(Closed) Mean bestfriend… she's so rude!

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bnm97:  Does Sally hate all girls? Did she hate Sue? If she liked Sue, shes probably thinking you’re that man snatcher or something? There’s absolutely NO reason to hate someone they don’t know. You can’t just…. Hate someone because they’re a girl???

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“she said that she just doesn’t like girls” ugh, I rolled my eyes so hard they almost popped out. Girls like that are the worst, I wouldn’t want to be friends with her either. I would just straight up pretend she isn’t there when y’all hang out and just be good friends with her husband.

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britishbee:  I actually think this is great advice. OP, I would focus on being my awesome, fun-loving self when you hang with them. If Sally wants to be a petty jerk, that’s on her and she’ll have to explain why she’s such a sour puss all the time. 

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I wouldn’t give a shit.

I’d tell my man to back off, that this is the last of it, you can’t force two adults to be friends, especially when she’s made it clear she’s not interested.

I’d be respectfully but ignore her sour puss self and just interact with her husband. 


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bnm97:  Have you talked to your SO about this?  What does he say?

Personally, if I had a friend who was being mean to my Darling Husband I wouldn’t want to spend time with that friend any more.  My allegiance is to my Darling Husband, period.  At the very least, I wouldn’t make them hang out, or I’d confront the friend about it and ask what her problem was.


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whitums:  +1

bnm97:  Op, I think this may be an age thing, but when you get older you spend less time trying to please people who have no interest in having a positive interaction with you . 

My Darling Husband and I have a good friend whos Girlfriend is…crazy, picks fights ( shes one of those people who will find it funny to get a rise out of someone- she is very anti cop and my Darling Husband is a police officer and every chance she gets she brings up the latest story like my husband had something to do with it)  so we just don’t see them or when we do, its with a big group and we try to not spend too much time with her. We can be civil. but as adults we realize it will NEVER be a friendship, we will never be couples friends, it just won’t work. Its ok. 

You guys will get past this and who knows in 10 years Dave might have a new wife anyway.


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bnm97:  Repeat after me: Not everyone must like me.  Three or four times in front of a mirror should do it.

Darling Husband has a close friend whose wife hates me.  She kind of hates everyone but particularly me.  I love hanging out with her, it’s fantastic.  Spending time with people who hate you is incredibly liberating if you have the confidence not to care about their criticism.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always worked in a helping profession and I get a little bit of compassion fatigue sometimes but I can get tired being around people I want to be kind to.  The best part is that my obvious enjoyment of her snark just drives her batshit crazy, which just makes me happier and happier, it’s really kind of awesome.

Stop wasting your time killing this girl with kindness and have a good time with Bob and Dave.

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bnm97:  RUN. This situation is never going to get better and this is what every single person in his life will always have to deal with and just to make it clear- he doesn’t care- he is choosing them and his previous life over his new partners. Until he cuts that cord it’s not going to change and you shouldnt have to be walking on eggshells and hanging out with his exes family.

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My best friend is “Sally”. I’m surprised she even started taking to me when we were teens and stayed friends with me. She’s an awesome girl but openly says she hates other women/prefers guys/I’m her only female friend. I’ve tried many MANY times to have her join my other girl friends but she just sits and judges people/doesn’t contribute to the conversation. I’ve since stopped inviting her out to girls nights.

I can say with 99.9% certainty that it’s insecurity on their part,  they see other women as competition and it has nothing to do with other women or you. “Sally” is a lonely person and has many walls up. Enjoy your time spent with them and don’t worry about her liking you. It’s her issue. 

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Sally just don’t like girls? Isn’t she one? Sounds like a really spoiled person and if Bob is aware of this situation he should no longer pressure you hang out with them. I don’t get it how someone would like such a friend. If she changes her attitude maybe you could re-consider being friends with her.

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