in his bed so he could get used to my smell. If she’s religious or spiritual I would see if there’s somehting you can give her that can be a small comfort for her to leave with baby when she has to go home. And honestly the best thing you can do for her is to listen to her fears and don’t try to placate them. Ask if you can bring her a coffee and just sit with her and let her cry if she needs to.

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I second the suggestion of giftcards for restaurants around the hospital. That way they can get a break from the hospital cafeteria. Grocery store and pet supply giftcards, especially from places that deliver, will also be helpful to minimize errands both now and when baby comes home. If you’re able, offering to house and pet sit over the weekend gives them the ability to stay the max time at the hospital. 

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Gift cards for gas stations, if travel to/from the hospital is lengthy. Even cold hard cash might be appreciated. Lost wages from work and hospital bills might prove difficult to manage & add stress.

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My niece was in the NICU for almost 2 months. They spent every waking moment at the hospital and some times overnight depending on her health that day.  The most helpful thing was healthy snacks. I would recommend dropping a bag or cooler on their front porch (text ahead so they’ll be expecting it. They can take it to the NICU once the baby is released to her own room, keep it in their car, or just grab & go.



string cheese

100 calorie packs of almonds or other nuts


Skinny pop popcorn

dried apricots or other fruit 

protein bars (10+g protein)

Justin’s almond butter single packets & Nut Thins or Rice cakes

Bark Thins dark chocolate 

And a big 32oz tumbler so they’re not always reusing the hospital ones


Depending on if you know the baby’s condition, it’s also nice to bring a little something for the baby like a rattle or lovie or a book.  But for some NICU babies, that’s way too much stimulation while their bodies are struggling to function independently.  A little baby gift is a gift of hope for the parents though. 


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Oh, and still offer to bring a meal once they get released to bring the baby home. Many times if the baby has a longer NICU stay, friends feel like they don’t need to bring a meal to a 3 or 6 or 9 week old baby, but remember that the baby is newborn aged adjusted when they come home so the parents are dealing with all the typical newborn things (feeding schedules, no sleep, etc) even if the baby was born a while ago.  That’s when a meal is the most appreciated for NICU families (IMO).

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I brought my sister her favourite sushi after she gave birth. She missed sushi so much. Her request

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